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LEGO Reveals 10260 Downtown Diner

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Today LEGO is announcing the latest set in their Creator Expert Modular Building series. Check out the 10260 Downtown Diner, a model that looks like it's plucked right out of the 1950s with some classic architectural details and awesome interiors. Also, for the first time the minifigures in a modular building don't just have smiley faces! To see all of the images and read the full press release, continue on!


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I've been waiting for the new modular to be announced!  I finally started getting into this line this year, so I'm quite excited.  The overall design looks nice, but I'm slightly perplexed by the different floors (The main thing is a diner, but it also has a gym and a recording studio in it?). 


I love that the star tiles from the Palace Cinema sidewalk are now being used as wall decorations.


I'll probably wait for a double VIP day (unless there's a good promotion when it first comes out), but I shall definitely be picking this one up.

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Love this set! Between the diner, boxing gym, and radio station, there are so many great subjects and techniques at play. And this set is so far the best showcase of teal coming back in a big way, with plenty of detail elements as well as basic bricks being released (or in some cases, re-released) in that color.

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