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BBC #75- Arthax the Addled

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Once, Arthax the Annihilator was a mighty warrior.  Now... not so much.




(pardon the blur, it's the middle of the night and I was in a hurry and I'm not very experienced with cameras and stuff)


He was the champion of a thousand battles in the Orthosen Colosseum, but his victories made him prideful, and one day he bet all the prize money he'd ever earned on a match between himself and Ser Galithoun the Soul Grinder.  Galithoun destroyed him- took him apart piece by piece, quite literally.  Humbled, stripped of two limbs and everything he had ever owned, Arthax vanished from the public view, scraping by on petty thievery, using what little money he could find to acquire prosthetics on the black market.




Let this be your warning, ye who seek to fight in Arthax's place and see the Soul Grinder brought to his knees.  Such pride is foolish, and could very well cost you... an arm and a leg.


Haha.  Ha.  Ha.  Uh.


(plz love me)




Mechanical limbs were made by the impossibly patient (seriously man you should be very angry at me all things considered) IvanisIvan; Arthax was scrapped together at the last minute by yours truly, as is the norm for me.


Arthax was the result of me having trouble with our original plan (two robots of similar design, one a future version of the other), due in part to clashing styles.  I eventually started throwing around other ideas after Ivan suggested we try something different; eventually, suffering from sleep deprivation and minor headaches, I suggested in a half-conscious stupor that we just build two parts of the same guy- one of us makes everything above the waist, one of us makes everything else.  This idea eventually evolved into "dude that lost his limbs and had to get robotic replacements", I threw together a bare-bones story, and here we are now.


I'm not entirely satisfied with my half- the torso isn't complete, and the arm and leg are basically knockoffs of designs used in previous MoCs I made rather than being wholly original- but when all is said and done, I think I did pretty good for a last-minute rush job.


(ten minutes before the deadline wooooooo~)

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It is not for us to decide the fate of angels.

Dominus Temporis, if you're out there, hit me up through one of my contacts.  I've been hoping to get back in touch for a long time now.  (Don't worry, I'm not gonna beg you to bring back MLWTB or something.  :P )

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