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The Legend Continues - Results!

Tufi Piyufi

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The Legend Continues - Contest Results!



1. Crunchyn with The Brothers Corrupted (27 votes)
2. Pomegranate with Tapestry of Time (24 votes)
3. Demitsorou with Wairuha, Uniter of Storms (14 votes)

4. Illustrious Var with The Great Battle (11 votes)
5. (tie) Uncle K. with An Axe to Grind (6 votes)
5. (tie) prpldragon with Sons of Makuta- Bionicle G2 Rahkshi (6 votes)
7. Nukaya with Hahli's back! (5 votes)
8. Disty says hi with Tahnok, Scarab of Fire (4 votes)


1. Jonathan Juan with The Dreaming Dead (16 votes)
2. SPIRIT with Clinging to the Bones (13 votes)
3. (tie) markyman20 with Vezon's Visit (7 votes)
3. (tie) JTH_Studios with Journey's End (7 votes)
3. (tie) SkullKid with The End of Time (7 votes)

6. (tie) Alexander123 with The Tragedy of Makuta (5 votes)
6. (tie) Disty says hi with The Conspiracy (5 votes)
8. (tie) Pohaturon with The Legend Continues - Of Druids and Shadow (4 votes)
8. (tie) Kookie with A Simpler Time (4 votes)
10. PeabodySam with Gresh - Gladiator of Jungle (3 votes)
11. Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) with Bionicle: Journey to Zero (2 votes)
12. Pereki with No More Shadows (1 vote)


1. Mesonak with Makuta: The Mask Hoarder (26 votes)
2. Sparkytron with Kulta Kal and the Skeleton Army (22 votes)
3. DeeVee with Ekimu: Master of Creation (21 votes)

4. Pohaturon with Bionicle G2 Master Builder Set (12 votes)
5. (tie) Disty says hi with Poison Beast (G2 Lerahk) (11 votes)
5. (tie) Eljay: Toa of Mangosteen with Makuta - Mask Maker's Return (11 votes)
7. CeziuM with Nuurakh - Forge Overseer (10 votes)
8. The Venom with G2 Mata-Nui: Titan of Life (8 votes)
9. Rockmonster2000 with Vetr-jotunn, Elemental Spirit of Ice (6 votes)
10. exxtrooper with Guardian of Shadows (1 vote)

The first-place winners will receive a physical copy of The Art of LEGO Bionicle and their choice of 71316 Umarak the Destroyer or 71311 Kopaka and Melum - Unity Set. The second place winners will receive their choice of an Uniter Toa and their matching Creature. The third place winners will receive their choice of 71313 Lava Beast, 71314 Storm Beast, or 71315 Quake Beast. Thanks to LEGO for providing the prizes!

As well, our three voters randomly chosen to receive a Creature set are Kookie, Demitsorou, and Azani. Congratulations!

What can we say? It was an incredible contest, with so many great works produced in each category. Bionicle as a theme may have gone back into the box (for now), but it's clearly still fuelling our imaginations and sending our creativity to exciting new heights. Congratulations to our winners, thanks to everyone who entered, voted, and commented on our fine entries, and we'll be seeing you next time!

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Be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes!
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It was an absolutely incredible contest, filled with a wealth of passion, skill, and creativity that is pretty refreshing in this post-BIONICLE world of ours. All the entrants did fantastic jobs, and the creativity and passion that they put into their submissions really shines through. It was very entertaining and illuminating to witness people transforming their G2-wishlists into a physical form for others to see; it definitely was a worthwhile prompt for the contest.


My proverbial hat goes off to all the entrants who helped shape this contest, and to the BZP staff for hosting and managing it. I'm very glad to have been a part of it, and honored to have been selected as a winner. I deeply regret not entering more of G2's official contests; thankfully, I don't have to regret missing this one.



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The Three Virtues YouTube Channel




Check it out for laughs, discussion, and more.

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Ooooh! A 3rd place tie! Congratulations to all the entries. I'm thrilled to just be apart of them. And that's just talking about the writing entries. The Art and Building entries were amazing to say the least.

Again, congrats to all.


(P.S. I have never really won one of these contests before, so are we contacted about shipping information or something for the prize at some point, or do we have to contact someone?)

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Honestly, I'm just happy my story made it to the finals despite being a two-hour rushjob.  Congrats to everyone who won (even if Crunchyn's art piece was the only one I actually voted for :P), and a hearty "well done" to all the entrants in general.


Still disappointed A Simpler Time didn't win the writing contest tho >_>

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It is not for us to decide the fate of angels.

Dominus Temporis, if you're out there, hit me up through one of my contacts.  I've been hoping to get back in touch for a long time now.  (Don't worry, I'm not gonna beg you to bring back MLWTB or something.  :P )

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