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New Rule Regarding PayPal

Tufi Piyufi

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Hey, folks!

Over the many years BST's been in operation, you've completed countless sales and trades with nary a hitch. It's safe to say you've built your own mini-community here, and that's awesome! It's great when you're not just buying that last mask, but you're buying it from a friend. Unfortunately, not everybody who comes this way is a friend. When a less-than-honourable trader rolls into BST, they'll say all the right things to get you to part with your money. In order to put more protections in place for you guys, we're instituting the following rule effective immediately:

All PayPal transactions must be done through Goods & Services, not Friends & Family. Goods & Services has the mechanisms for your money to be returned to you in the event the seller does not live up to their end of the transaction, unlike Friends & Family. Also, using Friends & Family for purchases is technically against PayPal TOS, and fighting a PayPal suspension is what's commonly known as "an utter nightmare". While Goods & Services requires a small fee (exact percentages depend on the locations of both parties), you're free to negotiate between yourselves whether the buyer will simply pay the fee or the seller will subtract it from their invoice.

I know it's one more thing to have to consider, but it's important to keep yourselves protected. If somebody you don't know demands you use Friends & Family, let me know: you don't have to ignore the tiny skeptical voice in your head to get your dream set.

Thanks for your understanding!

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Be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes!
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Honestly, that's a good practice to keep in mind anytime. Goods and Services leaves the PayPal charges to the seller, who can bump up the price a little if they're worried about it. And although I've never heard of it happening personally, I hear rumors that you can get into hot water using Friends and Family for purchasing products. Just something to keep in mind beyond buyer protection.

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I just made a paypal account, so this information was quite timely. Thank you!



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