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Pohatu, The Broken Mountain

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Created for the BS01 Legends and Infamy contest, Legends category




The prisoner was quiet ever since his interment. The guard didn't mind. He didn't know much about the prisoner other than he was some disgraced hero from before the reformation of Spherus Magna who disappeared for a while, then appeared with an army of Kestora at his back with conquest in mind. Suddenly, the prisoner's voice rasped.

"You know what I'm going to do when I get out of here?" - he asked. The guard humored him.

"Do Tell."

"I'll make them regret..." - the prisoner trailed off, inviting curiosity.

"Regret what?"

The prisoner grinned as hairline fractures appeared on the cell walls.

"That they didn't break both my legs."




Pohatu is my favorite character in Bionicle (and across fiction) so I *had* to pick him as my subject for this contest. However instead of going for a generic "evil black-armored version of character" direction I wanted to maintain as much of his characteristics as possible to convey that evil can come in all forms, even forms we come to associate with good. The figure, though sporting a different body type (with a full custom torso) features many callbacks to the Mata figure - black shoulders, original Mata hands, gears on his butt, and the color scheme overall. I did add some more black, such as his head, here and there to give him a darker and more sinister look.

The main feature, however, is the "defiling" of the Mata figure's play feature. The broken and shrivelled leg with the boulder chained to it. Since one of his legs are no longer usable, I gave Pohatu a walking stick, but made sure the rest of his body is muscular and looks strong to imply that this isn't just and old and injured Pohatu, but an evil version who was purposefully harmed. 


I have used a similar custom torso before with my Poraru and Aderyn MOCs, but altered it. Pohatu's uninjured leg also shares its basic structure with that used on those two MOCs with some minor alteration. The rest is new and custom.



All comments and criticism is welcome!



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