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Scariest Bionicle characters? 2


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Hi, guys! Since Halloween is coming, which Bionicle character do you guys think is the scariest? For me, here's my list:

1. The Bahrag

2. 2003 Makuta Teridax

3. Ultimate Dume

4. The Kardas Dragon

5. Gadunka

6. The 2008 Makuta

7. Tuma

8. Vorox

9. The Skopio living creature that Mata Nui faced in The Legend Reborn

10. The Lord of Skull Spiders

11. Umarak the Hunter/Destroyer

12. The Barraki

13. The Piraka

14. Karzahni

15. The Kraata from Mask of Light


So, what about you guys?:)

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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The matoran from Mask of light

I thought they were pretty cute in a pitiful non-human sort of way. I'd say the Rahkshi from MoL where far more scary, Germany can tell you that much, as Germany actually banned any scenes with the Rahkshi's headcase opening for the German release.
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I'm surprised Roodaka didn't make the list. She freaked me out when I first read that story of how she mutated Nidhiki. Right out of a horror story. :P


But for the scariest character, I think Irnakk should be mentioned since he literally brings his victims fear to life!


And honorable mention goes to the Turahk! :P

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It honestly depends on how you look at it...when it comes to physical looks, the Barraki, particularly Takadox. Of course, the Rahkshi look rather creepy as well. From a psychological standpoint though, I'd say the Visorak play on the primal, instinctive fear of spiders. The Bohrok and Vahki also reach into that psychological fear of that which is unstoppable. The Bohrok, and especially the Vahki, are much like the Terminator. Programmed for one mission...will not stop until destroyed, and are hard to destroy. Of course, the Rahkshi may have to take the cake in psychological terms due to being literal manifestations of invisible forces of destruction. Things you can feel, but not see...but then the Rahkshi gives these forces a face, and that face is far from pretty. So I think that after some quick analysis, it's safe to say that the Rahkshi and Barraki are definitely rather scary. 

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It honestly depends on how you look at it...when it comes to physical looks, the Barraki, particularly Takadox.


Takadox does have that freaky, lipless smile going on, but I always found Pridak and Mantax to be a bit creepier. Maybe it's those wide-set eyes they have.


That being said, I agree that it really depends on what an individual person finds scary. If we're talking straight up horror-scary, I don't think there was much in Bionicle. Tren Krom, maybe, being the Lovecraft shout out. If it's more "this person/thing could very easily kill whoever they want" kind of scary, there's quite a few. Pretty much any Makuta, although I think Icarax has the matching personality to fit that kind of terrifying killer. I always found his efficient and brutal killing of Botar to be pretty chilling. It's too bad that he never really reached that level in the main 2008 story, but I can see why that kind of brutality had to be toned down for a Lego toy line.


And then of course there's the all too real world scary of good intentions leading to tragic results, which was realized pretty darn well in the Dark Mirror story.

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Either the movie incarnations of the Visorak or Rahkshi. I always thought "Jesus H. Christ, they put this in a kid's movie?" even as a kid. I woulda loved to see how spoopy the Barraki would look in movie form.

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