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Hello, and welcome to my Buy/Sell Topic!


There's not much to look at yet, but I'm curious to see how much interest there is for little trinkets.  As of right now I'm selling resin-cast Mata Nui totems and mis-casts (see photos below).  I've gone through a few different processes trying to make easily repeatable casts, and I've gotten as close as I think is possible with the resources I've available.  If you're interested in seeing photos of the progress, you can check out this topic and this topic.  The design of the totem is a personal interpretation of the stone totems found in MNOG.  I've been working on a more "screen-accurate" version, but it's on hold until I finish school.


If you'd like to order a totem, please post here and I will DM you to square away the details.  If you'd like one of the mis-casts, post which you are interested in (the number), and I will remove it from the list.  If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask.


I'm not expecting this to take off, but if there's some interest, it'll be a nice way to recoup some of the material costs while going to school and allow me to continue to experiment.  As I'm taking classes right now, the processing time will be one week from the order date (except for mis-casts).


Payment and shipping will be handled as follows:


- Payment will be sent through PayPal

- Buyer pays shipping:  $3.00 (USD)

- Items will ship as soon as payment is received

- I am only shipping within the US as of right now (I will likely be changing this in the future and apologize for any inconvenience)




Cold-Cast Aluminum – Finished:  $15.00

Finished casts are buffed with steel wool, rubbed with acetone and black shoe polish (separately), and coated in an acrylic spray to seal the details.




Cold-Cast Aluminum – Unfinished:  $12.00

Unfinished casts have a flat, stone-like appearance.  Please note that the outer layer of these casts is very thin and will easily rub away to reveal the aluminum underneath.  If you wish to preserve the flat, unfinished look, refrain from handling them when possible, and keep them away from abrasive objects when storing.




Black / Translucent $8.00

These casts contain no aluminum powder.  The resin cures as a translucent, soft amber and can be colored with black pigment if desired.








No. 1                                        No. 2                                        No. 3                                        No. 4                                        No. 5 

IMG_3046.jpg          IMG_3010.jpg          IMG_3013.jpg          IMG_3016.jpg          IMG_3018.jpg


No. 6                                        No. 7                                        No. 8                                        No. 9                                        No. 10

IMG_3021.jpg          IMG_3023.jpg          IMG_3025.jpg          IMG_3027.jpg          IMG_3029.jpg


No. 11                                      No. 12                                      

IMG_2987.jpg          IMG_2991.jpg




The purpose of this topic is not merely to see how much interest there is, as I'm completely prepared to sell what you see above.  The plan is to offer other things at some point in the future, and honestly I'm not sure if a topic like this is permitted.  If not, then close it, and I will create a more traditional topic later.


Thanks for looking!


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