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The Tragedy of Makuta


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 The Tragedy of Makuta by Alexander Allen
"Come my children, while there is still time." As Ekimu and Makuta walked into the room, they could see their father ,Takanuva, was ill. "What is wrong father," Ekimu said.  "I believe I am nearing the end," Takanuva replied ,"But I must tell you somthing."
And thus began his tale: " In the begining, when the world was new there were eight tribes: fire, water, ice, jungle, earth, stone, light, and darkness. The Creator granted me and my fellow beings of light knowledge to make masks which harnessed the powers of each element. But we were warned not to combine elements when we were making our masks, for it is unnatural. But, the leader of the dark tribe wanted to seize knowledge of how to make these forbidden masks, so we went to war. Darkness against light. The war was long and terrible; until only I and the Dark Leader were left. We dueled long and hard until I was the victor. I showed mercy on him and he was imprisoned . Then, the remainig people crowned me their ruler." And thus ended his tale.
"You should have killed the Dark Leader while you had the chance, Father,"  Makuta said. "But is it my duty to doom an entire race, my eldest son? When I pass,  you shall co-rule with your brother, Ekimu, my favored son." Takanuva replied, " Makuta, may I have a word with Ekimu alone please?" Makuta left the room. Moments later,  Ekimu joined him. "He is dead, but before he passed he gave me the secret to mask making", said Ekimu.  Makuta replied, "I believe so, for you were always his favorite son."
"She will make a beautiful bride, my brother." Ekimu said. " Yes brother,  I have loved her since the moment I first saw her. Aklia shall be a great wife, and it is your duty to marry us." Makuta replied. " I believe the altar is calling me." Ekimu said.
As Makuta walked down the aisle, he saw on the altar his brother and next to him a beautiful woman clothed in glittering blue. Makuta walked onto the altar and the ceremony began.
"Jeddak, our island is dying, earthquakes and eruptions plague the countryside. The end is coming." Kulta addresed, "There is an island called Okoto that I believe is ripe for conquest." "But there is no need for unnecessary conflict to further take the lives of my people. Our scientists are finding the cause for this phenomenom." the jeddak replied. "Then you are a fool , jeddak, do you stand with me Axato?" Kulta said. "Yes my liege," Axato replied. "Then kill this tyrant." "Treason!" the jeddak yelled as an ice spear went through his chest. "We sail at two weeks time," Kulta said.
"Good news my brother!" Makuta exclaimed as he ran into the forge. "What, my brother?" Ekimu said. " Before we go to the sea tommorrow I should like to tell you Aklia is expecting," Makuta replied. " Have you thought of a name yet?" Ekimu asked. " We have decided on Teridax," Makuta replied.
"This is a wonderful seashore," Aklia said. "Indeed, I believe it was the perfect place to celebrate our wedding," Makuta replied. " You can go look around while I make camp."
 He set camp thinking how wonderful his future looked, then suddenly a scream rippled through the air. Makuta ran to the source of the scream and saw a skelatal warrior, holding a barbed blade, standing over Aklia's body. Makuta yelled a cry of despair as he lunged for the warrior. After a fierce battle Makuta had disarmed his opponet. " Mercy," cried the Warrior, as he lay on the ground. Reluctently, Makuta reached out his hand to help him up. Then the warrior pulled out a dagger and stabbed Makuta in the thigh, the blade broke off from the hilt. Yelling a cry of anguish, Makuta grabbed a rock and slammed it on the warriors head, he fell lifeless. Then Makuta walked up to the rise and saw an entire encampment filled with warriors, women, and children. "They must all be put to the sword," Makuta said, anguish in his voice.
Ekimu looked out the window of the forge and saw a mounted villager riding at top speed. Ekimu went down to see  what news was being given. " Invasion!" he yelled. "Makuta has already slain hundreds in the region of stone." Ekimu turned toward another villager. "Prepare the airship" he said. Moments later a huge zepplin lifted out of the city.
At the battle Makuta looked up and saw the airship heading to assist him. The enemy (being a very superstitious lot) turned and fled in terror. Ekimu emerged from the airship and saw Makuta , his golden armor glinting in the sunlight, but speckled with blood, there was a mad gleam in his eyes, and his horned mask made him look like an otherworldly beast; and he was limping. He had killed thousends of the invaders singlehandedly. "Come brother." Ekimu said concern in his voice.
They arrived at the capitol and Ekimu was exalted as a hero, but there was no praise, nor sympathy, for Makuta.
No one ever comes to the cell. So when the guard looked up and saw Makuta coming down the stairwell, he was quite shocked. Makuta walked over to him, limping from his old wound. "I demand to see the prisoner." Makuta said. "You may enter, but no one has come to see him much since Takanuva died." the guard replied. The door swung open. Occupying the rear of the room was a cell, its occupant a villager clad in sable armor, he carried the looks and disposition of somone who might have been a monarch once, but has clearly lost his power and has all these years wondering what might have been. This is the former Ruler of Night, the dark one. "I have need of your knowlege pertaining to -masks" Makuta said. " All my 'experiments' have failed." "And what do you seek with this knowlege?" the former ruler asked, his voice barely audible for not having used it in all these years. "To become a god, have power supreme to smite my enemies. To make the people admire me, and resurrect the dead." Makuta replied. The former king told him the secret. "That was very....informative, but you see my mask makes people, oh how should I put it, make people do my bidding, and no one must know we had this conversation. So I would kindly ask you to strangle yourself." Makuta said. Moments later, the Ruler of Night, the dark one, the last of his race was dead. Makuta walked out of the cell, making sure the guard was disposed of too. He emerged into the sunlight. "Fetch my horse." he said to a villager.
Kulta was standing at the cavern entrance, since the great battle many years ago him and the remnants of his people had been living in caves. A rider approached the entrance, his curved mask and golden armor, it was Makuta. " What brings you here, you murderer?" Kulta asked with distaste in his voice. "Assemble your armies and prepare them to march." Makuta replied. "And why should I take orders from you?" Kulta said. "Because if you don't follow me, whenever I ascend to power, you and your people will be utterly erased from existence. If your thinking of killing me now,  my snipers will ensure you are dead before you take another step." Makuta replied. Seeing no other choice Kulta complied.
Makuta rode  to the city of the mask makers, forged his mask, and then rode to the capitol. Moments later Ekimu walked into the forge and saw what his brother had done . He walked toward a villager and said " Prepare and arm the airship, we set course for the capitol."
Part 5
"Commander,  we report that Makuta has arrived at the city, preparing to unveil some sort of new mask.  There are also six hundred skull raider cavalry and one thousand infantry about a leaugue from the city" the guard said. "And how many troops do we have?" replied Commander Nidas. "About two hundred" the soldier said. "Then ready the guns, and order the soldiers into formation."
Moments later Ekimu arrived in the airship,and he jumped out over the center of the city where Makuta was. Meanwhile the army was coming closer.
Half a leaugue, half a leaugue, half a leaugue onward, the army marched, until the cavalry were in sight of the city. The capitol's defenses were two lines of fifty soldiers armed with guns similar to muskets outside the walls. Fifty soldiers on the walls manning gatling guns that have not been in use since the war against the dark tribe, and another fifty on standby inside the walls.  The airship hovered outside the gates waiting to be of assistance.
The cavalry waited in formation, the infantry was behind them in formation also. Then the cavalry commander rode in front of his troops, until the order came,"Charge for the guns!" he said. Then a shockwave resonated from inside the center of the capitol, Makuta had donned his mask. Meanwhile the cavalry charged, their commander leading the charge, perhaps did he have a sense of nobility or bravery? All around them the ground shook as the guns fired on them, horses buckled and riders fell.
Commander Nidas received much unwelcome news,"Makuta is trying to seize power, him and about two dozen fanatics are in uprising, Ekimu is dueling him as we speak." The airship fired on the invaders, doing much damage. At one of the gatling guns a villager walked up to the soldier manning the gun, unsheathed a knife, and stabbed him in the back. He then commandeered the gun and firered on the airship,the airship shook and then exploded in ball of flame. The villager then pulled the pin, and then him and a large section of the wall was gone. Seeing this the invaders surged forward with new morale. The order was given to the musket wielding soldiers to fix bayonets.
The infantry advanced in a phalanx formation. The bullets ricoched off the shields as they advanced until they were inside the city. Commander Nidas and the remaing defenders were in a tightening ring one by one falling to the enemies blades until only Nidas was left, many of the enemy fell before his blade until a spear went through his chest, but even that didn't stop him until he was stabbed through the heart.
At the enemies moment of victory a loud boom echoed through the streets Ekimu had knocked the mask off of Makutas face and it shattered and the pieces were scattered throughout th island. Ekimu was knocked out of the city  from the impact. And a vortex swallowed Makuta, the army,and the city into shadow realm (another dimension).
The six tribal chieftans gathered Ekimu's body and laid him to rest, but he was not dead but only asleep. Then they hid Ekimu's mask and Makuta's former mask. And at those places they remained waiting for somone to come looking for them.
THE YEAR 2234 A.D.
"This is the last shard captain." the ensign said. "Good, take it back to the Sennacherib. Once the mask is complete, nothing will stand in the way of the Empire of Earth."
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