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Tawa - Stony Sawfish


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The Tawa is a very odd Rahi, both in appearance and behavior. While it feels most at home in the waters around Ta and Po-Wahi, it is found in vary numbers all around Mata Nui's coastline.




During the colder seasons, they move far off from the shore into deep waters, but during warm weather, they come up to the shallows. They hunt by digging their bodies into the sand so that only their rocky forehead is above ground. In their throats is a rotating set of teeth which are extremely sharp and coated in venom that causes a sensation of burning. This allows them to scare off much larger predators, like Tarakava, and a Tawa bite is particularly damaging and painful. Their bony foreheads used for camouflage, combined with their iconic saw-like teeth give them their name. 




Their aggression, size and camouflage make them very hard to catch, and any fisher wanting to do so will need a well trained Moke crab helping if they want any chance at success.




Since the Tawa is a delicacy in Ga-Koro, many Matoran attempt this feat, and when one of the rarely succeeds, a day-long feast is held celebrating the brave fisherwoman and her loyal Moke. The celebrations include the successful fisher carving a new rod from the bones of the felled Tawa, because the one she used to catch it is always beyond repair.




Further images to be found in the Flickr album.


All comments appreciated!



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I think I need this in a fish tank.



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