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Can someone post a working link of "flow of the river" and &#3


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Huh, that's odd, the topic title seems to have been cut off, the full title was in the email I got though since I'm subscribed to this forum...


Anyway, I don't have The Seal of Success, but here's Flow of the River: http://www.mediafire.com/file/cvwbsoead9cw7o3/Flow_of_the_River_v7.zip


Somebody else had asked about this in early 2016, and back then you could also access the original site for the game on the web archives, but now it says it can't be displayed due to robots.txt... Strange.


UPDATE: I found Seal of Success on an old laptop: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/26149-bionicle-the-seal-of-success-reupload/

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Thank you so much. Both for the game and the fast answer.
It would be a shame if these kind of games get lost, with all their years of making and having as many people as possible backing them up ( expecially with having such a smal size) helps protecting them.
I guess someone else might still have "The Seal of Success" and others, which are not available the usual way, so let's wait and see.

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This download has all the fanmade games I have in my files. I can't guarantee how many of them still work, nor the quality of them. Many of them were pulled off Yoyogames or BZP in the heyday of Game Maker or RPG Maker and are of... questionable quality. But if you want to give them a try, here you go.


Included are:

Bionicle Fighter Alpha 125

Enigma Pacman v3.1

Flow of the River v7

"A (terrible) Bionicle Game"

Gukko Force (a favorite of mine)

Hordika Adventure

Infected Masks (another favorite of mine)

Map of Mata Nui

Mata Nui v1.1

Matoran Maker v2

Phantoka Blaster

Piraka Mania (spent hours on this one)

The Insurgent 1.0 (probably the best one)

New Dark Comics the Game

Toa Quest 3

"A Bionicle Game" Beta 1.1

Binky Island

Bionicle Swarms Demo 1

"A Bionicle Game"
Gali's Adventure X

Hero or Beast (another awesome one with custom characters)

Hydraxxon Prison Break

Ignite the Ignika

Karda Nui Escape

Lightstone Toss v1.3

Mata Nui Mini Games v2.5

Swamp Swoop Medium


Oh, and have you checked the BZP Software Library?

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In addition to the games shared by Click, I also have many games saved, and decided to share them as well. Some of them were made by me.


Download from Dropbox




Aino Dodging 1 & 2 (simple mini game)

Alliance of the Enemies (a game made by me as part of the HT Adventures series)

Bionicle Park Tycoon (well-made amusement park game, Bionicle style)

Bionicle Smash Demo 2 (kinda like Smash Bros, but don't expect too much)

Extreme Kolhii (a fun Kolhii game)

Havoc (a fun game where you destroy Metru Nui as an enraged Keetongu)

Ignika in space (random minigame where you dodge asteroids as the Ignika)

Invisible Legend (made by me, one of my biggest projects)

Kraata Attack (I don't remember much about it, but it's supposed to be quite well-made)

Legend of Mata Zuto 1: Fall of the Conqueror (one of my favorite fan-made games ever)

Legend of Mata Zuto 2: The Infestation (sequel to Fall of the Conqueror)

Mazihu (random mini game)

Path of the Mortals (platform game made by me for a contest)

The Son of the Toa (a very well-made fan game, one of my favorites)

Voyage of Fear (made by me to tell the canon story of the Voyage of Fear book)

Werotusgame 2 (a long platform game where you shoot bubbles to advance)



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Normally I'm kindof a snob regarding RPG Maker games... that it's not 'real' programming and all.  I'd like to think I've toned it down a bit in recent months, but that's just me.  Man, it'd be great to have people working on games again... I wonder how many people own RPG Maker around here, anymore?  I think it'd be awesome if somebody tried a sort of community project, making an RPG.  Sortof like how they do it with Doom maps, it's free to join and contribute just a little bit.


There's an idea along those lines somewhere in my head, it needs refining, though.

Avatar by Nicholas Anderson (NickonAquaMagna)

My blog: The Jaga's Nest

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I own 2000, 2003, XP, VX Ace, and MV. I have the most experience with XP, but MV has a crazy amount of power. There are games using that particular engine that don't function anywhere near being RPGs. Plus, a major benefit, as a storyteller, to using RPG Maker is the scaling complexity. You can literally make something that's more animation than game if that is what you need for the story.


As for the 'real' programming, RPG Maker has used various scripting languages since XP was released with Ruby. MV uses Java, which has allowed for the aforementioned other games to be made. Yes, you don't have to use that feature, but many of the games that are being sold incorporate various custom systems built with the scripting and programming.


On topic though, I might have another game or two that isn't listed, including Seal of Success. I'll check my old flash drives and update you guys.

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