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Bionicle Walk Cycle Animation Tests

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These are Bionicle walking animations I made a few weeks ago. The Takanuva Model and Ignika Mask was modeled by Maphrox while Gali and other Bionicle/Lego parts were imported from ldraw to blender by plugin script. Ldraw didn't have Gali's G2 mask, so I modeled it myself. 

Made in Blender. 







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I know nothing about animating 3D models and I certainly couldn't do any better than you have here, so feel free to disregard my comments completely. ;)


However, if I could give you some constructive criticism, I would say the movement could be a bit more natural. Notice their heads bob up and down a lot, particularly the Toa Ignika and Takanuva cycles - our heads move around a lot less when we walk.


Great job on modeling Gali's mask, though!

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