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With Soul Calibur VI being released less than a month from now, let's talk Soul Calibur! Any fellow BZPers who have entered or are planning to enter The Stage of History?


Talk strategy, favorite characters, least favorite characters, lore, your custom characters, your guest character ideas, whatever. Just be mature and respectful.


I'm a Yunseong and Taki main, and I'll be mad if my patriotic Korean bro doesn't make it in at all. I haven't played seriously in years, but I'll definitely main Taki for VI.

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Nightmare all the way.


Still annoyed that the X360 arcade version of Soul Calibur was completely gutted of most of it's content.

<- - - - ->

-Say goodnight-
-With each bite does your sanity die-
-Sucking the life out, letting the dark-
-Say a prayer as the light leaves your eyes-
-Or scream all you like, your gods can't hear you

<- - - - ->

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