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BBC #75 - Sahtet & Morak

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For the BBC #75 Contest, I teamed up with Admiral Otohp (though new to BZP, he's known in the Bionicle Community as Dödke). Our decided common theme was building a pair of "bioformers", both of which have animal-based altmodes and whose colour schemes contrast each others'. 


Admiral Otohp: Morak, Judge of War and Peace






Morak is the God of War and Peace in the mythos of the northern nomadic tribes. He is seen as both benevolent and malevolent, and the people revere and fear him equally. He is neither cruel nor merciful, but just to a fault. He reigns in the shadows of the night, for shadows see and hear everything.






It is said that when conflicts erupt and wars are declared, Morak already knows who will win, who will lose, who will live and who will die. 






Flickr album for more photos.


Pohaturon: Sahtet, Huntress of Life and Death 



Sahtet is a being deified by the wandering nomadic tribes of the frozen north where she hunts. The Huntress represents life and death - life in that hunters provide the tribe with food for eating and fur for clothes, and death because when she marks a target, it will surely perish. Sahtet's aim is always true, her arrows never miss - but they're never fatal, either. They only wound - Sahtet prefers to deliver the killing blow with tooth and claw in her snow panther form.





It is said that Sahtet only hunts during dawn and dusk, as the rising and setting sun's low rays are blindingly reflected by the pristine snow of the northern frozen wastes - only this gleam can hide her golden armor amid the white snow.






Flickr album for more photos.


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You guys have done a tremendous job with this pair! I really like the backstories and the theme of bioformers in general, and these two do not cease to impress!


I'll keep my feedback on each MOC separate.


My critique of Sahtet would be predominantly to do with how the forearms are constructed. They look a bit too clunky compared to the legs, and don't carry over that smoothness. I also feel the dark gray clashes too much with an otherwise well-balanced color scheme. Also, I feel the weapon could have been a bit more discreet, as with Morak's and how it forms part of his tail. Finally, I feel the head may have turned out better if it had some canines or jaws, and the eyes set a bit wider than they are. However, I know that head designs for feline creatures are too challenging to render in Bionicle so I can't really fault you. Otherwise, I like the color distribution and the proportions of the overall build.


As for Morak, while I do like the overall aesthetic and especially his beast form, I do feel like he turned out rather small. I would have been much more impressed had he been slightly more physically imposing, at a scale comparable to that of Sahtet. I also think his head, while sufficiently lupine, would have also benefited from some visible chompers. Another thing is to do with the head proportions; currently, it looks a bit too big for the body, further strengthening my argument about the size. That and it seems to really need a bigger, fuller neck, as it is currently held up by a rather flimsy-looking connection point. Finally, I think a more menacing mask would have worked better - Stringer's head, an Avohkii, a Mistika Pakari, or potentially a Kraahkan would have worked wonders here. What I do like, however, is that the MOC is built in the very distinctive style of the builder, and helps showcase that style.


All in all though, you guys have done a great job on both of these and I wish you the best of luck in the contest :)





"Welcome to Valhalla, Warrior."


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Transforming MoCs are a solid hook, but Sahtet's a bit too messy for me to like her (not to mention her robo-chest looks really wonky, as robo-chests are wont to do), and Morak's design just isn't smooth enough for me to particularly like it.  They're just not doin' it for me.  :/

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