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14k Gold Mask of Creation - Value Estimate?


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Note: It is NOT for sale (I don't even own it), and I'm not seeking to buy it. Just need to get it "appraised" for a friend.



It's 14k gold, weighs 72 grams, and is the most "unique"/important of the gold masks that came out that year. The only thing I can think to compare its value to is the Platinum Avohkii (~15,000 USD)... I'm leaning towards $10k but maybe lower? What do you think it would sell for if it ever showed up on eBay (which is not going to happen in the near future)?
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The people over in this topic would probably be able to help you better, but here's what I know:


To my knowledge, the 14k gold Hau is valued around $5000, maybe a little less. But there are also estimated to be around 30 of those in existence, as opposed to a unique item like the 14k Mask of Creation. My best guess would be somewhere in the ballpark of $10,000? I'm no expert in this area, though.

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I'd say right around the $3000-$5000 to be honest. It's a cool mask, and g2's most important mask, but the reason the classic collectibles are worth so much, is because g1 did much better, lasted much longer and is all around better (at least in my opinion). But being a long time collector, I can tell you it wouldn't be as valuable as some of the classics, especially the Platinum Avohkii, mostly because g1 was much more successful and the Avohkii is a much more nostalgic mask and made of a more valuable material. Personally, I wouldn't pay more than $4000 for it. Iys a cool mask, but not worth near $10,000

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