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Fernus the Incinerator (The Legend Continues)

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Fernus is my submission to the building section of The Legend Continues. He's inspired by many of the villains from the art book and is my idea for the fire "canister-sized" villain for year three. Story-wise, he's supposed to be an elite warrior that dwells in the Shadow Realm, eagerly waiting for the Toa to arrive so that he can play his part in destroying them once and for all.

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Very nice-very believable as a G2 set.

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The use of printed pieces and oranges and blacks works well here. It fits well into the infernal motif this model conveys. The Skrall helmet with the horns is a pretty neat idea that I like a lot. I must admit though, the weapons feel like a bit of a letdown compared to the rest of the model. The torso also looks like it's a tad too long.

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