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106th Anniversary of the Titanic disaster

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Hello there!

At the age of 27 I finally managed to bring a childhood daydream to life which took about 4 months because my left hand underwent surgery at the beginning of March due to a work injury which severed a tendon in my thumb.
Allthough I've made previous builts of this iconic ship since the age of 11, it's only ever been with the bricks I had on hand - so imagine my wallet's sudden discomfort as I found out about Pick-A-Brick... ;)

Around $900 USD and a ton of research via fotos on both Google and in several books later, this is the final product of my current creativity capability.
(Keep in mind the price is only for the new bricks; not including the majority of the hull and it's supporting interior I already had my hands on).


Some liberty has of course been taken, as the scale isn't fit for every aspect of this project, so some parts of the superstructure have been changed for accomodations. Accessories such as benches have also been placed somewhat random.


Width: ~16cm (6.29 inches)
Length: ~156cm (61.41 inches)
Height: ~32cm (12.59 inches) from keel to top of smokestacks.
Weight: Estimate is at around 8-10kg, but won't know for sure until my hand is fit enough to lift it.
Amount of pieces: Somewhere between 8-10.000 bricks.


As I haven't resized the pictures and they would be way to large for me to put them all in this thread, I'll instead put a link to my Brickshelf account where there are more to be found (you might have to wait a bit before the files go public, as I uploaded them today) :b





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The shaping of the front of the ship is what impressed me the most.

All the detail and attention put in it really show.

Great job.

I'm happy that you like that part; especially because that took some time... 5 times I disassembeled the entire bow to begin from scratch because I wasn't satisfied :P

And seeing as I invested so much money in this project I wanted to have every aspect of the build to be like I wanted it to :D


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