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BIONICLE: Realm of Shadow


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I watched from above, observing each Toa down below as they attempted to fend of Umarak. Just hours ago, the island of Okoto had been cast into darkness. Now, the only chance of defeating my brother, Makuta was in the hands of five heroes now struggling to keep themselves off the ground.

Gali, Toa of water, had courageously yet recklessly taken it upon herself to stop the portal to the Shadow Realm from opening. However, she was met with misfortune when Makuta’s influence ripped her very soul from her body and sucked her into the Shadow Realm.

Umarak, now bathed in my element of light, was beginning to gain the upper hand. He had weakened the Toa to exhaustion and was now confident that he would win this battle. Little did he know, he himself was the last key to open the portal.

An erie glow began to emit from Umarak’s body as the fragments of the forbidden mask circled above. The glow began to get stronger, and as it did Umarak let out horrific cries of agony. Slowly, pieces of himself began to break off and shoot upwards into the orb of light that was now forming. Still his shrieks carried on and soon, Umarak was no more.

Instantly the orb began to expand and as it did the Toa down below were engulfed by it. It was at this moment that my faith had returned. The Toa must succeed in defeating my brother if Okoto is to be free of his reign. With that, the orb dissipated and the Toa were gone…


* * *


Tahu was aching all over. His fight with Umarak had left him weak, yet he knew he had to keep fighting. He could feel the ground on his chest; he was lying face down on what felt like stone or gravel. He pushed himself off the ground and let out a moan. Suddenly Tahu was struck by the realization that he was no longer on Okoto. As he looked around, he noticed that he was surrounded by many landmasses that were seemingly suspended in some kind of void. Close to him were his fellow Toa who were also picking themselves off the ground.

“Ungh,” grumbled Tahu. “Where are we?”

Kopaka looked around. “This must be the Shadow Realm. We were probably pulled in by the portal.”

“If that’s the case then we need to find a way out,” exclaimed Tahu.

“We mustn't be too hasty Tahu,” replied Onua who was kneeling beside Gali’s body. “We need to find Gali first.”

“What about Makuta?” Pohatu asked. “I think we should find out if he escaped or not.”

“I agree,” said Tahu. “We can look for Gali, but locating Makuta should be our top priority.”

“Where do we begin?” Asked Lewa. “All of our weapons were destroyed by Umarak and we seem to be stranded on this landmass.”

Tahu, Kopaka, and Onua were staring straight past Lewa as if they did not hear him. Instead their attention was focused on Pohatu who had picked up a stone and was levitating it in his palm.

“What are you guys looking at?” Asked Lewa as he turned around in amazement.

Pohatu just stood there looking at the stone hovering in his hand. “Uh, guys,” started Pohatu. “Try using your elements.”

Immediately the other four Toa began to summon their elements. Tahu conjured two flames, one in each hand. Kopaka placed his hand on the ground and a large pillar of ice shot upwards. Onua threw his brutish hands in an upward motion, causing the ground in front of him to rise. Lewa extended his arm and a vine began sprout from the ground and climb up a nearby boulder.

“Our elemental powers work here!” Exclaimed Lewa.

“But how?” Asked Tahu. “They were rendered useless during our battle with Umarak. Why would they work now in a place where shadow is even stronger?”

“Umarak said something to Ekimu about having the energy to open the portal because he was bathed in the element of light,” Started Onua. “Perhaps Ekimu’s power had the same effect on us and is why we can use our powers here.”

“Well whatever the reason, at least we will have some means of defense when the time comes to fight Makuta,” said Kopaka.

“That is if he is still here,” replied Pohatu.

Onua walked over to where Gali’s body was lying, picked her up, and put her over his shoulders. The five Toa began to make their way to the edge of the landmass they were currently situated on. Throughout the landmass were many old ruins that looked as if they had been there for centuries, crumbling as time went on. Other parts had various boulders that looked as if they had been placed strategically by someone long ago.

“Do you think there was once a civilization here?” Asked Lewa as he glanced around the ruins.

“Probably,” responded Tahu. “But whoever lived here is long gone now.”

As the Toa neared the the edge of the landmass, they began to notice a faint glow in the distance. When they arrived at the edge they could make out a vast array of obelisk shaped towers and what looked to be a massive stadium at the center.

“Look!” Shouted Kopaka. “It’s the Capital City!”

“That must be where Makuta is then,” said Tahu. “We will make our way there.”

“And how do you suppose we get there?” asked Lewa. “I don’t see and bridges leading us there.”

“Then we will make one,” replied Onua.

Onua signaled for Pohatu to join him. The two toa stood at the edge of the landmass and nodded to each other. Onua began making pushing motions with his hands and Pohatu followed his lead. Large chunks of the ground began to shift forward, forming a platform while various stones were pulled into place to reinforce the structure. Within moments, a bridge to the next landmass had been created.


The Toa continued their trek to the Capital City, making their way through many ruins and navigating through steep hills. Soon the Toa decided to rest momentarily before continuing.

“It looks as if we are nearing the city,” exclaimed Tahu as he looked out over the cliff they were situated on.

All of a sudden, there was a sound of shifting rock and the Toa looked around to identify what it was.

“Did you do that?” Lewa asked Pohatu.

“No,” Pohatu replied.

“I have a feeling there is something here,” said Kopaka.

Suddenly, several nearby boulders began to rise out of the ground, sprouting what appeared to be arms and legs.

“Everyone stand back!” shouted Tahu.

The boulders had now fully formed into upright creatures. Each one with rough skin, flat faces and massive claws.

“They must have camouflaged themselves into the rock,” exclaimed Onua.

“Are they friendly?” asked Lewa before being headbutted by one of the creatures.

“Doesn’t look like it!” yelled Pohatu.

The creatures were now lashing out at the Toa, who were in turn trying to fend them off with their elements.

“We don’t seem to seem to catch a break from battle now do we?” exclaimed Tahu who was now pinned down by two of the creatures.

Pohatu lifted a nearby rock and hurled into the creatures on top of Tahu. “Guess not,” he responded.

Onua had directed an angled pillar of earth directly into three of the creatures sending them flying into the void below. “Everyone!” shouted Onua. “Try to knock them over the edge!”

The other Toa followed Onua’s lead and began directing their energy towards the creatures in a way that would send them into the void. Kopaka took Onua’s idea and began creating similar pillars out of ice and directing them in an upwards motion. Lewa conjured several large vines that wrapped around the creatures and threw them over the cliff. Pohatu rapidly sent rocks flying into the creatures and Tahu created large blasts of fire that pushed them into the void. Soon every one of them had been defeated and the Toa were triumphant.

“We should keep moving before more of these “things” appear,” said Tahu still catching his breath.

“Agreed,” replied Kopaka. “The sooner we reach the Capital City the better.”


The Toa continued their journey, repeating the same methods as earlier to travel from landmass to landmass. As they traveled they could make out more and more details of the city. Lewa began to make out a glow in the distance that was separate from that of the city.

“Do you guys see that?” Asked Lewa, pointing in the direction of the glow.

The other Toa turned and looked as well.

“What do you think it is?” Asked Tahu.

The glow was getting closer. Soon the Toa could make out a silhouette of a female figure.

“Look.” exclaimed Kopaka, “It’s Gali!”

The glowing figure had now reached the Toa, and it was in fact the spirit of Gali.

“Gali!” shouted the Toa in unison.

“Everyone,” started Gali. “Makuta is still at the Capital City, we need to hurry before it’s too late!”

“Woah, slow down sister,” said Lewa. “Are you alright?”

“I am fine,” replied Gali.

“We brought your body with us for you to return to,” said Onua now holding Gali’s body in an upright position.

“Thank you Onua,” said Gali. “This will make things much easier for me.”

Gali’s spirit stepped into her body slowly. A blue glow began to emit from her body as she began to regain consciousness.

“Now, Gali,” started Tahu. “What do you mean by ‘before it’s too late’?”

“The portal Umarak summoned, it needs time to recharge after each use. As we speak, Makuta is waiting at the Capital City for the portal to recharge. We need to get there and prevent him from escaping!”

“So you’re saying that we disabled the portal when we came through?” Asked Kopaka.

“For a short time yes,” replied Gali.

“What about the rock creatures we encountered?” Asked Pohatu.

“Those are the native inhabitants of the Shadow Realm,” Gali responded. “They typically keep to themselves unless disturbed, however they are under Makuta’s influence so they tend to be more hostile.”

“How far away is the city from here?” Asked Tahu.

“Not too far. In fact it is just up that mountain. We can get there in time if we start moving now.”


The Toa were were now sprinting across the desolate landscape, making their way to the mountain Gali was leading them to. When the six of them arrived at the foot of the mountain they realized it would take too long to scale by foot. Instead Onua kneeled down and placed both of his hands on the ground. The other five toa gathered around Onua and watched as he began to elevate the ground below them. They rose higher and higher into the air until finally they reached the top of the mountain. With that, they entered the Capital City and made their way to the center.

“Makuta is waiting in the central stadium,” said Gali. “That is where we need to go.”

“Do you think we will be able to fight him?” Asked Lewa.

“As long as we can keep him away from the portal, we should be fine,” Gali responded.

When they reached the stadium everyone stopped before entering. Gali turned around and faced her brothers.

“I have seen what Makuta looks like,” Gali started. “He has transformed into something more than his former self. He has become extremely powerful and we need to be cautious.”

“Thank you sister,” said Tahu as he took the lead. “Okay everyone, we are to hold off Makuta until the portal reopens. When it does we will return to Okoto and make sure Makuta is left behind.”

Everyone acknowledged Tahu and continued on. Tahu pulled Onua to the side when the others were out of earshot.

“Onua,” Tahu started. “When we get in there I need you to get to the highest point and wait there until I give the signal. Do not intervene even if the others are in trouble.”

“I do not understand brother,” said Onua. “Why do you need me to stay away from the battle and what am I to do when you give the signal?”

“You will know what to do when the time comes,” said Tahu. “Just trust me on this one.”


The six heroes entered the stadium through the hallways of columns before them. Inside was a large field which the Toa assumed was used for sport when the stadium was still intact. In the very center was a large glowing orb that looked exactly like the one Umarak had summoned on Okoto. Standing directly in front of the orb was a massive winged being sporting an elegant staff and a replica of the forbidden mask.

Onua exchanged a look with Tahu before he made his way up a set of stairs; the others proceeded to confront Makuta. When the five Toa approached Makuta he turned and looked at them.

“Makuta!” Shouted Tahu. “This ends now!”

“You are a fool for believing that, Toa!” Makuta shot back. “The portal will open, and when it does, I will become the new ruler of Okoto.

“Not if we have anything to do about it!” Tahu responded.

“I can not let you get in my way,” started Makuta. “If you insist on fighting, then so be it!”

Makuta unfolded his wings and lifted off from the ground. From his staff he conjured a sphere of energy and flung it at the the group of Toa. Everyone managed to dodge the blast and in response spread out across the stadium’s field.

“Keep him away from the portal!” Tahu shouted.

Fighting insinuated from this with each Toa both dodging blasts from Makuta’s staff and directing their own array of attacks back at him. Lewa’s strategy was to use vines to hold Makuta’s feet down while Gali strengthened the vines by feeding water to them. This method seemed to hold Makuta down for short periods before he broke free with a blast from his staff. Kopaka’s method was to create walls of ice, while Tahu and Pohatu attempted something similar by making glass barricades from the sand on the stadium floor and intense heat. These methods also worked briefly before Makuta inevitably escaped using his staff.

“We need to focus on getting that staff away from him,” said Kopaka. “Otherwise he will continue to break free.”

All the Toa from then on focused on freeing the staff from Makuta’s grasp. Lewa began coiling the vines under his control around the staff while Gali continued to strengthen them. Kopaka, Tahu, and Pohatu all focused on sending blasts of ice, fire and sand towards the staff in an attempt to create enough force to knock it out of Makuta’s hand. After many attempts, the Toa finally managed to separate the two, encasing the staff in glass, ice, and vines. Makuta became very agitated. He pulled out a melee weapon from his belt and began charging at each individual Toa.

Makuta had made a crucial flaw. He had chosen to charge at Gali first as Makuta felt she was the weakest. For one to think this, they would have to be very misguided as Gali was in fact one of the strongest out of the six Toa, second only to Onua, who was now perched at the top of the stadium. As Makuta barreled towards Gali she summoned a large wave and plunged it into Makuta, sending him crashing into the wall of the stadium’s field.

The Toa instantly seized the moment and put forth all their effort into holding down the dark giant. Lewa bound Makuta’s wings and limbs with the thickest vines he could summon, Kopaka created a mound of ice as solid as the hardest stone on Okoto, and Tahu and Pohatu created a dense layer of glass to solidify the makeshift prison.

The Orb at the center of the stadium had now reached its peak; its glow illuminating the entire building. The Toa were confident that Makuta was not escaping that prison any time soon, which meant that it was time for them to leave.

As the Toa made their way to the portal Makuta let out a laugh.

“You still have no idea do you?” Makuta asked with a malicious tone. “Even if you leave me here, fragments of the forbidden mask still remain in Okoto, securing my influence even from the Shadow Realm!”

“You seem to hold a lot of faith towards that mask of yours.” exclaimed Tahu. “Let us see how well that faith holds up. Onua! Now!”

Makuta shot his head upwards to see what was happening, but it was too late. Onua heard Makuta’s words and knew exactly what Tahu meant. If they were to make sure Okoto was safe they could not allow Makuta any more power. Onua pulled his brutish hands into tight fists and jumped from the rafters he was situated on. His body mass granted him extreme amounts of momentum as he plummeted towards Makuta. With all of of his strength, Onua came down on Makuta’s face with the mightiest punch he had ever given. The sheer force of the punch sent fractures across the forbidden mask replica causing it to shatter into pieces.

Makuta let out a scream of agony and despair. He clutched his face s if trying to soothe the fresh wounds that were now there. Pieces of his mask were sprawled out in front of him.

“Everyone into the portal!” shouted Tahu as Makuta was still emitting horrific shrieks of pain.

The other Toa were still attempting to grasp what had just transpired before they acknowledged Tahu’s orders and started to make their way into the portal.

“I think I broke more than the mask, Tahu,” said Onua as he passed by.

“You have done well brother,” Tahu replied.

Each Toa stepped into the portal one by one. Tahu watched as his comrades made their way in. When everyone was through Tahu looked back upon Makuta who was still slumped over in a fit of rage. Tahu did not know what to say to the once great mask maker. He knew he and the others had done their duty. At last Tahu stepped into the portal. Their journey had come to an end...

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Cool fic-a nice way of getting the actual conflict between the Toa and Makuta that we were all hoping for.

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