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Thanks y'all.  It's been a long weird year and I've barely been around BZP, but I still think of the place.  It means a lot to me.  :)

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Hey: I'm not very active around BZP right now.  However, you can always contact me through PM (I have email notifications set up) and I will reply as soon as I can.

Useful Topics: The Q&A Compendium | The Official RPG Planning Topic
Stories: Fractures | An Aftermath | Three Stories | LSO 2012 Epics: Team Three | The Shadow and the Sea | The Days They Were Needed | Glitches | Transformations | Echoes | The Kaita and the Storyteller | Nui

BZPRPG: Komae · Soraya · Bohrei

Blog: Defendant Lobby no. 42

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Hey happy birthday! 

Haven't had a chance to actually correspond with you, but I've read almost all of your epics and stories, (enjoyed just about all of them too) :P So many happy returns and all that jazz.  :afro:  Have a great one! 


EDIT: Actually to be honest, I didn't just enjoy your epics and stories, most if not all were added to my own personal head-canon they were so good. I laughed, I cried, it moved me definitely. Thanks for making such an (indirect) impact on my BIONICLE experience.  :biorules:

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Happy Birthmas!



Let us all come together and celebrate by channeling our energy into the Ace Attorney franchise.


This isn't a Spirit Bomb, you nerds.


Easier said than done, Goku just keeps taking all the energy for his useless spirit bombs.

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-Say goodnight-
-With each bite does your sanity die-
-Sucking the life out, letting the dark-
-Say a prayer as the light leaves your eyes-
-Or scream all you like, your gods can't hear you

<- - - - ->

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