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Being Banned On BZPower

Black Six

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Being Banned on BZPower


Generally, someone is banned from BZPower for breaking a major rule, violating a number of smaller rules, or being a perpetual annoyance to the Staff. While Forum Leaders can suspend members through the use of a Proto drain, only Administrators can actually ban someone.


In the majority of cases when someone is banned they are not invited to come back. While this is the norm, sometimes a member will be offered a second chance if they seem truly remorseful or appear to have learned from their mistakes. This will be offered and one should NOT ask.


What happens when you are banned? Basically anyone who fits the criteria for membership is invited to post at BZPower UNTIL they are banned. When you are banned the invitation that had been extended to you is taken away and you're no longer allowed to be a part of BZPower.


Any Creative Outlet topics, RPGs, official topics, or any other thread that is tied to you in any way may be closed at this point. This is standard BZPower policy and those who are offered exemptions should consider themselves fortunate.


Something that goes hand-in-hand with this is that banned members should not be discussed. They broke the rules and did something wrong, at this point they do not deserve any further attention. If you want to know why a particular member was banned, read through the BZPower Rules & Guidelines, it's in there somewhere. Specific information will not be given out unless absolutely necessary.


Sometimes a member asks to be banned, and that request is occasionally granted. People get tired of BZPower, Bionicle, LEGO, etc and want to cut the cord. That is completely understandable. If, however, the member is an established member of the community they may be given a second chance to take back their request to be banned while being reminded of the ramifications of their selfish actions on others in the topics they started.


In summary, being banned is something nobody wants to see happen. Every member banned is a drain on the Administration's resources and takes a member out of the community. Read through the Reference Desk and read the rules - follow them, and you should be fine.

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