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Gali Sketch- Fun with Colours


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I wanted to take a break from drawing large, technically exhausting pictures for a bit; so, I decided to experiment with Gali's color palate with a rough sketch of her regular clothes.

As I was playing around with different colour schemes and pairings, I never really noticed how much colour plays a part into a character's personality.
Just looking at the differences between each one really gives me an idea of what kind of person each one is-even without them saying or doing anything, which I think pretty neat.

With this in mind, I really like how the first one's colour palate worked out. I'm hoping to do a larger picture with more details later on, hopefully with more energy and "liveliness" than my last one. (I feel like she was little stiff and that she wasn't as natural as I'd like her to be).


**As a side note, because of some insightful feedback, I realized I didn't explain why I'm drawing things this way; this is why I want to share why Gali is still wearing a mask instead of just having her normal face showing.


This is because for the series I'm writing/illustrating, "The Halfway", wearing masks is an extremely important part of the story and world these characters live in.

The reason why everyone needs to wear them is based on major events that happened in the past and have huge implications for the plot; because of this, I've intentionally added and designed each character to look normal, except for masks covering their faces.


And as a result, something looks off about the pictures; they look odd, strange, or uncomfortable, and these is exactly the feelings I want to convey.


(More details about this can be found on my DeviantArt page: http://fav.me/dberb8n)


What do you think? Do you have a favourite colour scheme, and if so, why?
And as always, critique is welcome and appreciated.

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