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Looking for quest for the mask card 197 and a few other ones.


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Hi Everyone!  :D


I'm looking for card number 197 of the quest for the mask cards, can buy it or trade.

Would also be interested in promo cards for the quest of the mask series.

Have a lot of spare kanohi and sealed boosters for trade.


Also interested in the mac donalds bohrok awake cards number 16 and 29.


Let me know if you have any of these and what you'd like for it.


Thank you!




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I've got a spare #16 from Bohrok Awake. If you don't have any spare QFTM cards to trade that aren't in the sealed packs, maybe you'd be willing to part with a Kanohi or two? 


Good luck with card 197!

believe victims. its actually not that hard, and youd look kind of bad if you were to, say, side with an abuser because theyre your friend

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