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Pardon my ignorance, but what are System sets?

"System" is a sort of outdated but well-established term referring to typical LEGO sets, with building based on stud-based connections and the size of a 1x1 brick being 8 mm. x 9.6 mm. The term comes from the "LEGO System of Play" or "LEGO System", terms used well into the 90s, and today is used to set apart this stud-based building from LEGO's other building sets: pin-and-hole-based Technic, larger-scale Duplo, and "constraction" lines like Hero Factory and BIONICLE.As for me, I like minifigures in System sets, although of course they're not the sole reason I get sets. But they add another level of role-play to System sets by creating cute, likeable characters that the builder can identify with. Their intricate designs are also appealing from a collecting standpoint-- while obviously I don't buy sets I don't like just to get the minifigures, I do often make a chart of which sets in a theme I collect I would have to buy to get all the minifigures I want at the best value.
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