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The Bohrok Wars (Alternative Timeline)


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So While at work, I had an hour to think about the Original Bohrok Story line, and I decided to outline my own Tweak to it to make it a little more War-Like/darker

The following is just an outline, so there may be plot holes, new concepts that go against the original story, as well as some areas in need of expanding. Any suggestions are appreciated.

"The Bohrok Wars Alternative Timeline"



- The Toa Mata defeat Teridax the same way as the in the original version. They appear on Kini-Nui and everything is as it was: a paradise. There is no sounds of destruction, no screaming Matoran, Only peace.
- Weeks go by, and the Villages thrive. The Toa Mata begin to explore more of the Island and test their abilities even further. They slowly begin to develop abilities they once thought undoable. 
- A single earthquake created by Onua reaches a dark Cavern Beneath the Island...A single Tahnok Va awkens and emerges from a small chamber. It makes it's way to the surface to see the Island as it is. It returns to the nest to find a room with two sleeping giants. "it is time." a dark voice echoes throughout the cavern. Next to the creatures lies a whole in the shape of a Tahnok Shield. The Tahnok Va presses it's head into the wall, and a line of light shines from the hole. It travels across the floor until it reaches the two sleeping giants, the Bahrag. Gahdok's eyes open...
-"The Day Mata Nui Stood Still." A massive earthquake shook the island, as six entrances were created out of the earth. Six breeds of Bohrok emerged. The Bohrok began their attack. Two matoran exploring the icy coast of Ko-Wahi run into a group of Tahnok...they never returned home.
- The Toa and Matoran are quick to notice the new creatures attacking their homes. They try to fight individually with their new powers but sustain heavy casualties to each region. Matoran are killed. The turaga are injured. The Toa Retreat to Kini-Nui with the Turaga, The Matoran fortifiy each village and prepare for attacks. The Boxors are built. 
-The legend of the Bohrok is revealed, as well as the way to defeat them. It Takes two weeks for the Toa to keep the Bohrok at bay while collecting the eight breeds of Krana. During this period, Lewa, Tahu, and Onua briefly are taken control of by a Krana. The Original Onu-Koro is destroyed, Ko-Koro is badly damaged, and Ga-Koro sinks beneath the waves. Po-Koro and Ta-Koro are the only ones left Standing. Le-Koro is still intact, but for about a week is under the control of the Krana.
-Once the Toa Collect all the Krana, they enter the nest similarly to the original story. They Receive their Exo-toa Armor and shed them as well. But as they combine their powers to trap the Bahrag, they find themselves teleported to the surface. They realize what has happened and begin to make their way back to the nest. We find Teridax in a frail body, exhausted from the mental effort of teleporting six toa a few miles away. The Bahrag are furious. They trigger the release of the Kal as a fail-safe. With one more Mental blast, Teridax shifts the landscape around the nests to hide the entrances. He collapses. For now. 
-The Kal reach the surface and challenge the Toa Mata. They easily Defeat the Mata and if it were not for the quick thinking of Pohatu, the Kal would have been victorious. The Toa retreat to Kini-nui. The Kal gather the swarms and begin to push across the Island. They destroy anything and anyone.
-Artahka sits in his throne room and finishes his newest creations. six new powerful masks with a hidden secret in each. He teleports them to the Island of Mata-Nui and shares a vision of their power with Turaga Vakama.
-Turaga Vakama shares his Vision of the Nuva Masks with the Toa Mata. Using their Golden Masks, the Toa Mata set off to find these Nuva masks, while the Matoran defend the villages. The Mata battle many Bohrok along their journey.
-Each Toa finds their nuva mask, and when removing their golden mask and placing the Nuva Mask on, they are enveloped in a bubble of proterdermis that leaks out of each mask. The Golden mask changes back to their original color and singular power, then vanishes from sight. Each Mata mask finds themselves appearing before a matoran from each Koro: Matoro, hewki, Kongu, Jaller, hali, and Nuparu. The Matoran hide the masks where no one will find them.
-The Toa find themselves changing into Toa Nuva. 6 Nuva Symbols appear in the Suva's of each Toa. The Toa soon find their powers have increased.
-The Toa Nuva regroup to Challenge the Kal. With their new increased power, they defeat each Kal and destroy the krana that controls them. They then venture into the nest (having been found with the help of Kopaka's enhanced mask of vision) and finally seal away the Bahrag. The Krana become inactive, and the Bohrok fall still.
-Six Bohrok Va 'manage to escape' the Toa Nuva and Matoran as they gather up all the Krana. They retreat into the catacombs beneath Mata-nui to where the Kal had originally come from. There, they retreave six new Krana Kal and return to the Bohrok Kal.
-The Kal soon discover that the Nuva Symbols hold the key to releasing the Bahrag and the Nuva's powers (Through a little telepathy from Teridax). While the Nuva repair Kini-Nui, the Kal attack and steal the Nuva Symbols, robbing the Toa Nuva of their powers. While on their way to return to the Nest, Teridax interveins again. He places the image of the original Kanohi Mata and the idea of sealing away the Toa Nuva permanently into the minds the Kal, in order to exact revenge. The Kal split up and find the six Kanohi masks, while being pursued by the powerless Toa Nuva. They regroup outside Kini-nui and defeat the Toa Nuva. Kohrok-Kal almost kills Onua, but is stopped when reminded that "to be sealed away is a much worse fate than mearly death. Let Mata nui condemn their actions." Kopaka nuva is the only one to hear this before passing out. 

-When the toa come to, the Kal are gone. They locate the Nest and find the Bahrag. After defeating the Exo-Toa, the Bohrok enter the chamber of the Bahrag. There they find the Nuva Cube, and around it six slits where the Kanohi masks go. After placing the masks, they slide away to reveal 6 canister holes in the ground. The Kal sense the Toa Nuva's approach and move towards the cube to free the Bahrag. 

-The Toa nuva attempt to attack the Kal, but to no avail. A force Field appears around the Kal as they complete their mission. Kopaka eyes the six holes around the cube when a bolt of lightning flashes out and engulfs him. It drags him down into the hole where it seals shut with a echoing click. 

-Pohatu, Onua and Lewa fall victim to the same lightning bolts and are sealed away. As Tahu is being dragged down, Gali has made her way out of reach. Tahu Summons the Vahi and uses his last remaining strength to throw it to Gali. He instructs her to save the future and is sealed away. 

-The Kal finish their mission, the Bahrag are freed, and Gali feels her elemental powers completely disappear. She stares at the Vahi, and escapes the nest out into the harsh sunlight of Po-Wahi. She hears the echoing stomps of Bohrok behind her and knows what she must do. Placing the Vahi on her face, she turns back time and disappears into the past. 

-Gali finds herself watching the toa emerge from the Bohrok nest celebrating their initial defeat over the Kal. She sees her past self with her brothers. She activates her newly acquired mask of speed (found between the ending of the bohrok and the second coming of the Kal) and races towards Ga-Koro. 

-Gali comes across Turaga Nokama, and after convincing her of the alternate timeline, she shows Nokama the Vahi. Nokama believes her, as she knows that Tahu currently possess the mask of time. Gali informs her of the Kal being revived, finding their original Mata masks and stealing their nuva symbols. Nokama and Gali agreed that the Toa must find their Mata masks so that they wouldn't be sealed away, and let the Kal steal the nuva symbols in order to have the best chance of defeating them. Nokama gives Gali a familiar mask of stealth. "You must not be seen, but you must ensure the survival of the toa. But if they are successful, you will not exist."

-Nokama approaches the Toa-Nuva and Turaga at Kini-nui and congratulates the toa. She reports that the stars have revealed their original masks have been reborn, and in order to ensure the continuation of Toa, the Nuva must set out to find them. (the Nuva are unaware that six matoran had received their Mata masks and hid them around the island for safe keeping) The other turaga are skeptical, but say nothing until the Toa have embarked. Nokama fills in her brothers on Future Gali's story, and the other turaga agree. Future Gali appears before the Turaga. All six turaga agree, that in order to defeat the Kal, the Nuva symbols will be the key. Future Gali agrees to follow the toa and provide assistance as needed. 

-The Kal again steal the Nuva Symbols, but find themselves too late from finding the original mata masks. The Nuva set off after the Kal to retrieve their symbols. Teridax, unknowing that the Nuva have retrieved their original masks, attempts to meddle and plants the thought of the masks into the minds of the Kal. When they find the location where Pohatu's mask had been, they find it to be gone. Angered, they continue to search for the Bahrag.

-The Nuva and the Kal clash on the dunes of Po-Wahi. The Kal now have no reason to keep the toa alive, and before they can deliver a killing blow, Future Gali summons a tsunami to engulf the kal and sweep them away. Present Gali watches her future self approach before passing out.

-Present Gali awakes to a strange looking version of herself. Future Gali keeps it brief, and tells her of her theory about how to use the symbols to defeat the Kal. As the other toa stir, she disappears heading back towards Ga-Wahi to await her fait. 

-The Nuva follow the Kal into the nest, where the Kal have defeated the Exo-Toa and are currently shielded around the Nuva Cube. Tahu activates the mask of time. Present Gali remembers what her future self told her, and encourages her brothers to reach out towards their symbols. The power turns out to be too much for the Kal and each fall to their own power. The Bahrag remain asleep and the Toa's power return.

-Future Gali feels her body beginning to fade, the Vahi has already disappeared. more and more her body turns into swirling energy and soon their is nothing left except the mask of stealth resting on the great kanohi statue above Ga-Koro. 

-As the Nuva exit the Nest one last time, Gali sense a small swirl of energy "reconnect" with her. She suddenly feels a vision of Future Gali's fate, her adventure, and her destiny. She nods towards Tahu and replies "that mask, is more powerful than you realize brother." Tahu laughs and the Nuva head back towards their villages. The Nuva place their Mata masks into their Suva's and the Nuva symbol absorb the masks, turning into a replica of the Kanohi Nuva. Each Toa picks up their replica mask and places it onto their face, merging their old power with their new ones.


A beam of light flys into the sky, heading towards the great volcano, where a particular stone totem awaits it's master to come and claim it. It absorbs the light from the Six Suvas and waits...


-The Bohrok War is official over. 



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