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Looking for Dark Bluish Gray Rhotuka


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Hey everyone,


I recently ordered a dark bluish gray Rhotuka spinner from a BrickLink seller in the US, along with other spinners and pieces. Since the package has no tracking and it's been over two weeks since it was shipped, I'm looking into obtaining a backup spinner in case this package never arrives.


I paid $15 for it and I reckon I can pay as much for another. There is one other seller on BrickLink who's got the spinner listed (their store is currently closed) but they will not ship outside the US, so if there's anyone in the country who'd be interested in ordering and holding onto it for me, I'd be happy to cover your expenses, and then some.


To clarify, I am referring to the original spinner available in early Rahaga Bomonga sets in 2005. As far as I know, they were seen only in the US.


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