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Happy 5th anniversary to the Serpentine Season (2012)! :)


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Hi, guys! :) If anyone likes Ninjago's first TV season in 2012, which is about the Serpentine causing chaos and awakening the Great Devourer, let's celebrate the 5th anniversary of the season. I am not just talking about the season. I'm talking about the sets that the season is based on. So, yeah, happy 5th anniversary to the season! :)


First, I'll tell the plot of the season:

The season has 13 22-mintue episodes. It starts off with Ninja, who are Kai, Cole, Jay, and Zane, encountering their archenemy, Lord Garmadon's son named Lloyd Garmadon, who is doing evil pranks on people, but the Ninja stop humiliate him. This causes Lloyd to get revenge on them, so he walks to a snowy environment, where he finds and opens a tomb. In there, he unleashes one of five tribes of evil snake-based people called the Serpentine, the Hypnobrai, to attack village where the Ninja stopped him earlier. The snakes hypnotize people in the village and stole candy for Lloyd. One of the Hypnobrai named Skales is not fond of the idea, but the tribe's general, Slithraa, tells Skales, who is his second-in-command, to obey him. This is because Slithraa was trying to hypnotize Lloyd earlier, but Lloyd accidentally used an ice wall to reflect Slithraa's hypnotism back to Slithraa, making him obedient to Lloyd. The Ninja defeat the tribe by stealing their staff to use the anti-venom in there to cure the hypnotized people. Later on, Lloyd has the tribe build a tree-house-like fortress for him, but the Ninja stop them by destroying the unfinished fortress. The tribe gets their staff back, makes Skales their new general, has Slithraa obey Skales, and kicks Lloyd out of their tomb, but Lloyd got a map to the other tribes before that. Lloyd then unleashes another tribe called the Fangpyre, who can turn anything into snakes by biting them like vampires, to cause more trouble, but the Ninja stop them. Later, Lloyd has the Fangpyre fight the Hypnobrai for revenge, but the tribes instead ally each other and want to overthrow Lloyd. After Lloyd escaped from them, he opens a tomb of another tribe called the Anacondrai, who are said to be most feared and powerful of the tribes. However, he discovers that all but one Anacondrai are killed because of hunger, as he sees the last of the Anacondrai named Pythor P. Chumsworth, who is a snake with a long neck who can turn invisible and was the tribe's general. Lloyd and Pythor team up to commit little crimes in a village. They then attacks a school that rejected Lloyd before the time where he unleashed the Hypnobrai. The Ninja go to stop them. Pythor betrays Lloyd by stealing the map from and lets him get captured by the Ninja. The Ninja's sensei, Wu, who is Lloyd's uncle and Lord Garmadon's younger brother, teaches him to reform. Pythor uses the map to find and unleash the last two tribes, which are the Constrictai, who can dig through ground and choke their victims, and the Venomari, who can make people hallucinate by spitting venom into their eyes. The Ninja learn that Pythor plans to unite the tribes to find blades called the Fangblades, which can unleash a snake-like monster called the Great Devourer that can cause destruction upon the land of Ninjago. A new hero called Samurai X shows up to help the Ninja fight the Serpentine, and this hero is actually Kai's sister, Nya, using this as a superhero-like identity. The Serpentine kidnap Lloyd, which makes Wu go find and have Lord Garmadon help him and the Ninja fight the Serpentine and rescue Lloyd. When Lord Garmadon was found in an alternate world, he has four arms. He never wanted Lloyd to be a villain like him, and it is revealed that when he was a kid, he was used to be good-hearted until the Great Devourer, as a young snake, bit him with a magic venom that turned him evil. Garmadon still has a good conscious, so he wants to save Lloyd, who he cares. Meanwhile, the Ninja learn to unlock their true potential to use their elemental powers by expressing their hearts meaningfully (Zane has ice powers, Jay lightning, Cole earth, and Kai fire). Along the way, Zane is revealed to be a robot that the Ninja called a Nindroid. After all of the Ninja unlocked their true potentials, the good guys discover that Lloyd is a legendary hero called the Green Ninja, who is destined to fight his father in the future, even though that the Ninja originally thought that one of them was going to become the Green Ninja. After the Serpentine found the Fangblades, the good guys steal the blades from them while Lloyd is sad that Garmadon left him. Later, Pythor steals back the blades and goes to the Serpentine's ancient city to unleash the Devourer, which is giant, powerful, and can eat anything to grow bigger. The Ninja, along with Nya, Lloyd, and their pet called the Ultra-Dragon, which is a combined form of their dragons, try to stop the Devourer from destroying a city called Ninjago City, but it is unstoppable. However, Garmadon is the only one to use all four magical weapons called the Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu and the Devourer has a weak spot on its head, so the Ninja give Garmadon the Weapons and traps the monster, so Garmadon can hit its weak spot in order to defeat it. After he did so, the snake explodes into a tsunami of green goo that covered the city. Garmadon left with the Weapons, and Lloyd knows that he will face him, but the Ninja ensure that they will train him.


To celebrate, let me ask you this:

What are your fond memories about the season and the sets and/or what do you like about them?

For me, well, they are very good.

The first season shows the Ninja's character development more. It's cool and weird that Zane is a robot, which expands why he behaves weirdly. Jay wants to show Nya that he loves her (You can remember that moment from the pilot episodes in 2011). Cole needs to impress his dad when his dad expected him to be a dancer. Kai, well, is always hot-headed, but he learns that caring for people is a bigger priority than getting a special object. It's cool that Nya is a genius in mechanics, and becomes Samurai X and makes a mech to become her own hero. She like Iron Man from Marvel. :D She does try to help the boys out. The Ninja's NRG forms and them having elemental powers are awesome! They're like Ninjago' own Toa from Bionicle. :D It's interesting that Lloyd first starts off as the show's equivalent to Bowser Jr. from Mario video games when he is the son of an archenemy and wants to be like him, but he becomes more like Luke Skywalker from Star Wars when he has to become a hero to defeat his father, even though that he doesn't like this. I feel bad that Lloyd was captured by the Serpentine, being left out, and the Serpentine betraying. He was quite unlucky. :( But, I'm glad that he reformed and is saved by the Ninja and Garmadon. :) Sensei Wu is a good character, and he is cool when he can use a magic tea to travel between worlds. He feels bad that the Great Devourer turned his brother evil long ago. :( That's quite interesting. The Serpentine are very cool and funny. Pythor and Skales are great as villains because they are great at planning. It's interesting that each Serpentine tribe has ranks that go, from lowest to highest, from Scouts to Soldiers, then Warriors, then Generals, has unique powers and other abilities, and is based on a kind of snake. The Generals look epic because of snake tails and staffs. Good thing that there are anti-venom in the staffs that can undo the effects of the serpentine's powers. Garmadon is a cool character, as he has four arms and can hold all four Golden Weapons without getting destroyed by them (Samukai was the victim). He is a good and interesting character because he was used to be a good-hearted human who got bitten by the Great Devourer, which turned him into an evil villain. :( However, Garmadon still has a good conscious, so he cares about his son and doesn't want him to be evil, so he agrees to help the Ninja save Lloyd from the Serpentine during the time. Sadly, Lloyd feels bad that Garmadon left him, and Garmadon doesn't want to fight Lloyd when he becomes the Green Ninja, either. Speaking of the Green Ninja, it's cool that there's a legendary fifth Ninja, which is Lloyd. It's neat to see the skeletons from the 2011 storyline again, as Garmadon gets them to help him fight the Serpentine. The Great Devourer is very cool because it can eat stuff to become bigger and stronger. The Ultra-Dragon is awesome because it is a combination of the Ninja's four dragons. It's super-cool that the Golden Weapons can transform into vehicles that the Ninja can drive. I feel bad that the Hypnobrai

The toys for the season are very cool. I like the new Spinjitzu spinners, new weapon packs, the Fangpyre vehicles, the Ninja's new vehicles, the Samurai Mech, the Ultra-Dragon, and the Great Devourer. The snake-like designs on the Serpentine vehicles look amazing. Sadly, there's no spinner or pack for Snike, who is a Constrictai Scout. When I heard that there two cancelled sets, which are the Serpentine Train and Lloyd's tree house fortress, I feel sad about them. IT would be cool if they are actually released as sets. :( The Ultra-Dragon could've have the colors of the dragons that it is made of. The Ninja's vehicles are awesome, and I like the Ultra-Sonic Raider the best! :D The Devourer looks menacing. The Fangblades look cool. :)


So guys, what are your fond memories of the storyline, what do you like about it, what's your favorite 2012 set, favorite character(s) in the storyline, favorite moment in the storyline, what things remind you of the storyline, and/or how would you celebrate it? For me, well, my favorite characters are Cole, Lloyd, Jay, Zane, Nya, Pythor, Lord Garmadon, and Skales, and my favorite sets are Cole's vehicle, the Fangpyre Truck, the Rattlecopter, Destiny's Bounty, the Samurai Mech, the Ultra-Sonic Raider, and Epic Dragon Battle. :) The things that remind me are:

1. The Avengers movie in 2012.

2. That snake guy from Ben 10: Alien Force and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

3. The Lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man movie in 2012.

4. Iron Man from Marvel (Nya)

5. Karai's snake form from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in 2012

6. The Toa from Bionicle (The Ninja)

7. Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader's relationship from Star Wars (Lloyd and his dad)

8. Mark Surge and Voltix from Hero Factory (Jay)

9. Electro from Marvel and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in 2014 (Jay)

10. That evil snake guy name Lyric from Sonic Boom video games in 2014.

11. The Midgard Serpent from Marvel

12. Snake-based villains from Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

13. Jafar from Disney's Aladdin movie in 1992.

14. That snake-like Constructicon from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in 2009

15. That giant and drilling snake-like creature from Transformers: Dark of the Moon in 2011

16. The nagas from The Secret Saturdays.

17. That evil cobra from Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesome-ness.

18. Hex's snake form from Ben 10 in 2016 or 2017.

19. Cobrax from Mixels.

20. Bowser and Bowser Jr. from Mario (Lord Garmadon and Lloyd Garmadon)

21. Hero Factory’s 2012 storyline - villains breaking out to cause chaos (the Serpentine)

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I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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Happy 5th anniversary, Serpentine and Llord (this was Lloyd's introductory year, right?). I remember seeing Lloyd's first episode where the Ninja initially think it's Lord Garmadon, and the Lord/Lloyd joke, and him using his powers to try to steal people's candy. It was pretty funny, and having seen The LEGO Ninjago Movie recently, I can appreciate how much he and the line has developed since then.

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Happy 5th anniversary, Serpentine and Llord (this was Lloyd's introductory year, right?). I remember seeing Lloyd's first episode where the Ninja initially think it's Lord Garmadon, and the Lord/Lloyd joke, and him using his powers to try to steal people's candy. It was pretty funny, and having seen The LEGO Ninjago Movie recently, I can appreciate how much he and the line has developed since then.

For Lloyd's introductory year, yes. Plus, I like that episode. It was funny, because Lloyd is a pathetic kid who tried to be a villain by pranking people into giving him candy, but the Ninja stopped and humiliated him. Lol. :P Anyway, this caused a chain reaction to many things in the series, as Lloyd unleashed the Serpentine, the Serpentine unleashed the Great Devourer, the Devourer's venom revived the Stone Army, the Army helped the Overlord get out of the Island of Darkness and go to the land of Ninjago, the Overlord terrorized people in New Ninjago City with the help of the Nindroids, Zane sacrificed himself to save Ninjago from the Overlord, Zane revealed to be actually alive as he was imprisoned in Master Chen's island, Chen used Zane to bring the Ninja to the island to take their powers to complete a spell, Garmadon had to banish Chen and his cult into the Cursed Realm, Nya destroyed the Cursed Realm when the ghosts attacked Ninjago, Djinjago being destroyed, Nadakhan lifted Sensei Yang's temple, Yang summoning dead villains to attack the Ninja, the Time Twins used the Devourer's children called the Vermillion to help them alter the past, and then recently Sensei Wu made both the Time Twins and himself lost in time. Man, who knew that Lloyd's villainous attentions have led to this chain reaction. It's been five years so far, and I wonder how many future events will continue the chain reaction. 


Anyway, about the movie, I would consider it to be a good anniversary gift to celebrate the 5th anniversary to Lloyd's introductory year because this is about Lloyd being the Green Ninja and his troubling relationship with his evil father. It's like celebrating the 25th anniversary of a Sonic the Hedgehog character named Tails' introductory year, 1992 when he first appeared in a video game called Sonic the Hedgehog 2, this year because Lloyd never appeared at the very start of the his franchise, but he is a popular major character. He later became a main protagonist, like the other Ninja. :)

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I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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