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Bionicle Books and Comics Wanted (Brickmaster #26 alt)

Bionicleforever 12

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Hello people of BZpower I'm trying to complete the entire book/comic collection of bionicle, for the most part it has been rather easy, however, there has been a few difficulties that I would like to fill in my collection. The one I am most interested in would be the brickmaster alt cover exclusives, specifically comic 26. I am also looking for the 3 mcdonalds mini comics and the unmasked comics which are also difficult to find. The sdcc comic from 2003 I am also looking for as well to see if I can find a better price than 40 dollars. Thanks and if there is any weird rare bionicle books please personal message me as I would be interested if I don't have it. I also have many masks willing to trade that I will update later with the list.


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