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LDD: New gallery

Black Six

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The following was recently shared with the LEGO Ambassador Network by Signe Lonholdt, Experience Manager LAN & LEGO Rebrick:

Hi LAN Ambassadors,


I received an update from the LDD development team. They have been working on the gallery feature and from this week the new gallery will be launched. The new gallery will be empty when launched and moving forwards users of LDD will be saving their model to the hard drive and then uploading it to the gallery.


This means that if you have any content stored in the LDD Gallery that you wish to save please save the content to your hard drive immediately!


Edit: If you are working on a model right now, you need to finish that model because it is not possible to upload the .lxf format to the new gallery and continue building on a model from the old gallery!


You can upload your creation again on the new gallery in a .png (image) format, but your creation will not be moved to the new gallery automatically.


Sorry, for the inconvenience.


Edit: And also, please post any questions below as I will be able to get feedback from the dev. team (not about future iterations - I know you're curious but they will not answer ;) - but questions about the new gallery changes are welcome).

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I think the most exciting thing about this announcement is that the LDD development team is still working on public-facing content at all. I can only hope that the updated gallery indicates a renewed interest in the software, and ideally further updates to the software itself in turn.

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The software's piece selection in CCBS and technic is very limited.

I'd say this is true to an extent of CCBS, but it's certainly got a way more comprehensive selection of CCBS parts than any of the third-party building software I've used. I also wouldn't say the Technic selection is extraordinarily limited. From what I've seen, most parts used in modern Technic sets are there. There's room for further expansion across all categories, though.

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