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Say goodbye to the Nexo Knights TV show. :(


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Hi, guys. I kept asking a guy named Tommy Andreasen, the creator of certain Lego TV shows, Ninjago, Legends of Chima, and Nexo Knights, about Season 5 for NK, and then he answered in Twitter on this July 27. He said that NK’s Season 5 and Season 6 have failed to happened because of the funding for some reason, so they are sadly cancelled. Oh, crud! Why?! Not another Lego show to have a cliffhanger! This is as bad as the Hero Factory TV show and Bionicle G1 having unresolved cliffhangers because NK is another show with that such fate. It was very unfair for what happened. We would know what happens after the events of the Stone Monster madness in 2017. I mean, I wanted to see the Nexo Knights fight against Monstrox for the last time and restore Ruina Stoneheart back to her old good-hearted self. This is getting ridiculous.


Well, the show is not my favorite, but it is a good show. Not as great as Ninjago, but a good show. NK is like Ninjago’s technology equivalent to Hero Factory, which is a technology equivalent to Bionicle.


Anyone want to share some condolences? It’s a sad thing to witness. I miss the show now. :( (crying in tears)

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What can you do? TV shows are expensive to produce and from what I've read the viewership of the Nexo Knights TV series was never that much to write home about. I'm happy it seems to at least be getting a sort of conclusion in the sets, with an epic final battle between Merlok and Monstrox. That's more than, say, Exo-Force got.

Elves seems to be ending as well, so I'm hoping that we get some sort of epic new theme next year to fill that void...

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