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Bionicle Kanohi Mask Powers Animation

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Some animations I made of Bionicle using their Kanohi mask powers.
Took me about a week or so to animate and in doing so, I learned some new things in Blender, such as making an object turn invisible and more.
(I'm currently working on the Olmak mask power of dimensional gates. To do this, I would use render layers.)

Bionicle parts from ldraw, brickshelf, and Maphrox BNG asset. Matatu mask, Ekimu mask, and Protector mask modeled by me.



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Pretty sweet animations; I'd love to see you hit up the remaining Inika, Mahri, and Makuta masks-sadly the Hagah are kind of hard given the fact that we only know what two of their masks looked like. The Rode might be interesting as well-you definitely had some clever ideas with these sets-and even the Masks of Control and Ultimate Power.

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