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Darkfang (Bioformer)


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***Metru-Nui Penitentiary***
Visual Identification:


(Officer's note: due to shapeshifting abilities, two images are on file)


I.D: 22346
Name: Darkfang
Race: Unknown
Affiliation: Dark Hunters
Danger level: 7
Confiscated property: 
Two (2) protosteel swords, can function as wings
One (1) Yellow Powerless Kanohi Mahiki, badly damaged (Officer's note: bite marks)
Physical description: Black/Purple, winged, body covered in spikes, roughly Toa height, Mask styled after Krana (but not actually Krana), Ugly.
(Captain's note: please refrain from adding subjective personal observations.)
(Captain's note 2: upon seeing the prisoner's mugshot, I've decided to make an exception, disregard previous note.)
Known abilities: Shapeshifting (limited to one other form), flight, acid discharge, fangs can shear protosteel.
Additional notes: Has a tendency to consume Matoran. This is not a nutritional requirement but is needed to produce acid for offensive purposes. 
Prisoner objected violently to the confiscation of the damaged Mahiki. Refused to answer questions until item is returned. Interrogation officers report the prisoner repeatedly referring to confiscated item as "chew toy". 

Convictions: 37 counts of murder, 109 counts of destruction of public property, 21 counts of resisting arrest, 54 counts of vandalism, 4 counts of public indecency
Section: Maximum Security - Solitary (Officer's note: recommend returning the Mahiki in order to minimize cell maintenance expenditure)


Darkfang is my first Bioformer, and was inspired in no small part by Mindwipe. What prompted me to build him was finding that Invasion from Below beast head in a mixed lot of CCBS and Bionicle parts. 
I'd greatly appreciate any comments you may have!

More images: Flickr album
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Wow that's super cool! Adding a transformer element to your build is super genius, I wish I had thought of that sooner!


Great use of purple, there are totally not enough sets that have that, so using the Hero Factory sets as well was a good use of pieces.


I really am enjoying your MOCs and the backstories you've created for all of them as well. keep up the good work!



Formerly Iron_Man5


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