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MASSIVE Sale! - 5-Hole Kraahkan, TOK, Kanohi, Misprints, Krana, Kr


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I'm back with another load of stuff to sell! LOTS of items up for grabs here. Mostly interested in selling, but would be open to trading for rarer collectibles - feel free to ask.


​I am located in the USA and will ship domestically and internationally via USPS - just be aware that international shipping from the US is not cheap (minimum for even a few ounces is about $14 USD). Feel free to message me with your preferred shipping address for an estimate. All transactions will be made through PayPal.




THE GOODS (all prices in USD):

Click on thumbnails for larger photos




Kanohi Mata

Haus and Kaukaus ~ $5.00 each

Kakamas ~ $3.00 each

Akakus and Pakaris ~ $2.50 each




Gold & Silver Kanohi

Gold ~ $4.50 each

Silver ~ $2.50 each




Kanohi Nuva ~ $2.50 each




Noble Kanohi

Hunas ~ $2.75 each

Raus, Komaus and Rurus ~ $2.00 each

Mahikis ~ $1.50 each

Matatus ~ $3.25 each





Vahis ~ $8.50 each

Copper Hunas (US version) ~ $2.50 each

Chrome Hau (some scratches, can supply more photos) ~ $7.00

Shadow Kraata ~ $1.50 each





Noble Misprints ~ $14.00 each

5-hole Kraahkan ~ $70

Trans-Orange Kraata (TOK) ~ $40 each




Other Kanohi and Wild Kraata

Dark Blue Ruru ~ $12.00 each

Silver Ignika ~ $4.00

Wild Kraata ~ $1.50 each




Krana ~ $0.50 each




Tohunga ~ $4.00 each without disk, $5.00 each with disk




Thanks for looking! Please feel free to PM me with any questions or offers.

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I may look to purchase the

red Ruru, Pakari, Akaku

orange Rau, Matatu, Vahi

gray Rau,

light blue Komau, Ruru

lime Komau, Matatu

tan Huna,

blue Akaku

green Akaku

white Kakama

1 Kongu figure, no disk

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I'm digging I'm digging

I'm digging I'm digging I'm digging I'm digging

I'm digging


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Ooh, I wouldn't mind a silver Pakari, light grey Rau and Mahiki, tan Mahiki, orange Matatu, and light blue Ruru. Might pick up those Kraata too... I'd want a Vahi and the Chrome Hau, but honestly the noble Kanohi is probably all I can afford right now...

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@CommanderKumo Thank you for your offer! I will have to prioritize offers to purchase the mask immediately, but if no one else offers full price the Kraahkan is yours and I will hold it for you :)


@banana92 PM sent!


@Click PM sent!

Awesome ;) thanks for the help :)

Edited by CommanderKumo

My Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClo2J14RKmVtcnoJTv7g6PA , Bionicle films coming soon!

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