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BZP Realms Discussion


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On May 6th 2016 Voltex introduced BZPower to a new world of game play.
That would BZPower's realms.

What is BZPower's realms?
This game format is special because the game revolves around the players and their actions. There are no strick roles that have to be followed. If you want to turn on your faction you can the possibilities are endless for what you can do.
This topic is to archive links to past games and plan new ones. If someone wishes to create a new series or release a new season to their game post they can post it here directly or post a link to a blog entry.

Here is a rough idea on how the game type works that I have quoted from Voltex's BZPGOT S1.

The game will last for ten “rounds”, known as “episodes”. Several key mechanics of the game are explained below – but I cannot stress enough that the game’s open nature truly does leave many things open to interpretation or manipulation (or even in some cases, being able to be outright ignored).

If you have any questions about whether a move you want to make is legal or not, simply shoot me a private PM to ask. If a move is impossible to make, I will make sure to let you know.

Of course, before what you do can be explained, I need to explain how you do it.

Every player will make their moves for each round via PM, of which there are two kinds – OFFICIAL and BACKDOOR.

An Official PM is any PM that involves me, the host; moves made in Official PMs are the only ones that will be included in the scenes for each episode, which means that they are the only moves that will actually occur. If you want to kill another player, or bar them access to your region, that would have to take place in an Official PM. The upside to Official PMs is obvious – it is how you make things happen! The downside is that everyone will be aware of what occurs in these PMs.

A Backdoor PM, then, is any PM (or other method of communication) that I, the host, am not a part of. Anything said or done in these PMs will not be included in the scenes, which means that they will not technically occur; in this way, the downside is obviously that your abilities are limited. You cannot kill someone (or take other such drastic actions) in a Backdoor PM. But they do allow you to operate behind the scenes where I and others cannot see, and this can allow you to set up plans that might take several episodes to come to fruition.


Each episode, if travelling, players can move from one region to an adjacent one each round. Someone in the Fire Region could travel to the Earth Region, Jungle Region, or Ancient City in Episode 1, but would have to wait until Episode 2 to continue their journey elsewhere. The Ancient City can be reached from any region and likewise has access to all six regions.

Travel will most commonly be done by each region’s DIPLOMAT, although any player can do it. Travel is most often done either on orders or with permission from a region’s RULER; doing so otherwise will often bring about less than desirable consequences.

Communication is probably going to be the primary action that most of you will make in each round, done through both backdoor and official channels.

Other Actions
There are a variety of other actions that one might decide to take in a round. Perhaps you want to keep someone silent for a little while. Perhaps you want them to be silenced permanently. Perhaps you discover some new information, and this knowledge requires you to make moves not listed here.

I have not thought of everything, for that would be impossible – and I will keep an open mind. If you have thought of an action to take that has not been mentioned, run it by me first if you are uncertain, and I will be able to inform you of whether it would be possible.

List of Series

Season 1
Season 2
Created by Voltex
Hosted by Voltex

Season 1
Created by Pulse
Hosted by Pulse, Vox Edited by Chief TimeLord of Tesara

Hey I got a Flickr because I like making LEGO stuff.


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I don't think a topic like this is really relevant at this time.


I know it doesn't look like it, but there was a lot of build up to the Mafia Discussion Topic. At that time, Mafia (and the 'Third Age' wth it) was the biggest it had ever been on the site, with several games pushing past 30 - and even 40 - pages.


We were also wary of losing the games themselves and wanted to keep track of them. The Mafia Wiki was our first attempt at this, though with only a few people consistently updating it fell by the wayside.


When the idea first came up, we spent time discussing the idea in the games that were running at the time, and we discussed it off-site as well. There might have even been a blog post but don't quote me there. After most of the playerbase had given their input, we decided a discussion topic would be worth it.


Then we took it to Windrider, who was the G&T staff member at the time. I sent her a message asking for approval; if she had said no, the topic never would have materialized. But she said yes, so the topic was born, and we've had a central hub for the series ever since.


I'm not sure if this topic you've made has staff approval, but the biggest issue here is, I think, the lack of discussion with the other players and hosts of these games beforehand (which is somewhat ironic, considering how important communication is in these games). I agree that somewhere down the road a central discussion topic for these games might be nice, but I don't think right now is the time.


There have only been three games so far, two of which were hosted by me. I'd say once one or two more have been run, the idea could then be brought up for discussion with the players. But if they don't believe it's necessary, then we don't even bother asking the staff for approval about it.


Anyway, that's my two cents.

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Far point Voltex.

I'll get it shut down.




I only made this because I felt like such complicated games that can't over lap needed a planning topic.

As you said we can always make one for the future if needed.

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Hey I got a Flickr because I like making LEGO stuff.


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Voltex's post really says it all, but I'll do a quick recap of the two most important points:


1) If a game works fine without a discussion topic, then it should be kept that way. Multiplying topics makes a game less accessible to newcomers, and most G&T games never get big enough to need an out-of-game hub anyway. The Mafia games were a special case: they grew so big that a discussion topic actually made them more accessible and easy to manage.


2) A game will only open a discussion topic with both player and staff approval.


It's a good idea! But let's take a look at it in the future when the game is bigger. :)


Topic closed.

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