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Jungle Slizer: Amazon

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Jungle Slizer: Amazon


Units online.

Stand by for mission objectives...

Mission 8500: Search for diamonds.
Mission 8501: Search for ice crystals.
Mission 8502: Search for radioactive fuel.
Mission 8503: Search for "special pearls."
Mission 8504: Sear- WORLD DOMINATION.

Mission 8505: Search for energy-resin.
Mission 8506: Search for "heavy water."
Mission 8507: Search for neutrons.
Mission 8520: BALANCE OF POWER.
Mission 8521: Search for lava crystals.
Mission 8522: Search for electrons.
Mission 8523: Sear- OBEY JUDGE.

Final Message:



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Oh my Mata Nui.

This is awesome!

This thing has such a smooth organic flow to it. The bright green on black with just the slight touch of purple is a beautiful color scheme.


The head is a work of engineering art.


Overall it's one of the best MOCs I've seen this year.

Hey I got a Flickr because I like making LEGO stuff.


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