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Toa Meno are the protectors of the Northern Continent, brought together in a dire hour by the Great Spirit himself.




Saukavi is the Toa of Ice and leader of the Team. He used to be an artistic ice carver living by the river. However, a vicious attack by the deranged being Havoc have left no ice block standing from his village. Miraculously saved by Toa Krakua, Saukavi and his fellow Ko-matoran were delivered to the doors of the Peaceful Thought Abbey led by wise Turaga Krosis. With Krakua's help, the Abbot was convinced to have the villagers taken care off while Havoc is still at large. Saukavi's Mask is Great Kanohi Kiril, Mask of Regeneration. His Toa Tools used to be his ice-cutting tools, an Ice Hook and a Saw Blade.




Eshelzo (an OC of my spouse Demi) is a Toa of Sonics who used to be a Grey Monk in one of monasteries dotting the Northern Continent. But one day Havoc came and crushed the monastery along with all of its inhabitants. Left to be a sole survivor, guilt-ridden and frightened for his life, Eshelzo was discovered by Toa Krakua and delivered to the Abbey of Peaceful Thought where Ko-matoran Saukavi took responsibility of caring for him. Eshelzo's Mask is Great Kanohi Avoku, the Mask of Suspension. His Toa Tools are two Bell Hammers.




Tamora is a Toa of Kinetics, a member of a very rare Elemental Tribe that lives in several isolated villages in hard-to-reach corners of the Matoran Universe. Toa Krakua found them in his search to stop Havoc from sewing destruction on the Northern Continent, following the Prophecy devised by Nuju Metru himself. Tamora was always special, dubbed Tumbleweed by their fellow Ki-Matoran for always following the winds of change, so when Krakua showed up in their village, it was clear as day that he'd leave with Tamora by his side. Tamora's Mask is Great Kanohi Garai, Mask of Gravity. Their Toa Tool is a Telescopic Staff, transformed from their stylus.


The three met in the Abbey of the Peaceful Thought, and it's there that they have become the Toa Meno, transformed by a Suva built by Turaga Krosis in the time before Time.

The newly formed Toa Team, with some help, have defeated Havoc and imprisoned him. During the battle they have attained their true Unity by fusing into a majestic Toa Kaita of Peace, Arkoa the Peacemaker.

One of the recurring features among all three of the Meno, is the lens eyepieces embedded in their Masks.

- - -

The models were created as part of the commission by my friend Nat.


The Toa Meno designs are based on drawings by Demitsorou

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"Menő" is Hungarian slang for cool, and I must say it definitely fits these builds. Your custom heads continue to impress!



Interesting! I didn't know that!

When me and Demi were creating the team, I went and asked Tolkien/Outofgloom to come up with the cardinal direction names in Matoran Language that he's developed.

His suggestion was "Meno" for north, and that's what we went with.


Thank you!

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