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Kulta Kal and the Skeleton Army (The Legend Continues)

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(Picture links to Flickr)
Based on this concept art 

I always loved the multiple skeleton army concepts we got but the one of Kulta Kal was my favourite by far. The fact that you could make a combo model with them like in the old days of Bionicle was something I really missed in Gen 2. The Kulta Kal model in the picture is in fact made with only the pieces of the other four skull creatures. I tried to go as accurate to the concept art as possible but things like the split-face hammer didn't really work. The MOC's are also mainly made with CCBS to keep it in spirit of Gen 2
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Picture does not link to Flickr. It does, however, link to a 404 error.


However, after bypassing that and going directly to your photostream, I found the gallery. Not bad at all. Really does capture the feel of the concept art and brings it to life. And the Ninjago sails as wings are a nice touch.

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Nice! Way to bring these concepts to life.

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The custom rib cages look great and I like the custom combiner idea you've implemented here. Each of the colour schemes here are interesting. I think what I adore most though is battle bat's intricate head, he seems to be the most detailed of the builds. all in all these are great.

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Wow I didn't even know that concept art existed. I wish they made what they did in the concept art, though your models are really nice, very intricate I love them.


My favorite part about them is the hammer you made look like the face hammer in the concept art

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