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Lost Forgotten Souls


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lostforgottensouls2.jpg CHAPTER 1: IN THE BEGINNING ----------------- Bitil: HELP ME I’M GOING TO EXPLODE Ehlek: :blink: Takadox: Bitil, what are you talking about? Bitil: I said HELP ME I’M GOING TO EXPLODE Takadox: … Bitil: In large capital letters? Takadox: … Bitil: Hey, Avak. Avak: Ay, laddie? Bitil: What do people who are about to explode do? Avak: Erm… I really dunno, lad, but I would suspect that they would run about in circles and scream. Bitil: *gets up and starts running around in circles* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Takadox: Avak, was that really necessary? Avak: :biggrin: Yes. Bitil: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Antroz: *leaps up and smacks Bitil with a frying pan* Antroz: Hooray for frying pans! Random People In Background: Hooray! Krika: Ummm… Excuse me, guys, but aren’t we supposed to actually do something today? Vhisola: We’re making a comedy, I think. Ehlek: What’s that entail? Vhisola: Well, let’s see. *flips through the latest edition of “Comedies for Dummies”* Well, it says here that we need lots of action hijinx, slapstick humor, witty commentaryand random interjections of randomness. Bitil: YOURS IS THE DRILL THAT SHALL PIERCE THE HEAVENS Ehlek: :blink: Vhisola: Randomness, check. Antroz: *Smacks Bitil with a golf club* Antroz: Hooray for 4 irons! Random People In Background: Hooray! Vhisola: Slapstick, check. Takadox: This is really dumb. Vhisola: Who asked you? Takadox: Nobody. Nobody: Yo. Vhisola: Wait, what? Who? Nobody: It’s me! Nobody! Vhisola: How can you be nobody? You have to be somebody! Nobody: No, I’m Nobody. Vhisola: Well, you must be somebody! I can hear you talking! Who are you? Nobody: NOBODY! Vhisola: YOU CAN’T BE NOBODY! Nobody: Forget this, I’m leaving. *Nobody walks away* Krika: *looks up* If nobody left, why did you say anything? Takadox: *facepalm* Ehlek: *looks over Vhisola’s shoulder* I think that counts for “witty commentary”. What else? Vhisola: It says “action hijinx”, but I don’t know where… *suddenly, the wall is smashed by a giant grey figure* Hydraxon: Mwahahaha! I have broken into your fortress! I shall now begin to conquer your studio! Random People In Background: Gasp! Krika: We live in a studio? I never knew that! Cool! Bitil: MY LIFE IS A LIE! *has a nervous breakdown* Avak: Och, be quiet, you oversized brakas monkey. *punches Hydraxon in the face* Hydraxon: Unph! *falls on his back* Random People In Background: Hooray! Krika: Who are those people? Avak: :shrugs: I dunno. Vhisola: Well! That about wraps it up. Thanks everyone! Krika: What? Takadox: That’s all? Vhisola: Yup. Takadox: Seriously? There was no plot, nothing interesting happened, it was just a random sequence of random jokes! Vhisola: *shrugs* so? Takadox: Nobody’s going to like this! We’ll be squashed so quick you won’t be able to blink! Nobody even knows why we’re here! I mean, I don’t even know why we’rehere! We at least need a plot of some sort. Vhisola: *opens her book* Sorry. “Plots and Intelligent Comedy” isn’t until chapter five. Guess we’ll have to wait! Krika: What about prose writing? Vhisola: :lol: Silly bear, that’s not until Chapter 34. Ehlek: :blink: Avak: *smacks Ehlek* Will you stop it with the blinking already? Vhisola: *looks at watch* Well, as much as I’d love to stay and chat, I have a class in fifteen minutes, so if you’ll excuse me… Takadox: But… wait! We don’t know where to go! I have no clue how I got here! What do we do? Bitil: DO A BARREL ROLL Ehlek: :blink: Antroz: *smacks Bitil with… I don’t know, a dictionary?* Antroz: Hooray for… Dictionaries? Random People In Background: Hooray! Avak: What is with those people? Do they have no life? Takadox: *sulking in corner* This stinks. This REALLY stinks. --------------------- I was third then. No need to be mean about it :P Nope, I was the first; you were the third. THEM'S THE BREAKS. -Smeag Edited by Zerothemaster
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Repost from HiPor, right?

eeyup. Which was a repost from here. (Can you mention that site? Has BZP repealed that rule?) BUT NOW I CAN POST: CHAPTER 2: SOMETHING IS REVEALED Takadox: *sobbing* Oh, Mata Nui! What have I done to deserve this? I was never that bad of a person! Well, if you disregard the mass murder… and the “rebel against the robot” fad… and that little tyrant fling that I had back in ’86… If you forget that, I’ve been a really good guy most of my life! So why am I stuck here, in an abandoned studio with a bunch of total freaks? Ehlek: I think I’m insulted. Takadox: I could have had power! Money! Friends! What did I do that stuck me here? Bitil: *puts his hand on Takadox’s shoulder* I think I have some helpful advice for you, friend. Takadox: *looks up* What? Bitil: *twitches* HEY LISTEN Takadox: Say what? Bitil: HEY LISTEN HEY LISTEN HEY LISTEN Takadox: I’m listening! Get on with it! Bitil: HEY LISTEN HEY LISTEN HEY LISTEN HEY LISTEN HEY LISTEN HEY LISTEN HEY LISTEN HEY LISTEN HEY LISTEN HEY LISTEN HEY LISTEN HEY LISTEN HEY LISTEN HEY LISTEN Takadox: <_< Ehlek: :blink: Avak: This is really sad. Antroz: *smacks Bitil with a macbook* Antroz: Hooray for Apple! Random People In Background: Hooray! Krika: MY COMPUTER! MY THOUSAND DOLLAR COMPUTER! Antroz: Thousand dollars? You need to learn how to spend less. Krika: It’s a great computer! AND YOU RUINED IT! Antroz: No I didn’t! It’s as good as new! See?*hands the badly smashed computer to Krika* Krika: There’s a giant, Bitil shaped dent in the screen. Antroz: But it still works. Krika: The middle of the screen doesn’t show anything. Antroz: But it still works. Krika: No, it doesn’t. Antroz: I hear it whirring. Krika: That doesn’t mean that it’s working. Bitil: I remembered what I was going to say! Takadox: What? Bitil: DO A BARREL ROLL! Takadox: <_< Bitil: What? It’s good advice! Vhisola: Hey guys! Avak: Vhisola! Ehlek: You’re back! Vhisola: Of course! Why wouldn’t I be? Takadox: WHY DID YOU ABANDON ME? Vhisola: I didn’t! I had a class! Antroz: That took two days? Vhisola: … Well, I didn’t come right back. Krika: We’re starving! Vhisola: There’s a fridge with food. Why didn’t you get any from there? Ehlek: Yeah, Krika, why didn’t you? Krika: … You mean you knew about it? Ehlek: Yeah. You were busy playing games. Krika: My dark yellow mage is almost level 658! You can’t ignore something like that! Ehlek: :blink: Vhisola: Unfortunately, I can’t. Bitil: Hey Vhisola! Vhisola: What? Bitil: *Trollface* REMEMBAH ME? Vhisola: <_< Krika: *looks up* That emote has been used far too much. Avak: Is there somethin’ we could actually accomplish today? Vhisola: Yes! I brought our producer to meet you! Takadox: Our what? Krika: Is it edible? Vhisola: No. He’s the guy who shows our comedy to the world! Antroz: What comedy? Vhisola: Shush. I’ll bring him in. *leaves**comes back in with Tahu* Vhisola: Guys, this is Tahu. He’s our producer. Tahu: Hello, peasants! Ehlek: Pheasants? Bitil: Are they the ones that go “quack”? Avak: No. Bitil: Darn. Tahu: It’s quite nice to meet you all. I would have come earlier if I wasn’t so insanely popular that I couldn’t fit it into my schedule. Sorry about that. Takadox: So you show our… comedy… to the world? Tahu: Yes. Your idea was the best we had! So, we went with it. Antroz: What was the idea? Tahu: That we take a bunch of characters who appeared for one year and drop them together in one studio for comedic purposes! Antroz: Oh. Tahu: We needed something electric after “The Toa Mahri become Florists” and “The Toa Mata meet Bob Smith Jr, Auto Mechanic” flopped. Ehlek: I see. Avak: But why were just we selected? Pridak: Yeah! Zaktan: What about us! The Six Rahkshi: *singing* Why, oh why, were we not selected? (not se-lec-ted!) Tahu: We had a rigorous meeting to decide which seven to use. *BEGIN FLASHBACK* Tahu: Now, Pohatu, after I blindfold you, put your hand in the bowl and grab seven names! Pohatu: Sure! Gali: This is so exciting! *END FLASHBACK* Tahu: Very rigorous. Bitil: PINGAS Ehlek: :blink: Avak: sigh… quite a team you chose. Antroz: *accidentally smacks Avak with a CD case* Antroz: Hooray for… oh, dear. Sorry, Avak. Random People In Background: Hoo… uh, what? Avak: SORRY? YOU POKED MY EYE! I’LL SHOW YOU SORRY! Avak: *Aims large gun that randomly appeared out of thin air at Antroz* Antroz: Eep! Hydraxon: *Smashes through wall behind Antroz* Haha! I have armored my face! I can stand against your challenge! Avak: *Fires* Antroz: *ducks* Hydraxon: WHAT THE H- *Hit by explosive shot* EEEEEEEEEEEHHHHOOOOAAAARRRRRGGHHH Avak: …. Oops. Bitil: :( Hey! I’m the meme king around here! *shakes fist at air where Hydraxon flew towards* TAKE THAT BACK, YOU RUNNING GAG STEALER! Takadox: Yes, quite an interesting team indeed. Tahu: Stunning! Marvelous! Amazing! That’s the stuff that sells! Avak: Death and destruction? Tahu: Yes! Krika: What is this world coming to? Tahu: Well, I think I’m just ruining your creative energy! So, excuse me as I leave! *leaves* Ehlek: I have a creative energy? Bitil: All my dreams have come true! :biggrin: Krika: What now? Avak: :shrugs: Vhisola: Wait for the next chapter, of course! Takadox: WHAT? Vhisola: Um… what’s wrong, Takadox? Takadox: Take me with you! I can’t stand it here anymore! Bitil: I AM THE PROBLEM OFFICER Ehlek: :blink: Avak: Bitil, you just muffed that meme up so badly. Bitil: Sorry. Vhisola: I do see what you mean. Takadox: So you’ll deliver me? Vhisola: No. You need to bond some more! Takadox: I DON’T WANT TO BOND WITH THESE PEOPLE! Bitil: *hands Takadox glue* Bonding? Takadox: I’ll bond you, you meme-spouting bonehead! Come here! *Chases Bitil* Vhisola: Good! This is good! Well, I’ll leave you to it! *leaves* Bitil: YOU’RE TOO SLOW Takadox: SHUT UP AND LET ME CATCH YOU!
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CHAPTER 3: AND HERE COMES THE BREAKDOWN Takadox: *Smashes head against wall* Avak: Umm… Excuse me, laddie, but what exactly are you doing? Takadox: *sobbing* I don’t want this anymore! I just can’t take it! *falls into Avak’s arms* Avak: Oh, it’s alright, lad. Shoosh, now, it’ll be alright. C’mon, let’s get you to bed. Takadox: *Sniffs* Okay. Avak: *helping Takadox into the bedroom* It’s gonna be alright, Taka, d’nae worry yourself. Takadox: Really? Avak: Yes, of course… *looks at Ehlek, who is currently lying on the bed* EHLEK! GET OFF THE BED! Ehlek: What? Why? Avak: BECAUSE I SAID SO Ehlek: Okay, whatever. Avak: *lays Takadox on bed* Shhh… It’ll all be okay… Just go to sleep. Takadox: *sniffles and begins to suck his thumb* Avak: *exits room and talks to Ehlek* I dunnu what’s wrong wit ‘im. He’s really taking this hard. Ehlek: Yeah, no one else is having problems. Bitil: *watching videos of ponies* I’M GONNA WATCH IT AGAIN! Antroz: *Smacks Bitil with a guitar* HOORAY FOR GUITARS! Random People in Audience: HOORAY! Krika: Yo, Avak? Could you grab my left eye? It’s by your feet. Avak: *looks down* What in the name o’ Mata Nui… Krika: It fell out when I was battling the Giant Left-Handed Dwarf of the Northern Southlands. He’s a tough fight, and I had to focus real hard. Avak: … Krika: I kinda didn’t notice. :P Avak: … Krika: But at least my Light Chartreuse Moon Warrior reached level 756! Avak: … Bitil: SON, I AM DISAPPOINT. Krika: Shut up. Bitil: No, really, I am. Krika: ? Bitil: My parents said DISAPPOINT when I was born. Krika: … Avak: :/ Krika: …awkwaaaard. Ehlek: I haven’t seen Vhisola for a while. Avak: Now that yoo mention it, I have nae seen her either. I wonder where she’s been. Vhisola: *enters* Hey, everybody! Ehlek: There you are! Avak: We were joost dizcussin’ ya, madam. Vhisola: Oh, really? *looks around* Say, where’s Takadox? He’s usually here to greet me by crying at my feet. Avak: *looks at Ehlek* Yes, well, you should probably see this. *Takes Vhisola to bedroom* Takadox: NO! NOT THE BEES! OH GOSH NOT THE BEES! Vhisola: *flinches* Ooo, that’s not good. Ehlek: He’s been getting worse since Chapter 2. Avak: What do you think we should do wi’ him, miss? Vhisola: Well, I would say that we need a psychologist… Ehlek: Yes…. Vhisola: But it’s not in the budget. Avak: >.> Ehlek: My I say something, miss? Vhisola: Of course. Ehlek: *ahem* SCREW THE BUDGET Vhisola: *gasp* what? Avak: YES! Bitil: *Still watching videos of ponies* I’M GONNA WATCH IT AGAIN! Antroz: *Smacks Bitil with a telephone* HOORAY FOR TELEPHONES! Random People in Audience: HOORAY! Takadox: OH MATA NUI, IT’S GOT CHICKEN LEGS Krika: *smacks table* Dang it, this stupid Cybernetic Maelstrom-wielding Elven War Hero is an impossible fight! IMPOSSIBLE! Bitil: Why so serious? :troll: Antroz: *Smacks Bitil with a computer cable* HOORAY FOR CABLES! Random People in Audience: HOORAY! Vhisola: But… but we can’t do that! It’d be… WRONG! Ehlek: Would it, Vhis? Would it really? Takadox: OH GREAT SPIRITS IT SAVED ROOM FOR THE CUPCAKE Avak: Vhis, we have to do something. Bitil: WE COULD ALL TALK IN ITALICS Antroz: Did you hear that? In some land far away, the fourth wall was destroyed and crushed a young matoran’s dreams… and his left arm. Ehlek: O.o Avak: :/ Vhisola: …Okay, let’s get him out of here. Antroz: Do we have a straightjacket? Ehlek: Or a muzzle? Krika: Or a portal gun? Everyone: *looks at Krika*:/ Krika: Whaaaat? Vhisola: Alright, open the door. Ehlek: …What door? Vhisola: …The one I come through every time I come here? Krika: And where’s that? Vhisola: *facepalm* On the WALL. Bitil: The FOURTH WALL? Antroz: *Smacks Bitil with a pair of shorts* HOORAY FOR SHORTS! Random People in Audience: HOORAY! Vhisola: Okay… Here we go. *opens door* *A BRIGHT LIGHT SHINES THROUGH THE DOOR* ???: Welcome to the outside, my friends. Takadox: Are… are you a Great Spirit? ???: Perhaps… But you can call me… Vezon.
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