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When Mahri Nui sunk beneath the waves, it took with it a population of weasel-like Rahi. The Pit Mutagen altered their forms, saving them from drowning, and they seem to have adapted relatively well. They are among the few Rahi of the Pit not to serve the Barraki, perhaps because of their terrestial origin, and because of this some Matoran of Mahri Nui regard them as good luck.

This one started for last Halloween, but I had trouble taking it anywhere and little time, so shelved it for later. I recently decided to finish it for the 10th anniversary of the Mahri, which I was reminded of by the BZPower t-shirt contest. I hope to hear your feedback, and that you enjoy!

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This is a great looking moc, love the colors, design, and the little bit of backstory you gave. It was worth the wait if I do say so myself.



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Quite the interesting piece-looks like it would fit right in with the Mahri Nui line.

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