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Makuta's Jealousy

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I can hear the sound of my little cousin, Cyro crying. Sounds of fright and sadness. Both our houses were suddenly attacked and destroyed. Thank goodness nobody has been hurt. I’ve heard a similar tale of sadness before. Both my story, and this ancient one come from the same origin.


It was such a simple path that led to this.

Jealousy, and want for fame can lead to darkness, and many times it causes you to forget about others. Who knew that something so commonplace could lead to so much pain?


Makuta and Ekimu were brothers. Both made amazing masks that allowed everyone on Okoto to go throughout their lives and complete tasks with ease. It was a wonderful time. We were flourishing, with all the comforts that a city could bring. It was a time of little hardship or conflict. We all thought it would stay like that.


It didn’t.


To celebrate the great help that these two brothers gave us, we held an annual festival each year to thank them. As well as to see what they had in store for us this time. Makuta and Ekimu both presented that which they had created. Although both created marvellous things, Ekimu’s always shone brighter in the eyes of the people.

Eventually, a seed of jealousy was planted in  Makuta’s heart. Instead of letting that seed spoil, he allowed it to grow. He allowed it to grow to a point to where he dabbled in things that could not be understood.Makuta allowed himself to become corrupted, and in turn hurt those that he wished to acknowledge him.


In secret, Makuta had created the Mask of Ultimate Power. A mask with so much power, that it enlarged his faults even further, and led him to do things which we thought he would never do. Dark things to make us fear and worship him.


Thankfully, Ekimu’s quick thinking kept the island from being destroyed, but his decision came at a price. Ekimu fell into a deep sleep, and we were forced to leave the great city which we had built due to the destruction that happened.


Despite that sadness, we were eventually able to regain our lives. We had peace for a long time. Jealousy and greed bubbled up again to the surface.

Our villages were attacked by creatures under Makuta’s control. We could do little to protect ourselves. We realized this and called upon an ancient prophecy about six heroes and protectors to help us in these dark times. We still had hope.


The barrage of attacks kept on coming, and we were scared, but these heroes came and are doing all in their power to protect us, and give us comfort in this time. We are thankful, and we will support them in any way we can.


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Not the first story written from an Okotan's point of view, but nice nonetheless. My only complaints are that it is a rather quick read, and doesn't really bring anything new other than-as mentioned-the perspective of an "average Joe" villager. Still, that element is pretty cool, and it's nice to get a sense of Makuta not being completely unappreciated prior to his fall.

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