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Unification <- here is the text itself.


I've been toying with the idea of starting writing an epic here on BZPower for a very long time now, and finally took the dive. My delay was mainly due to not being able to pick from the many stories in my mind to actually put out here, not having time to do so and finally being anxious as to its quality and reception. 


I have finally settled on one of my concepts, though it might be too lengthy and ambitious to see through. Nonetheless, I hope I'll be able to finish what I started with this. Picking this subject is a strange move from me, since I generally hold the opinion that Bionicle should have taken a very different approach post-2008. I would have cut out the setting-change entirely, either continuing the story within the GSR focusing on the struggle against Makuta's reign, or wrapping things up by having the Toa Nuva succeed in awakening Mata Nui, and starting a whole new inside-the-GSR storyline in 2009.


Nevertheless, Bara and Spherus Magna is what we got, and I wanted this story to potentially fit into the established lore. Setting it so far into the future is a choice I made to allow for it to fit into said canon while still being able to introduce new concepts, with much of that time being missing history. The setting of the story is set up so that rampant historical revisionism had clouded the picture of the past, which is why the things some of the characters "know" doesn't align with the canon - simply put, they don't know the truth of what happened.


Bionicle was never really allowed to be bleak or tackle darker themes due to being a child-oriented property, so some of the things Unification will deal with may seem out of place, but I implemented the vast leap in time to make it feel more authentic nonetheless. This is planned to be a really long story, spanning various settings and characters, and even paralell storylines. I just hope I'll actually manage to get through it all!


Naturally, I'm very interested in hearing the thoughts and comments of the readers.



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wow that was really cool I only got about half way but I sill really enjoyed it!

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