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Favorite BZPower Memories

Black Six

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As I'm sure you all noticed, yesterday was BZPower's sixteenth anniversary, which is a pretty impressive milestone on the Internet and in the LEGO community. With sixteen years of history, there have been a lot of memorable moments from our time in our home on the web, and we'd like to hear some of yours!


To bribe encourage you to share, we'll draw some random names and give you some classic Bionicle sets as prizes. They're old, but not as old as BZPower! Since I doubt I'll be able to ship out the prizes until after BrickFair Virginia, we'll close things up at 11:59 PM Eastern on Monday, August 7th, giving you plenty of time to think of your absolute best memories!


Here's what you'll have a chance to win:

1388 Huki

1390 Maku

1392 Kongu

1393 Matoro

8721 Velika

8722 Kazi

8723 Piruk

8724 Garan


As far as rules go: you can post as many memories as you want, and reply to posts or share more memories that you think of later, but each member only gets one entry into the drawing. We reserve the right to pull anyone's name from the running if they post an inappropriate, inflammatory, rude, or otherwise not-in-the-spirit memory. We're trying to be fun and nostalgic here!


She doesn't know it yet, but Tufi Piyufi and I will also be picking our favorite memory of all the ones shared here. That lucky member will win 8550 Gahlok Va and 8562 Gahlok!


To close things out, I'd like to thank each and every member of BZPower over the years for the countless memories I have of this place and the community. I'm fast-approaching my personal sixteenth anniversary of joining the site, which is over half my life! I wouldn't be the person I am now without you all!

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I have been on BZPower for about 2.5 years and I've had my fair share of good times (though perhaps not as many as others who have been on for the same time).

The Dank BIONICLE Memes topic is still going (though it could use more dank people - not that the people there at the moment aren't dank, it's just there aren't many people :P) so I can't yet consider it to be a memory.

I think my favourite memory of BZPower was being able to compete in the games and puzzles during the Games & Trivia Contest #2, especially that of 'The Quest for Legendary Brownies' hosted by MT Zehvor. The game was a journey riddle-based mental challenges that eliminated players if they got the answer wrong. In the end, it was I who claimed victory over the challenges (with a bit of mercy from MT Zehvor when I didn't get the answer right...but it also wasn't wrong) and achieved the ultimate prize of a recipe for some Legendary Brownies!


It was great how a forum for BIONICLE and LEGO could offer much more (especially Legendary Brownies).

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My favorite memory is a fairly recent one, and will probably come off as rather biased.


I rarely ever post on here despite being a long-time member, even during the time when I was on the forums regularly. On a whim, I thought to break the habit and decided to share a MOC of mine on the BBC forum. Next thing I know, I see it on the front page of the site. Something I made got a feature piece on a website. That was mindblowing to me.


Aside from that, the mere act of browsing the forums whenever I have free time these days takes me back to the time when I would spend HOURS reading topic after topic when I was 11, and I find that just as valuable as a singular, standout memory. I may not be on here as often as I was then, but BZP has been and still is very much a part of my life for the better part of 10 years now. Here's to many years more!

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My favorite memories from here on BZP transcend to elsewhere, however my favorite memories are when I first joined the site after making my account about a year prior, and that is joining the A Rude Awakening Project, at the time known as 'BIONICLE UNIVERSALIS', through all that time I got to know BZPower Member Iaredios, and me and him have become the best of friends, despite our differences. Gaining a best friend so early on, though at the time I didn't know we would become so close, it is something I really do truly value and uphold. Me and him have discussed things in regard with the project, have theorized and made art together, tossed around ideas and concepts, and all around have had a grand ol' time with it. But evermore having gained such a close friend, despite our differences, that is Unity!


My second set of memories are those with Toa TimeLord and capMARVELOUS. As well as Inary the Gunhaver and numerous others, and Iaredios too obviously. I have managed to become friends, if not great friends with, having played BIONIFIGHT with TimeLord and cap', as well as the ongoing BZP Bara Magna along with Iaredios, I have had a blast with them in topics such as the Dank BIONICLE Memes Topic, posting and responding to all sorts of BIONICLE-Related Dank Meme-ery. As well as the various 'Describe the ____ of the Member Above You' topics, and the like. Thinking up witty and overall fun responses on those. And also the DREAMS topic and the 'What are you Thinking?' Topic. Ahh, good times.


I am so glad to not only have so many friends now than ever in my life, since when I was young I had very few friends, non of which into BIONICLE. So of course also keeping BIONICLE alive along with it I rejoice, but overall having made many friends and sharing many great memories of fun times along the way I am greatful for.

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Funny thing, probably the first memory that comes to mind is actually from before I made my account here - I lurked BZP for years before making an account. Not sure when I happened upon the site, but I was definitely a regular visitor since 2004. Something that kept me coming back was Dark709's Comics, and the animated shorts which composed "the movie". I remember one time I got my first Toa Hordika (Whenua) and binged it while building. 


There was also the first time I shared a creation here made from a very small pool of G2 parts, with photos made by my wife. The response was more positive than I expected.


Another more recent one was when ShadowVezon, some other members and I temporarily "hijacked" Steal the Mask in forum games and instead of keeping it as a random one-line response thing, we turned it into a kind of running narrative with longer responses that turned into some crazy storyline with the trappings of a light RP. 



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Ok so could possibly be the Vultraz review, staff pranks, or the secret stomach message. All of those were pretty good. Aside from that, good times in the comics and g&t forums. A funny but not really good memory would be the multiple cyber attacks (we must be something good to attract all those cyberterrorists). There have been some unfavorable memories on BZP but all in all, I think it's been a great experience, and I wouldn't trade you guys for the world. Seriously, I love you guys!

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Well this interesting topic.

Oh boy where to start.

When I first joined the website I entered into one of Fisher's games and didn't know a thing about forums and PMs I was the newest noob you could think of, but she helped learn this website and I thank her for it.


I remember back when Nato called himself the old master and we built a planet and feed poisoned food to aliens was a good one.


My next memories are of BZPGOT 1 and 2. Those were so fun I learned so many new members and became good friends with many of them.


Then I met Toa Imrukii. Who knew the person who tried to cut me in half in a furnace in BioFight would become my closets BZP friend and brother in BZPBM.


I hope I can make many more memories for a long time.

Hey I got a Flickr because I like making LEGO stuff.


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Well...this is gonna be long.


The short version: BZPower was my first forum, and a huge part of my childhood.  It was my first real experience in having online friends and an online community.


The long version: Way bak in 2003, when I was a wee little lad of 8, I found this site because someone on the LEGO forums would always sign his posts with:



Takea, Member of BZPower"


At first I thought it was a little cryptic, but I was craving me some more Bionicle, so I googled "BZPower" and found the single biggest Bionicle site ever.  It introduced me to a lot of things about internet culture: A forum made for fans by fans, Sprite Comics, memes (before the term "meme" was really used around these parts, and they were all specifically BZP-exclusive inside jokes), and this site also introduced me to Linkin Park, the first real band I ever followed.


Back in those days, the funniest comedies were Bionicle Coffee Shop (the origin of "Cuppa Joe") and the infamous sprite comic, Tales of the Chibi Toa ("BURN STUFF!").  To my little 8-year-old mind, those were the pinnacle of comedy.  My dad even once lectured me about why yelling "BURN STUFF!" in a place that actually has people in it isn't the best idea.  I think Tales of the Chibi Toa might have even been my first sprite comic ever.


I didn't share my own MOCs, but I did get a lot of inspirations from this site, and I still found ways to share my very first original character on this site: Hakura, Toa of Plasma.  Well, he wasn't a Plasma Toa yet, he was a Ta-Matoran-turned-Toa of Fire (later retconned as a Plasma Toa due to his color scheme), but with a red, black, and white color scheme for reasons I can't recall.  I remember being so proud of myself when I got him his first guest star role in some comedy.  I believe it had to do with Lewa running a talk show, and Hakura was a Ta-Matoran who ran a movie studio.


This was also the golden age of Toonami, and I specifically remember every other person having anime-related avatars and banners.  As a Toonami fan myself but not knowing any anime forums, BZPower made me feel like both a part of the Bionicle fan community and the anime fan community at the same time.


I really learned how big this site was with Lego and Bionicle fans when I went to a Lego store once.  This was late 2003-early 2004 and one of the employees was demonstrating the then-upcoming Toa Vakama set.  He gave away free Poisoned Hau Nuvas to people who watched his demonstration, and I knew that BZP had a similar giveaway deal around the same time.  I told the guy "this Bionicle site BZPower is giving these away too".  He told me "Oh yeah?  I know Rich from BZPower!"  Rich AKA Bionicle Rex AKA "Rexy" was one of the admins from back in that day, and I was like "whoa...I met one of Rexy's real friends!  Is BZPower really that big?"


From 2003 to 2005, this was my single favorite site, and thank you all for making it a huge part of my childhood.

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Remember those couple of times when someone's browser cache would mess up and the images on the page would be switched around so instead of the site banner they'd see a repeating image of like the guy from Green Day or something?  Those were fun threads.


Also, once I changed my name from Bfahome to Bfahome just to see if I could.


I didn't intend on ever changing it to anything but "Bfahome" but then one day I woke up and I was Test Subject Barbie.  So that broke my streak and opened me up to participating in later name changes, where I got to indulge my enjoyment of Silverwing a little bit.


Also I guess I have one of the biggest blogs on the site??  Comes from my early days of "I'm gonna post an entry every day!" silliness.  First blog to 10k comments too, also probably related to previous.


Hey remember majhost?  Remember when it used to just be maj?  And then they changed the site name and it broke everyone's images so the BZP admins were like "okay, here's a new word filter that changes maj dot com to majhost dot com so you can just hit 'edit' and then 'submit' on your posts and stuff and not have to worry about changing all the image urls individually"?  And then the people running majhost were just like "ok nah, no site anymore" and everyone's images vanished.  That was a fun story arc.


Also the two BrickFairs I attended were pretty neat, meeting people IRL.  Was sort of an outsider in some ways because I wasn't privy to all the in-jokes and groupings that formed offsite over time but was still interesting.


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Hm... I've been here for a long time, there's so many good memories hehe.


One of the best ones though, not really a singular memory, but seeing whichever new spinny mask would come out for the veterans every year is one of my memories that brings me joy :)


Plus just interacting with everybody and seeing the excellent MOCs, while still ongoing, will always hold a place in my heart


EDIT: also realizing that this August will be my 10 year anniversary with BZPower... Time flies

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Let us take a trip down memory lane...

  • I remember first coming to BZPower while doing a Google search for info on the Bohrok-Kal and being amazed at this goldmine of Bionicle info and fandom I had stumbled upon.  Leaked set images, secret storyline info, people who liked this Bioncle thing even more than I did.  It wasn't long until BZP replaced the Neopets hotkey on my keyboard.
  • I remember bingeing through Onuanut's Comedy Matoran @ Home and finally deciding to write my own after a while.  It was exciting because it was really the first thing I'd written on the internet.  And weirder still, people actually told me they liked it!  A much-needed boost to the self-esteem of 14 year old me.  I eventually went on to write other things and I still enjoy writing to this day.
  • I remember when Lewa11 came onto the scene and announced his plan to make an animated movie: Quest of the Toa.  I was so excited about potentially being cast as the voice of a Bionicle character in what was sure to be the biggest Bionicle fan-made thing ever.  Sadly, the project never came to fruition, but that indirectly introduced me to the AIM and MSN Messenger side of the fandom, allowing me to make a lot of close friendships with other BZPers.  I remember working with Electric Turahk to keep an AIM group chat called Ceechat online for several months in a row.
  • I remember starting a Bionicle podcast and all the challenges involved in making it while in high school and on a $0 budget.  I don't think I could ever go back to listen to those episodes, but I definitely learned a whole lot about sound editing and how to Skype long before Skype became the household name it is today.
  • I remember when the Software Forum was mostly fan-made games.  Such a fascinating cross-section of fandom I've never seen anywhere else.  I remember playing the Paracosmos Game, this other game that was all about Toa Nidhiki, Populous's game that had these amazing animations and smooth parkour gameplay with Toa Lhikan, and I especially remember the BZP Smash Brothers game.  It was so cool seeing avatars and OCs I recognized going head to head like that.  I was almost in the sequel to that game, but that didn't work out either.  It got me into using Game Maker myself and it was actually a whole lot of fun.  I played around with top down 2D games and platformers for a bit, trying to figure out the physics of the engine.  Eventually I started two projects; one was this Bionicle reference guide and the other was a video game adaptation of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  It's a shame that I spent so much work on both and their files are long gone.  I had no idea the enormity of those projects when I set out, but I feel like my unfinished products for both were very impressive.
  • I remember getting to beta test the fan-made Metru Nui Online Game and the viral disk collecting campaign that accompanied it.  It was so fun to see Metru Nui interpreted in the Templar Studios style
  • I remember being bored one afternoon when I was like 16 and writing, recording, and animating (that took a few more afternoons) my first Flash video.  Once again, I was very surprised by the overwhelming positive response it and its sequels received, and ultimately it gave me the opportunity to be the voice actor I never got to be after Quest for the Toa folded.  It's funny how the site evolved after that.  Around that time, hardly anything made on BZP used voice talent, but as time went on other BZPers began making more projects that called for voices and it was fun getting to work with them on those.
  • I remembering becoming staff.  That was pretty fun, getting to see the goings on behind the scenes, walking among these larger than life personas that I'd seen posting for all those years.  I remember the staff RPG we did, and then all the work I poured into the Bionicle Reference Centre, especially for that timeline and the Kraata Maker.  To this day that Kraata Maker Flash file might be the most complicated thing I have ever made.  Eventually I had to take a break from BZP (and being staff, obviously) for personal reasons, but man, what a ride.
  • I remember posting and discussing countless theories in the Storyline and Theories forum.  I think my first topic to make it to the front page was about how Hewkii indirectly defeated Makuta by inventing Kolhii.  But yeah, basically my Most Active In forum on my profile always has been S&T, and it was easily my favourite part of the BZP experience.
  • I remember talking to GregF and sifting through the endless well of knowledge that was the Official Greg Discussion.  I remember his strange Lego tycoon game or whatever and all the additions to the canon that came from fan contests.  I specifically remember being away from internet access during the 500 Years Untold contest and lying awake wondering how I was doing in the polls (it was a huge relief winning that).
  • I remember liaising with the marketing team at Papercutz, the guys who made the Bionicle Graphic Novels, to get my video down to a good length for their contest.  That felt really exciting because that's probably the most I've ever won in a contest and it was recognition from people outside the fandom that my work had value.
  • I remember Dark 709's crazy movie projects.  I couldn't tell you anything that happened in it, but I can tell you it's still probably the biggest thing ever made on this site. 
  • I actually forgot Tohkann's Re-Birth Chronicles and the part I played in them until they showed up in my YouTube feed one day.
  • I remember Vahki Power and Kim Power and all the other crazy pranks the staff pulled.  I particularly remember being very confused when they gave all the staff random women's names.
  • I remember discovering a secret code in the image URLs of the Premier Rank images, and then everyone telling me I had too much time on my hands (I'm starting to think they were right)
  • I remember making a pirate-theme emoticon and feeling so special when Ninjo just decided to plop it in his signature for fun.
  • I remember finding out that Bionicle was ending and being sad that a major part of my life was ending, but at peace as well.  I didn't really have time for the sets any more and I was glad that we got a significant amount of closure for the story (not counting the web serials).  It was just a weird feeling; like finishing a very long book and having to carry on with real life.
  • I remember finding out that Bionicle was coming back and eventually deciding to come back to BZP myself, and ending up spending most of my time trolling through the blogs.
  • I remember this topic where Black Six asked people what their favourite BZPower memories were
All in all, it has been one wild ride.  There have been highs and lows, friendships made and lost, and countless lessons learned.  I gained technical expertise in multiple areas, a killer typing speed, and the opportunity to experiment creatively and be rewarded for my efforts.


And if I could do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing.


(Although maybe I'd have stuck to Harry Potter instead.  Better chance of getting a girlfriend in that fandom.)

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My favorite memory on BZPower was during the beginning of my activity within this community. It was several years back, right after Gen 1 of Bionicle had officially ended. The community started theorizing about how we could play our roles in shaping our own reimagining of the Matoran Universe, which ultimately gave rise to the conception of the Expanded Multiverse.


This ambitious project invited the collaboration of the BZPower community, in the form of MOC submissions, artwork, story segments, in what became a massive and complex scaffolding for a large-scale fan-fiction. Sadly, however, that didn't last for very long, as the project rapidly lost interest, leading to its untimely demise.


So, my favorite memory on BZPower was when I used to participate in the Multiverse contests, and creating a backstory for my entries which meshed together within the Multiverse's lore. It was fun to "draw within the lines" in a sense, using the template of the Multiverse to fit my creations within it. I remember trying really hard to create meaningful MOC's that served a story purpose. 


Thank you, BZPower, for your many years of being the go-to community for all things Bionicle. Here's to many more years.





"Welcome to Valhalla, Warrior."


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I've not been a member for long but I sure have lurked as a guest for a long time, one particular moment which I look fondly on is the 2004 April fool's day prank, I remember thinking what a strange makeover choice it was, then I remembered what day it was!


Bzpower helped me stay in tune with Bionicle because it educated me on what things where going on in the rest of the world, the UK wasn't the greatest place for special Bionicle things, but I remember reading about WMKK and sending a relative in America into a store to find WMKK, it wasn't successful though :P


Now that I'm a member things are going great, Buy/Sell/Trade has been a great place for me to buy some great items I never thought I'd get, but the most special recent venture is certainly Games and Trivia, pool of protodermis, last letter game and steal the mask 3 are fun things which I check everytime I login,


here's to 16 more great years!  :D

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Since my one-year BZPower anniversary is approaching, I figure, what the heck, let's reminisce.  My memories aren't going to be as grand as some of the long-time members', but who cares?

  • August 14, 2016: The day I joined.  That right there is a fond enough memory, but what makes it fonder is that on the very same day, Yo Dawg Swagger McSwag and Ghidora131 (may he rest in pieces) messaged me, welcoming me into the wonderful world of BZPower.  At the time, I didn't know that they'd become close friends.
  • August 15, 2016: The day I enrolled in the BZPRPG.  That was fun.  It still is, even though things seem to be going kinda slow right now.
  • September 15, 2016: The day I first started my "Ask Lan" segment over on my profile feed.  It started out as just a place for people to ask me silly questions, and I'd give similarly silly answers, but it's changed a lot since then, with new themes every month.  Inary the Gunhaver asked me my first "Ask Lan" question, and our friendship just spiraled upward from there.
  • November 10, 2016: My first forced hiatus.  I missed this place a lot while I was gone, and it felt so good to be back when the forced hiatus was over.
  • January 1, 2017: My second forced hiatus.  Same story as the first.
  • March 18, 2017: The day I opened up "Talk To Me."  It was meant as an opportunity for me to give encouragement and love to members who were going through rough times.  Toa Imrukii and I grew pretty close because of that.
  • May 12, 2017: The day I started my first topic here, "Gairu, The Wanderer."  That was met with some positive feedback, and it was really encouraging to see that other people, not just me, liked my creations.
  • June 4, 2017: The day I entered The Legend Continues contest.  That was a complete waste of my time, but at least I had fun writing my entry...
  • August 10, 2017: The day I found out that I had won this "contest."

Of course those are all well and fine, but my fondest memories are making friends with so many of you.  I thought I was the only one around my age who still liked BIONICLE, but then I found this place.  The perfect site for folks like me.  Of all the friends I've made, Yo Dawg Swagger McSwag, Toa Imrukii, Toa TimeLord, Inary the Gunhaver, Iaredios the Hip Historian, and Dio Brando stand out as the best of the best.  You guys have really made my experience on BZPower worth it.  Thanks.

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So.  I could write hundreds(thousands!  tens of thousands!) of words describing some of my memories here, but I shall be brief.  As some on here have already stated, BZP was my first "forum" I was a part of, and my introduction to online fandom.  And BZP has my heart in a way no other online site does.  It's been about 12 years since I've been active in any significant way, and the fact that I still log on every now and again just to "see what's happening on BZP" speaks volumes as to the effect BZP has had on me!  Anyway, some of my favourite memories?


  • Writing a story that was actually well received by some of the foremost authors on the site at the time.  Reading was always my great love growing up but when I started writing a Bionicle fan-fic, I assumed it wouldn't be that popular.  To get such kind and constructive feedback from so many people...that was huge to me - encouraged me in a time in my life when I greatly needed that encouragement.  I got hundreds of oh so kind reviews from people and I still don't really understand why!!  This is a very personal memory, but the joy I received in writing and sharing a story is something I have never forgotten and drives my creative output to this day!!
  • Being a part of a group of online friends who all shared the same interest - particularly in the creative arts.  Back in 02-05 or so, there was an informal group of us who wrote stories and reviewed each others' stories....and it was sheer delight being a part of that group and reading so many great stories by people who loved what I loved!!  Schizo Kaita, Nova Nuhvok, Matanuihero, xccj, GaliGee, Kirilin Toa of Trees, Janus, HahliHusky, MakutaMaster....I could name more(pardon if I'm forgetting you at the moment!!)...but to me, a teenager trying to figure out who he was....this was such a formative place for me.  Every time one of my friends posted a new chapter, I'd get to read and enjoy and review...such fun, such joy!!  I can still clearly remember reading some writing from these folks and being blown away.  Particularly remember gorgeous descriptive passages from SK's epics and hilarious lines of dialogue from Kirilin's stories.  Epics forum forever, am I right??!?   :)
  • The crazy speculation and debates and complaints/defense each time leaked pictures of the newest sets were released.  Remember that?  I remember vividly when I was sitting in my computer class in high school one day - did a cheeky BZP login and the Rahkshi pics had just been posted.  I was blown away by how COOL and AWESOME they looked...everyone went crazy over them.  They had articulation!  They had sweet staffs!  Of course I wanted the black one - Vorahk?  Wow, it's sad I can't even remember if that's the proper name or not now!!  What a time to be a fan.   :D  The Sets forum was always a great place to read debates over the flaws/shortcomings of the sets....why do we complain so much?  I still love the original Toa the best, but I can understand that's probably mostly nostalgia talking!  Still, my Tahu Olda(remember when they were called that?  We didn't say Toa Mata back in the day!) with his gold Hau....my favourite set ever.
  • I have some fond memories of being staff - from ST to mod to global mod - but I won't post all my favourite memories from that time frame.  I do recall how fun it was to close topics.  I got the last word, finally!  
  • This is less of a memory than just a feeling...I have never been a part of such a kind community.  Yeah, we had all kinds of craziness here - the comedies forum oh my goodness o_O - but everyone was *generally* so kind to one another.  This site was like another home to me, and I deeply treasure the friends I made here.  As someone who wasn't always that popular in high school, having this forum was....special.
  • The celebration when we hit 3000 members!!  That was a huge milestone at the time - I think I still remember the member who was lucky 3k - "Toa of the Seas" I think?  I remember the topic we had going, discussing how crazy it was that we had "THREE THOUSAND" members!!  It was like a huge party.   :D
  • When Mask of Light came out!  The build-up to the first ever Bionicle movie was huge, and we savored every second of speculation, every trailer and leaked image.
  • Winning Comedy Contest #1.  I still don't think I'm that good of a comedic author, but somehow I won that first comedy contest!  I was super excited, let me tell you.   :)
  • The fact that my little sisters were so welcomed and loved on here.  Myself and my two younger sisters simply loved Bionicle, but I was the only one on BZP for the first couple years.  When they finally joined, the fact that they were welcomed and accepted here...that meant so much to me!  Then the fact that they were able to write and share their stories and get such wonderful feedback..oh how that warmed my heart!  My one sister even ran this new thing called the "Epic's Critic Club" for a while - I was so proud of her!!!  Seeing their growth and maturation in what they wrote...as a big brother, I couldn't be more proud of them and I couldn't be more proud of BZP for being so loving.   ^_^  I think this is a good memory to end on.  Family and friends and love and respect - that's what I associate with BZP.

I feel like these are all very personal memories - ones that most of you didn't share - but I still wanted to post just to share my love for this site and all of you.  We've all had great fun here, have we not?  We are indeed blessed.   :)



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The memory I'll start with is the memory that started me: The comedies forum. I was looking through a talkback thread and I saw people linking all sorts of epics and comedies in their signatures. I was amazed at the fact that people had written all of these stories on the internet. But the only one I read was one called "How the Inika Really Became the Inika" or something like that. It was okay, good even to me at the age of 10. As I read through that topic, I saw someone advertising their own comedy called "The Barraki go on Land", obviously breaking the rules against advertising your story in a post in someone else's topic. But I liked that story.


Over the next year or so I spent hours after school just reading through the comedies forum. My favorite single comedy had to be "A Day in the Life of GregF." From there, I branched out over into comics. Mainly I read comics by a guy named Blade Titan974.


During that time I was making a very small number of posts, but I remember one post of mine was somehow so bad that it was enough for Greg himself to PM me and explain why I was wrong.


As the old BZP was winding down, and we were left without the forums, what we did have at about that same time (I think.) was the BZPowercast. I didn't listen to it every single month, but I sure did enjoy it, even if I didn't always understand what was going on between the staff members on the podcast.


I've mention what got me on BZP, but I would also like to mention what got me to stay here. At Brickfair 2012, BZP hosted a small cookout where I found the courage to introduce myself to a few members there, namely a group that would go on the be called Team Farm Animals. Without this event, I wouldn't be as active as I am now, maybe I would have even left BZP as a whole. I wouldn't have joined our great G&T forum. (Since I only started because Xaeraz was the one hosting the first game.) I probably would've stopped going to Brickfair. And I certainly would have lost my interest in Bionicle, and possible LEGO as a whole.


So thanks, for all this site and its wonderful members have done for me. This post has gotten pretty long and full of happy memories, so I think I'll do a separate post later with some my more sad memories.

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Oh my goodness, looking through this topic brings back memories of my own! Seeing things mentioned that I'd long since forgotten about... The Matoran at Home, I remember that one! VahkiPower... GaliGee's epics...


Actually, if I recall, it was GaliGee's work that first drew me into BZPower. I know I discovered the BZP link on the official Bionicle website back in '04 - anyone else remember when the official site had a few big fansite links down the side of a couple of pages? - and I think I looked around a bit without actually committing? But then I stumbled upon GaliGee's Makuta Island - I believe the review topic was on the hot topics list for a while back then - and oh man, I was hooked. I'd always strictly imagined Bionicle characters within the context of their universe (or my confused childhood take on it) and reading a story where Makuta showed up in the real world and took this girl back to Mata Nui to be a mom to all his Rahkshi? That was eye-opening to me.


I'm pretty sure it was only a matter of days before I'd joined up too. For some reason, I never actually commented in the review topic for that story, but I followed it - and its sequels - closely whenever I was online.


I... have plenty of memories from back then that I'd rather forget, too. I was twelve years old, and a total newbie to online communities of any kind, and I know I made a lot of the typical newb mistakes too. And, ahem, let's just all agree to forget my pathetic first forays into the comedy forum that amounted to, ah-heh, "borrowing" ideas from someone else's work. I'm not proud of it, and am glad it's since been lost forever.


But ah, the comedy forum; now THAT's a place of many memories for me. For the longest time, I'd just been hanging around BZP, sticking my nose into random threads to add my two cents but never really stopping to have conversations or get to know anyone. I wasted many happy hours in the comedy forum, though; I'm not sure whether I was just looking for laughs, or hoping to find that one comedy to invest in. In either case, the latter happened - not that I'd ever have anticipated it when I first checked out Alpha Prime02 (now Primis)'s The Rock Raiders Meets Bionicle. I just idly checked it out because it included one of my other top favourite Lego themes, and it really drew me in. The story was fun, the author was cool, the other fans of the story were cool... I invested myself in following it, and it became the first comedy I got to guest-star in; in fact, my Matoran character scored position as a permanent guest star, even.


I fell away from the comedy at the start of the second season, both because a lot of the jokes in it at that point were references to something I was unfamiliar with, and because I went through a lack of interest in Bionicle as a whole around mid-05, when the upcoming Revenge of the Sith stole my attention completely. I eventually returned to BZP in time for the release of Web of Shadows; and some time on from that, I was amazed to find out that not only was TRRMB still going, it was on its third season, and my matoran was still a recurring character. It was a real treat for me to jump back into it, talk again with the others who had been involved in it from the beginning, and be able to join in the conversations about obscure bits of Rock Raiders lore and how they applied to the comic. I honestly felt like Primis and co-author PeabodySam became the first actual friends I'd made on BZPower, and I count the memories from that thread as some of my most treasured here on BZP. Not only that, but when I attempted to make comedies of my own (AHAHAHAHA... yeeeeah those were awful) they were kind enough to follow them and give me feedback for a while afterwards.


Of course, in time we went our separate ways, on BZ and in general. I know I made a few other friendly contacts through the comedy forum (Lewa0111 of The Nuva Inn fame, and Dominus Temporis of My Life with the Bionicles, both stand out in particular), but nothing that quite matched that first experience. Come 2008 my interests were turning elsewhere and I wasn't investing in Bionicle writing, though I still hung around the discussion forums, and around the time the servers went down in... 2010, I believe? I drifted away completely.


I, heh, never expected to find it still going three or four years later. Nowadays I don't really participate much, I just lurk and occasionally add comments, but this place is loaded with so much nostalgia; it's always fun to come back and see what's still going on over here ^^



(Just an aside, if someone does win the random draw, do they get a say in which set they'd prefer? Or are they just gonna be distributed at random?)

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"New legends awake, but old lessons must be remembered.
For that is the way
of the BIONICLE."

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I remember in my first few years on the site (I was like 9 or 10), myself and a few other members made certificates for the staff...they looked so bad. I think we made them with Powerpoint. :P I'll laugh about that for years.


Another fun one was doing that crazy Kanoka collector thing...not sure if anyone else remembers. There was that interactive banner and you'd collect Kanoka by going to specific links. I don't even remember why we did that haha


Another fun experience was being on the "story squad." If I remember right we made some actual contributions to the story through that!


There are lots of others. I remember winning one of the RPG contests, that was fun. I also remember having a banner & avatar shop on the old forums. Those were good times too!

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The day I joined the BZPRPG, which led to the creation of the character I'm probably known best for on this site, the mercenary Verulas, wisecracking master of snark and Toa of Plantlife.

I lingered around for a few months before that, and even replied to a few topics over in S&T, but that was the first time I actually felt like a member of the community, and not someone who just occasionally dropped by and added his own two cents to an already preexisting conversation. Sadly, he's now inactive, along with the vast majority of my other characters across multiple games, but hey, at least they helped inspire me to create some pretty interesting MoCs.


Hero Factory: Contagion

RPG Characters:

BZPRPG Characters

RPG History:

The Asylum, Bionifight Infinite, Year 60,000, Matoran und Panzer, HF RPG 2.0, Wasteland, Corpus Rahkshi, Skyrise

GM Résumé:

Matoran und Panzer (Formerly Appointed Co-GM), Corpus Rahkshi (Former Substitute Co-GM)



Feel free to shoot a PM my way if you're waiting for me to respond to something and I've been taking a while to do so.

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Another fun one was doing that crazy Kanoka collector thing...not sure if anyone else remembers. There was that interactive banner and you'd collect Kanoka by going to specific links. I don't even remember why we did that haha

Those were actually a long running promotion for the fan-made Metru Nui Online Game.


Now I said I would talk about some sadder memories, so here we go. Like many others, I was devastated when the BZPower archives were deleted by a malicious individual. This wasn't the first time something like this had happened, but it was certainly the biggest such incident. The first thing I did was retrieve as much of  "A Day in the Life of GregF" as possible from Google caches and the Wayback machine. I've spent many hours of my life trying to find the rest, to varying degrees of success. This incident has made me a little paranoid, and now there's a good chance I'll archive a page if I like it even remotely.


Yet apparently not enough, because when Majhost went down a few years later, and most images that were posted on BZP taken with it, I wasn't prepared at all. 


But I've realized, the most valuable thing BZPower has lost isn't topics, posts, or images. It's the great people who made them: the members.

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My gosh how time passes, well my favorite moment’s in BZP were actually 3:


1) The Leaks in 2014


I remember it like if it were yesterday. In 2014 I joined BZP after seeing a TTV video talking about the site, because of the video I joined BZP literally months before G2 leaks. When the leaks were first posted in BZP I was using a old Dell desktop running Windows XP very slowly. I logged in to my account, and I saw a topic created by a user that did not have a profile pic posting the famous picture of the Bionicle black and white stand, from there I finally saw the community strong again talking about the picture and speculating about G2, to me this was and maybe is the first and last time that I see the Bionicle community as strong as it was in those months.


2) First MOC


In 2014 after G2 was confirmed in social media by LEGO with the floating Ekimu mask I, like everyone was excited to see the sets. When the sets were finally shown in NY Comic Con I was amazed by how good they looked, and I wanted to try to replicate them with the pieces that I had, so finally in the day of Thanksgiving after all the guests left my house I decided to built it. My first version had a Tahu Mata mask with a Metru head holding it attached to Mata Nui’s upper arm piece, with that done I attached the upper Mata Nui arm piece that was holding the head with a blue pin axel to a CCBS black body piece, from there with the pieces that I had I did it’s chest that had its colors literally swapped with the upper part of the chest being red and the rest of it being gold. When I finally finished it I posted it to BZP and after some people commented about the gear function I decided to add it by using Tahu Mata’s body piece and attaching it to it’s back, after that I said to myself that it was done and I changed the picture with the newer one with the gear function. It was fun reading the comments, even the troll that posted in the comments the literal set of Tahu 2015 as his better version of the MOC.


3) BZP Members


A few days after joining BZP I became friends with a old member of the site. He showed me how BZP works, and he also showed me the comic section of the forum and encouraged me when I did my FIRST comic series that was NOT Back to Bionicle. In the forums I also joined groups that were really fun and in those groups I met a lot of people that even in this day i talk to and to be quite honest these people have helped me a lot in the past years in things like my grammar, and problems that I've had with other members in this site. To be quite honest the people of BZP that I've met in these years are my favorite moments in this site.

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I'm just a simple man, trying to make my way in the Matoran Universe

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BZPower helped me through some uncomfortable teenage years, and I have a lot of great memories from my time interacting with the community here:

  • One of the first MOCs I posted here was a giant recreation of a Keelerak head. In retrospect it looked awful, but I remember a MOCer I respected a lot - I think it was Makaru - posted a positive review of it. Obviously it felt good to get kudos from one of my idols, but it also made BZP feel like a welcoming place even for complete noobs such as myself.
  • Lewa11's legendary Quest of the Toa animation project was fascinating, and it's a darn shame it never came to fruition. I also remember how Roa (aka Archinto) started on BZP with her stop-motion animations before becoming known as a MOCer.
  • BBC contests were always exciting, both to enter and to observe. It was always great seeing what my favourite MOCers would come up with. Shannara's Hau statue for BBC 40 and ToM's Skelerahk for BBC 31 spring to mind. I still miss having a new BBC contest to tackle every month or two. (Of course, getting second place with my Dentist's Chair in BBC 71, and then finally winning a contest with my Manas revamp in BBC 73 was pretty sweet too.)
  • I remember briefly getting hooked on SPIRIT's Bionicle film parodies in the Comedies forum - he was (and probably still is) a very entertaining writer.
  • Keeping a blog ('The Surgery') and reading other blogs in the community was fun. I ran a few MOCing contests back in the day - one of which simply asked entrants to post any MOC they'd built before. It got a lot of entries, and Makaru's Fanglyfuss was a worthy winner.
  • I'm glad BZP tried to prevent set leaks, but the whispers of prototype pictures were inevitable, and it was fascinating seeing new sets early (and then comparing them to the finished sets and seeing all the little changes). Avak and Brutaka's prototypes really stick in my head for some reason.
  • I didn't really interact with GregF and the S&T folks much, and in the end the merits of getting the fan community so involved in shaping the canon of Bionicle is debatable, but I can't deny it was fantastic having a member of the story team as an active contributor to the forums. We were a lucky bunch to have him.
  • In general, it was great checking in every day with BZP's community and feeling part of a 'club'. Kopakalaka, Seranikai, Primus, Arpy, -SZ-, Zip, Bundalings, BCii, Shine and CzaR spring to mind as some of my favourite fellow members, and I honestly still miss the ones that have left the site (and Bionicle in general) behind. (Arpy, if you're reading this, reupload all your old MOCs please. We all miss them.)

Thanks for the good times BZPower! You're an cool dude!  :onfire:

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Oh man, my favorite memories- there are so many.


I think some of my favorite moments came from 2006-2007. It helps that those were some of my favorite years of Bionicle, outside of 2001-2003. I remember waking up one morning over my summer break, sitting down at my computer, and seeing "New York Toy Fair 2006" pop up on my screen. I was overjoyed to get to see the new stuff that was revealed, and in turn to discuss it on the forums. I loved every time a new review would come up, because it was always before i'd get a set, and this was the only site that posted reviews of that caliber. When leak discussion was allowed, I can remember all of the great fun I had in speculating and analyzing those leaks with my fellow members, and in turn being proven wrong when real images were released.


Oh here's another memory- Danska's Bionicle Builder. I remember putting those finely crafted pixels together and...well for no real purpose really, it was just fun. I think I'll go and do that again!


Another fond memory comes from more recent times with the return of Bionicle. I had the privilege to join Andrew, Pat, & others in some discussions on the BZP Youtube channel when we had new 2015 and 2016 Bionicle/Star wars sets in hand. Above that, I had the opportunity to co-found the battle For the Gold Mask competition with Andrew & others and received some great chances to talk with members of the Lego team. 


It's been a great journey so far, I can't wait to see what comes next!

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I'd like to add one which is more general than a concrete memory. Back around 2005-2008 I was living in rural Hungary. Bionicle was a big thing even there, with most of my friends from school being fans. Only I spoke English or was internet-savvy at the time, and BZPower was always on top of all the news about new sets and such, with which I impressed said friends frequently. 


Another was in 2015 when I discovered that hey, Bionicle is back and decided to try out whether my old BZP account was still accessible, and it was, and I'm active again ever since. The nostalgic joy of logging back in after ~5 years was quite something.



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:kakama: Stone rocks :kakama:

Model Designer at The LEGO Group. Former contributor at New Elementary. My MOCs can be found on Flickr and Instagram

:smilepohatunu: :smilehuki:

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It's been so long, and my memories of my days in junior high school and early high school are prone to failure... but I'll always have fond memories of how this one comedy writer named Dominus Temporis took pity on me and let me write some guest chapters for his story.  I was bad at it- atrocious, in fact, especially compared to Tempo's work- but he was never shy about letting me contribute, and we even did a direct collaborative story once, working on alternating chapters of a single huge arc.  It's thanks to him that I gained an interest in writing in the first place, and by proxy started taking classes that helped me learn to actually write well.  I don't think I would've done nearly as well as I did in the TLC short story prelims if working with Tempo hadn't given me the spark.  He's basically the reason why almost all of my interests nowadays are geared towards the creative arts.  I hope that someday, I can make contact with him again and thank him.

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It is not for us to decide the fate of angels.

Dominus Temporis, if you're out there, hit me up through one of my contacts.  I've been hoping to get back in touch for a long time now.  (Don't worry, I'm not gonna beg you to bring back MLWTB or something.  :P )

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Oo, I got a few. I remember when I first joined, this place had more stuff than I could could comlrehend. Even though 2013 was well after the 'golden age' of BZP, that one year period after I joined was the golden age of BZP to me. Activity was exploding compared to now. I spent hours at the computer screen scrolling through pages and pages of stories, mocs, theories, comics, games, and so forth. One of these instances that I remember fondly was my discovery of the Dark709 comics, and I'd spend many an hour reading through all of them. To my 11 year old mind, those were comedy gold. I remember closely following Staff Survivor II and the Titans/Monsters Attack on BZ-Koro contest, and participating in my first MakutaFest. I remember participating in various RPGs such as BZPRPG, Trapped in a Map, and the Gangs of Metru Nui, and getting called out for the unintentional bunnying or godmoding or whatever other general noobiness that I inevitably did. I remember sending in dozens of news reports in a desperate attempt to earn proto. Now that I have been OBZPC for a couple years now, I look back on that and cringe..

Sometime after I had been a member for a while I found G&T, where I would come to make a lot of friends and enjoy playing games with them. The mafia games especially stick in my mind. I remember closely following all 40 some pages of Tower of Trepidation hosted by MT Zehvor, the first mafia game I ever played. And of course who could forget sending Vox into space. Good times.

Oh, also all of the leaks preceding the return of bionicle. You could just feel the general excitement of new fans and old alike as everyone anticipated what would come from G2. And who could forget the hype train, the dead meme that was beaten into the ground so much that it died again. Kinda anticlimactic now looking back on it all knowing how much of a flop G2 was, but it was a lot of fun at the time.

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Getting my projects featured on the front page!!! Made me feel like king of the world.


Late nights listening to music and posting songs in the What Are You Listening To Right Now? topic, and playing those CoT games with whichever two or three other members also had nothing better to do. :P 


Seeing reviews for new Bionicle sets. The front page of BZP was always where I first learned about new Bionicle content, and a headline announcing new sets & story was always exhilarating.


Buying and selling sets in B/S/T when I was way to young to handle money. Resulted in a bit of drama at some points but also led to some friendships, or something similar.


Perhaps most of all I enjoyed the countless discussions I participated in in the Bionicle Discussion subforum, and in the official 2015 & 2016 topics. So much speculation and debating and suspense that I've never found in another fandom or community.

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I don't know if I can pick one favorite...


First would be the chance to be on BZP staff. That's been a highlight of my BZP tenure.


Second would be the countless memories made at BrickFair and BrickFest (and the other conventions) with the crazy people that make up this site. I can't imagine the conventions without the community there to make it truly different and special each year.


Speaking of craziness, another memory would be helping build the lenticular mosaics last year in Black Six's basement for ten hours! But it was with friends, we had a great time, and the mosaics turned out better than anyone imagined. Totally worth it!



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Kind of an extended memory, but all the positive reactions to my Battle for Spherus Magna fic-and getting featured to boot-has been great. Considering the literal years I spent planning it out before actually beginning to write, I was quite gratified that my fellow fans enjoyed it.

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Voicing your opinions with tact is the best way to keep a discussion from becoming an argument.
So far as I'm aware, it's pronounced like this: We're ee ah moo.

Check out my Creations:


G1 Battle for Spherus Magna - G2 A Lingering Shadow

Short Stories

G1 Fallen Guardian - G2 Shadows of Past and Future (The Legend Continues Entry) Head of Stone, Heart of Jungle


Mask Hoarder, Desert Scourge

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BZPower has had quite a significant impact on my life, both when I first joined and in more recent years.


Although I had collected Bionicle sets since the very beginning in 2001, I didn't really get interested in the story until around late 2003. Over the following few months, I searched around the internet trying to find out more about the story behind the sets that I continued to collect. I eventually came across BZPower, and what really captured my attention to this site was when I came across a story in the Epics section titled "Time Disruption" written by xccj. I liked that story so much that I wanted to comment on it, so I decided to join BZPower in March of 2004.


I was 13 years old at the time, it was the very first internet forum I had ever joined... and I certainly had a lot to learn. Although "Time Disruption" is what originally brought me here, it is a rather bittersweet memory for me. At one point, so much time had passed since the latest chapter was posted that I simply lost my patience and (in an event I now call my biggest blunder on the internet) I posted an angry reply that even included a profane word, with only the vowel censored in the foolish belief that it would be enough to avoid getting in trouble. Needless to say, I quickly got a warning for my rude behavior, but at least I was smart enough to immediately apologize once I was told that I had done something wrong. Shortly after that, xccj decided to close the review topic on the story and started a new one, due to all the bad behavior going on in the old topic. While I'm pretty sure I was not the only one responsible for that, the fact that I had contributed to those problems left a very big impact on my life in two ways. First, I learned that the use of profanity should never be taken lightly. To this day, I never use any profanity while communicating online, and even in real life I will almost never use profanity (with the exception of extreme anger, which I always do my best to avoid, although not always successful).


The second big lesson I learned from that incident is that all the members here are real people like me, and they all have lives of their own that can often limit what they're able to do online. This is especially true when it comes to writing fanfiction, although it took me some time to fully realize that. I remember announcing big plans to write stories of my own (one idea of mine was a comedy that I wanted to call "The Three Matoran"), but I never went anywhere with any of them. By around late 2007 when my behavior was finally much more mature, I joined another forum and started actually writing a fanfiction of my own. It literally took me years to finish it, and even though I made significant progress on a sequel, I eventually began to lose interest until I finally decided to just discontinue it entirely. I'm sure many people sometimes wonder why some great fanfictions out there end up getting canceled and the author seemingly never shows up again, and now I can say that I know what it's like thanks to personal experience.


Following my big blunder, I didn't really do much on BZPower (my only significant memory from this quiet middle period of mine is that, in 2007's vote for a new chronicler to replace Hahli, I had voted for Taipu (the winner ended up being Kopeke)). Then by late 2012 (as stated in my signature) I decided to log in, update my profile, and go back to visiting this site every day. Among the first things I did was come across a topic in the Completely Off Topic section about that new My Little Pony show I had heard about, and after reading through all the pages of it, I started getting interested, and long story short, BZPower was once again responsible for getting me into a new fandom, one that I am still quite involved with to this day. (The down side to that is that the big promises I had made for a new beginning for me on BZPower turned out to be short lived.)


The circumstances that finally gave me a somewhat regular participation here on BZPower all started with when The Lego Movie came out. I had liked the movie so much that I decided to play the video game, once I got a chance to purchase a copy. I then liked the video game so much that, when Black Six offered to show us him playing that game on this new thing called Twitch Tuesday, I decided to watch it. I ended up liking those live streams so much that, when he moved on to other Lego games I had previously had no interest in, I decided to keep on watching. I then ended up liking these other Lego video games so much that, once a big sale came along, I purchased just about every Lego game available on Steam, with plans to eventually play them all. As of right now, I have still not yet gotten the chance to play any of them, but I still plan on getting around to it. I hope to be finally finished With Civilization V (a game I have been playing for almost five years now) by the end of this year, and then I can finally begin trying all these Lego video games.


So that's the story of how BZPower has had an impact on my life. Who knows what lies ahead for me in relation to this site, but I do know one thing is for certain: I will always remember BZPower for the rest of my life.

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Formerly known as Takanuva's Symbol, I rejoined BZPower on October 10, 2012.

These days, I am perhaps best known for my obsession with all Lego video games.

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Being on staff was pretty cool, and helping compile the original staff history topic, along with other behind-the-scenes stuff was nice.


My favorite memories are not on the site itself but the connections I've made through the site into real life. I've been able to interact with people I never would've met otherwise. It's mostly on Facebook, but I've had the chance to meet other BZPers in real life. I went to a couple of weddings for BZPower members; in fact, it's how I several in person. I like to say that a wedding is a perfect place for LEGO fans to meet, because LEGO means "I put together" in one language.


Probably one of my funniest moments was at one of the weddings when I met Lady Kopaka for the first time and was introduced by my real name, then my BZPower name. She was sitting when we met, but when she learned my BZPower name, she stood up pretty quickly. Of all the BZPers I've met, I think she's the only one who responded that way. It was an interesting moment, since I don't consider myself some sort of celebrity or throw my name around as if it carries some sort of weight.


©1984-2017 Toaraga EAM

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COT Official Topics | Trade References | COT RPG Guidelines | Truth | A Naming Day Carol | Stars Review The trouble with the status quo is that it keeps changing."College dropout, Shego: they let me in; I let myself out." -Dr. Drakken No great feat was ever accomplished by those who gave into fear or caved under pressure. Earthquakes in many places.|| Busy with life

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I have a few favorite memories from BZP, and here they are in no particular order:


1. Finding BZP back in 2006. I was looking for photos of the newly revealed Vezon and Fenrakk set when I saw a post somewhere on Bionicle.com saying they were on a site called BZPower. I checked it out, and kept visiting for the next four years before finally becoming a member.


2. Having my entry win in the second Thousand Years Untold contest. I'm still not sure if it is considered 100% canon these days, but I'm still happy that it won. :)


3. There were, and still are, comedies in the Comedy Forum that I thought were great. I remember reading the Bionicles Try to Run a House series and really enjoying it. I also really liked the comedies from Lewa0111 Nuva and SPIRIT. They always put a smile on my face. 


4. Joining the BZPGOT for both its first and second seasons, as well as the current BZPBM going on right now. I've made some good memories playing those games. 


5. I've also had some great times in the other games in the Games and Trivia Forum. Like accidentally helping turn the Steal the Mask 2 game from awhile ago into a sort of RPG for example. :P The Mafia games have been a lot of fun too IMO. 


Those are some of my fondest memories from BZP. Here's to making many more. B-) 

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Everyone is one choice away from being the bad guy in another person's story.



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