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Lady Tsetnia was a powerful noblewoman from a thriving realm, until a strange virus corrupted the land's inhabitants. She alone among the ruling class adapted rapidly from opulence to ordeal, emerging from her arduous escape awakened to her newfound tenacity, latent talent with blasters, and a calling as a bounty hunter.


Man, it's been too long hasn't it? Thankfully I've got lots of time to build and post things over the summer. This one started with me contemplating that a Skull Trap could resemble a tattered dress, and everything pretty much flew together from there. The custom mask was commissioned from Modalt. Enjoy!

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Shut up and take my money!


This is crazy cool.

The gunmetal pieces look like the idea of tattered cloth like you mentioned. The orange is such a cool color to use and a great paint job on the mask as well.


The only complaint I have is the forearms and hands look off texture wise. (I know your using a color with not a lot of options to use from but black or gunmetal would give a cool glove effect potential)


Over all a fantastic build.

Hey I got a Flickr because I like making LEGO stuff.


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