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Gali- Toa of Water


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I realized with the last few posts I had made, I gave you guys HUGE info dumps about the characters and their background, and after seeing other info dump post on the internet, I'm SOO sorry I just loaded everything on you at once! Please forgive me DX

From now on, all the large details will be placed either on my Patreon site (which is free to read) or in my journal on Deviant Art.

I change the style again, since I really want to emphasize the size and shape differences between each character. :)
I think what really helped me flesh out how I wanted Gali to look was thinking more in terms of "feeling" rather than just straight esthetics or tribal design - especially when it came to incorporating her personality, temperament, and element (water) into how she looks.
I think this was the  most challenging part of her redesign- shaping her overall design based on these elements- and her body type.

And Gali is a curvy lady! (with like, no boobs.)

So I decided to look into how to dress for pear-shaped bodies, focusing more on details on the top half of her body rather than the bottom. I've also added some shell armour for her (since she is still a Toa after all!), including a conch arm shield and shell shoulder guard.

Normally I'd be posting with her mask on, but I wanted you to see what her face looks like before I slap that sucker on there. The mask picture will be posed in DA my journal for now.

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sidenote: reminds me of moana

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                                           S    Q       U    I       D     M     A     S     T     E    R


check out my imgur gallery for bionicle photography: https://mahatparthiban.imgur.com/all/

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Whoa, I must have missed this but it's really, really nice! She looks gorgeous and has a really stylish outfit with lots of great details (I definitely get some Moana vibes from it). The neck tattoos are really cool looking, and the shell armor and axe help her feel as tough as she is elegant. I also love her sort of sly facial expression. Fantastic work! I hope you continue to share more Bionicle drawings here in the future!


Why would you make a human version of Gali? She is meant to be a mechanical Toa of Water.

You must not have been in the Bionicle community for all that long (or at least not the fan art side of it), because people have been drawing human versions of Bionicle characters for years and years! Not always quite this well, but it's a fun thing to think about sometimes, you know?

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