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Clad in a high-tech powersuit, this mysterious figure's action speak louder than his word. Rumor has it he was once the prince of a long-forgotten kingdom.




The biggest inspiration for this MOC was Shooby4000's Warchief of Wintergarten (https://www.flickr.com/photos/46779949@N08/36619416270/in/photolist-Y7oqN5-XMW5E3-Y8SQ4Y-Y8SQ59-YbAutZ) I'm a big fan of his ability to mix simple techniques with bright colors (and the occasional third-party piece) to give his MOCs an abundance of personality. Go check him out if you haven't already.


More photos of this MOC available here

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I, too, am quite the fan of Shooby4000's work, which is why I'll be frank in saying that I don't see that much of a resemblance.


I would suggest working in some more colors. Even the most minimal accents, when executed correctly, will have a tremendous impact on the appearance of your MOC. Some trans-lime green or trans-Apple green would look great here.  Also, the clashing textures of the armor pads (shoulder - thighs - knees) does more harm than good. I would also suggest moving the most stylized shape to the shoulders (in this case it's the knees), as that usually makes for a more intimidating silhouette. 


I do, however, like the way you combined that Inika chestplate with the HF armor underneath. Makes for some really convincing shaping. 





"Welcome to Valhalla, Warrior."


Recent MOC's: The Headless Horseman (BBC71 Finalist)    LDD CCBS Chess    The Shadowed One (BBC69)    Nydoretha (Netherealm Empress)

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I'll echo Mohammed's comment about the blended armors on the torso, very slick. I like the tubing there too. I dig the color balance as well, especially with the dark blue head.


The armor on the knees is very geometrically distinct from anything elsewhere on the model--same for the feet, though I do think the Stars feet are underused. Maybe a different knee armor and a custom foot?

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