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Just something quick I made today to celebrate RWBY's fifth season.  I started building the gauntlets and it all kinda went downhill from there...





Inside of gauntlet


Anyhow, comments, critiques, and similar jazz are appreciated.  Hope you're all hyped for another season of punching monsters in the face and terrible puns!


(Also take a look at KZN02's version of Nora and her hammer, it's pretty sweet: here)



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Mask of Strength is a nice choice for Yang, though I think if there were red pins in Ember Celica it would better match the ammunition belt.


Thanks for the mention of my Blazing Crystal Magnhild.

Well... I can see where you're coming from... and I have a bunch of red pin-axle things and cordaks I could've used.  I don't know, I really love the .22 shells.  They make the most satisfying noise, when you pop the gauntlets open and they all spill out.  Maybe I should've made one gauntlet with red ammo and the other with the shells?


As for the mention, no problem!

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Mr Handman has a some valid points. The hair in particular.

You should try swapping the head with a toa metru head and use this piece inside the metru head a for a extra connector hole for hair but get rid of the yellow wing piece, it looks very uneven for hair.


and it's a good rule of thumb to use one of these to cover up balljoint holes when possible, on the bohrok foot in her chest with one of these in black it's good for covering holes not in use.

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