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Hahli- Kohlii Champion


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I originally wanted to draw Hahli and Macku together in order to contrast how different they are, but I ran out of space with what I wanted to do. (Maybe in a different piece later on :P)

Anywho, I wanted to experiment by drawing Hahli in a more dynamic pose instead of just standing there with her Kohlii stick. I've mostly just drawn figure profiles from this point, and I knew I wouldn't be able to branch out artistically unless I tried to do something new and different (which was kind of intimidating at first).
But now that I've started to get a feel for it, I'm very excited to be showing more character and personality through body language.

And for Hahli, I wanted to show that she is very sporty and athletic, but also still very pretty and fashionable without being dainty. She has an aggressive and competitive streak for sure, but it usually only shows itself in the arena.

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Wow, this picture is dynamic. The diagonal motion of the picture really works well with the left foot positioning, it really gives the impression of her propelling herself sideways from the ground.


Nicely done!


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