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Happy 10th anniversary, 2008 storyline! :)


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Hi, guys!:) I know that Bionicle had ended two years ago sadly, but let’s be happy about Bionicle for something else. You see, this year, 2018, is the 10th anniversary of Bionicle’s 2008 storyline, which involved the Toa Nuva fighting against the Brotherhood of Makuta in Karda Nui, which is the heart of the Matoran Universe, where they will reawaken Mata Nui. I know that this year doesn't have anything Bionicle-related (well, there is this set piece that has the picture of the island of Mata Nui with its name in Matoran, and the piece is in that new The Lego Ninjago Movie set with the docks in this year, and there is an article talking about The Legend of Mata Nui computer game recently), but let’s celebrate the 10th anniversary of the 2008 storyline. That would enlighten you more.:)


Let me tell you the 2008 storyline:

The storyline started when a group of three bat-like Makuta, the Makuta of Metru Nui’s evil species who form an organization called the Brotherhood of Makuta, Antroz, the field leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta, Vamprah, the silent one, and Chirox, a scientist who fights dirty, attacking a place called Karda Nui, in a bunch of villages inhabited by a type of Matoran called the Av-Matoran, the Matoran of Light and the very type that Takua from 2001-2003 belonged to. The Makuta did this because they want to prevent them from becoming Toa of Light, so they use pods called Tridax Pods, which unleash mutated Kraata called Shadow Leeches, to turn the Matoran into a new type of Matoran called Shadow Matoran, which are evil and shoot Shadow powers. The Av-Matoran shoot light, and they can change color. During the attack, the Makuta noticed Matoro from 2007, who was using the Kanohi Ignika, aka the Mask of Life, to revive the Great Spirit Mata Nui, who was dying, the Makuta went to get there, but when Matoro sacrificed his life to use the mask, this created a flash of light so bright that that blinded the Makuta nearby. The Makuta can’t see because of that. The Av-Matoran are trying to defend themselves from the Makuta’s attack, but they are losing. However, the Toa Nuva from 2001-2003, who are given magical armor called the Adaptive Armor by Artakha, are sent by him to Karda Nui to continue completing their mission to reawaken the Great Spirit Mata Nui. When they arrived, they notice the battle, so they help the Matoran fight against the Makuta. The Toa Nuva start remembering their lives as the Toa Mata in Karda Nui, but they can’t remember more. When the Toa learned that after Matoro used the mask, it fell into a swamp below Karda Nui called the Swamp of Secrets, the Toa decide to split up into two teams of three to get things done. The first team is Kopaka, the leader in there, Lewa, and Pohatu, while the other team is Tahu, the leader in there, Gali, and Onua. Kopaka’s team will protect the Matoran from the Makuta while the other team will go to the Swamp to get the Mask.


The first team of Toa Nuva and the Makuta that they are fighting are called Phantoka, which is Matoran for “spirits of the sky”. Each of the Toa is teamed up with an Av-Matoran with the same color as the Toa does, as the Av-Maotran can combine with the Toa by attaching his body to the Toa’s back, like a piggy back ride. This allows the Av-Matoran to have an extra light-based power, and the Toa can read the Matoran’s memories. Kopaka teamed up with Solek, who likes to learn about the Toa Mata when the Toa were on Karda Nui in the past and was best friends with Takua. Lewa teamed up with Tanma, who is the leader of the Av-Matoran. Pohatu teamed up with Photok, who is brave. The Toa’s armor adapted to Karda Nui’s skies, as the armor gave them aircraft-based equipment that can make them fly like aircrafts. Plus, each of the Toa has a new weapon that they called a Midak Skyblaster, which can shoot powerful spheres of light. Each of the Makuta, who can fly because they are based on bats also is teamed up with a Shadow Matoran with the same color as the Makuta does, as the Shadow Matoran can combine with the Makuta by attaching his body to the Makuta’s back, like a piggy back ride. This allows the Shadow Matoran to have an extra Shadow-based power, and the Makuta can read the Matoran’s memories. Also, since the Makuta are blinded, they use the Matoran as their second eyes. The Matoran are mutated by their fellow Makuta named Mutran, who is a crazy scientist who created the Shadow Leeches, to look like monsters. Antroz teamed up with Radiak, who was close friends with Photok when he was an Av-Matoran and is mutated to be four-legged, like an animal. Vamprah teamed up with Gavla, who didn’t have any friends when she was an Av-Matoran and is the Av-Matoran to become a Shadow Matoran. Chirox teamed up with Kirop, who was the leader of the Av-Matoran when he was one of them and when he became a Shadow Matoran, Tanma took his place as the new leader of the Av-Matoran.

Mutran also teamed up with a Shadow Matoran named Vican, who was a Le-Matoran and is his assistant. Vican can combine with Mutran, but he doesn’t get extra powers because he was never an Av-Matoran.

Meanwhile, the Mask of Life is in the Swamp, and, as it has a mind of its own, is thinking about Matoro’s heroism, which inspired the mask to become a Toa like him. The Mask used microorganisms in the Swamp to grow a Toa-like body, weapons, and a flying board-like vehicle called the Skyboard and then called itself Toa Ignika and a “he” to honor Matoro and some Toa guy before him, who is a male, too. Toa Ignika flew out of the Swamp to help the Phantoka Toa while the Mask is silver.

So, the battle between the Phantoka groups begins. Toa Ignika helps the Toa during the battle. Toa Ignika doesn’t know how to talk, but the Toa and Makuta later on discover that Toa Ignika is wearing the Mask of Life. The Toa wants to destroy a place called the Shadow Leech Hive, where the Shadow Leeches are made, and Toa Ignika is able to do it for them. The Makuta sent Vican to summon another fellow Makuta named Makuta Icarax, the very Makuta who was in a serial called Toa Nuva Blog in 2007 and wears the Makuta of Metru Nui’s mask called the Kanohi Kraakhan, aka the Mask of Shadows, to help them win the fight. All of the Makuta have Tridax Pods contains in their rib cages, and drop them to unleash their Shadow Leeches, like atomic bombs. Toa Ignika devolves Icarax from a being who is made of a substance called Antidermis in gaseous form to his original bio-mechanical form, hurting Icarax.


Meanwhile, Tahu’s group are traveling through the Swamp to find the Mask of Life. Along the way, they get attacked by another group of three Makuta who are based on swamp insects. These Makuta are mutated by the swamp’s magical waters called the Pit Mutagen, which made them lost some of their powers, including shape-shifting. These Makuta Krika, the four-legged cricket-based leader of the group who needs heat to survive, Gorast, the four-armed mosquito-based Makuta with a fierce temper who needs someone’s inner Light to survive, and Bitil, the ambitious beetle-based Makuta. Both groups are called Mistika, which is Matoran for “spirits of the mist”. Each member of the groups is armed with a gun called the Nynrah Ghost Blaster. The Mistika Toa’s armor gave them small jet-based equipment to fly while the Makuta can fly. The Makuta’s Blasters can control any mechanical being or object while the Toa’s can create constructs made of mental energy.


Later on, the Phantoka Toa are reunited with the Mistika ones while the Phantoka Makuta are reunited with the Mistika ones to continue their fight. Before the reunions happened, the Toa Nuva discovered and collected six keystones that tell instructions on how to reawaken Mata Nui when they are put together, like puzzle pieces. The Phantoka Toa got three of them in the villages while the Mistika Toa got the other three in the swamps.


Before Icarax went to Karda Nui, he used a Shadow Leech that was meant to turn a Matoran in Metru Nui named Ahkomu, but the Leech went to turn Takanuva, the Toa of Light from the 2003 storyline, evil instead. The Leech tried to turn Takanuva evil, but it only sucked up half of Takanuva’s inner Light because Takanuva stopped the Leech by hardly destroying it. Takanuva has the power of Light and the power of Shadow, and his gold armor turned dark gray. The power of Shadow also makes Takanuva angry and want to hurt his enemies a lot or kill them. He was found by three members of the Order of Mata Nui, Helryx, a Toa of Water who is the leader and the first Toa, Krakua, the Toa of Sonics, and Brutaka, from 2006 and 2007. Helryx told Takanuva about the Toa Mata’s origins and to go find and warn the Toa Nuva that if they reawaken Mata Nui, Karda Nui would have magical storms called the Energy Storms that can destroy everything in the place. Brutaka used his Mask of Dimensional Gates to try to take him there, but the mask is damaged from the Pit Mutagen, so it took Takanuva to a pocket dimension before he end up in two other alternate dimensions before he can arrive to Karda Nui. During the journey, his magical staff got replaced by a magical lance that can use and increase his Light powers, and then he got a thing called a Virus that can make him fly for some time before it will wear off. He finally went to Karda Nui, and when he got there, the place grew him Hulk-sized, as it also grew the Av-Matoran in there bigger. During the Toa Nuva’s battle, Krika kidnaps Gali and told her to get out of Karda Nui before it is too late before Takanuva saves her from him. Takanuva reunites with the Toa Nuva and helps them fight the Makuta. He warns them about the Energy Storms.

Meanwhile, Toa Ignika is guarding Icarax since Icarax was weakened by the devolving. However, Icarax tells Toa Ignika that the Mask of Life is doing a countdown that will destroy all life in the Matoran Universe, which is why the Mask is silver. This causes Toa Ignika to go to and warn the Toa Nuva about the countdown. Toa Ignika learned how to talk, so he is able. Plus, he tells them that he isn’t just wearing the Mask of Life and he is the Mask itself.


The Toa go to a dome-like building in the Swamp called the Codrex, where they will reawaken Mata Nui, but they fight the Makuta who were guarding it first. The Toa use the Keystones to unlock the entrance of the Codrex to get inside, but Antroz follows them. The Toa Nuva start remembering the place from their past, bringing back their lost memories, and then they find three flying vehicles, the Rockoh T3, Jetrax T6, and the Axalara T9. Pohatu chooses to drive the Rockoh, Kopaka Jetrax, and Lewa Axalara, but Antroz stole the Jetrax, so Lewa and Pohatu use their vehicles to fight Antroz to get the Jetrax back.


Takanuva wants to cure the Shadow Matoran and himself while fighting the Makuta. Meanwhile, Icarax makes an alliance with Krika to go rogue on the Brotherhood in order to ruin their leader’s plan by destroying the Codrex, so Icarax will become the new leader of the Brotherhood. However, Gorast and Vamprah stop Icarax by disrupting his teleporting power to turn him into atoms, killing him.

Mutran makes a new Rahi called a Klakk, which can create sonic blasts to attack, but this creature escapes after that. It uses its powers to cure Vican back to being a Le-Matoran. Vican no longer serves the Makuta, so he decides to help the good guys by telling Takanuva about it. Takanuva uses the Klakk to cure all of the Shadow Matoran in Karda Nui back to being Av-Matoran and himself back to being the Toa of Light. He also warns them to leave Karda Nui because of the Energy Storms, and Krika becomes aware of this. Kopaka gets the Jetrax back because Antroz left it. Krika tries to warn his fellow Makuta about the Energy Storms, but Gorast doesn’t listen and kills him instead while going crazy.

Meanwhile, after the Toa Mistika read the instructions in the Keystones, they plan to have Toa Ignika reawaken Mata Nui in the Codrex, but Toa Ignika refuses because it could mean sacrificing his body to do this. However, they convince him to do this for the good of the Matoran Universe, so Toa Ignika agrees, as he sacrifices his body to go back to being a mask and reawakens Mata Nui. The mask returns to gold, as the countdown is cancelled because the reawakening causes the Matoran Universe to be balanced again. This also causes the Energy Storms. The Toa use the vehicles to get out of Karda Nui. The remaining Makuta can’t get out of there, so they get killed over there, as they feel betrayed by their leader, who sent them there in the first place. The Toa returned to Metru Nui, and then they are honored by Metru Nui’s people for completing their mission finally. Meanwhile, it is revealed that the Matoran Universe is inside a 40-million-foot-tall robot, which is Mata Nui himself. He rises from the ocean where the ruined island of Mata Nui was before his face destroyed it. He is reawakened finally after 1,001 years of sleep caused by the Makuta of Metru Nui in the 2004 storyline, and the reawakening was the very goal that the Toa Nuva has been doing since the 2001 storyline, the very beginning of Bionicle 2001-2010.

However, things are not looking good. The stars above Metru Nui form a constellation that shapes like the Mask of Shadows, as the Makuta of Metru Nui, whose real name is Makuta Teridax, takes over Mata Nui’s body and the Matoran Universe by getting Mata Nui’s spirit out of the body, and then Makuta put the spirit into the Mask of Life before he banishes both of them out of the Matoran Universe and into outer space. So, Teridax’s tyranny begins, as his plan to take over the Matoran Universe is completed. The good-hearted people in the Matoran Universe have to work together to rebel against Teridax. Meanwhile, the Mask of Life is in outer space while the people have Mata Nui’s words in their heads: “I will return.” The End of the 2008 storyline, and the 2009 storyline begins as Mata Nui ends up in a new planet.


To celebrate, let me ask you this:

What are your fond memories about the storyline and/or what do you like about it?

For me, I like the canister sets. They look awesome! I like the Toa Nuva’s new looks and weapons, even though that their color schemes are sort of off. I get that the Phantoka Toa have a gray secondary color and the Mistika ones have a silver secondary color to show that their armor adapts to certain environment, but where’s their original secondary colors from 2001-2002? Doesn’t feel classic sort of. Also, why all of the Toa’s eye colors green? That doesn’t feel classic, either. I like the new mask shapes, but they don’t look classic either. Plus, Gali’s mask with the waffle eye looks a little weird, Kopaka’s eye scope is switched from right eye to left eye for some reason, and Pohatu’s mask looks like the Mask of Time. Plus, why the red axle pieces in the Mistika Toa’s masks? Is that necessary? However, I do like the visors and the red piece on Kopaka’s Mask. I love Kopaka’s wings and blade with the laser targeting piece, Lewa’s jets and sword, Pohatu’s propellor weapons, Tahu’s Rotating Blades, Gali’s targeting piece, Onua’s black piece with the laser targeting system and shield, and the Mistika Toa’s little rockets and weapons. Love the designs on them, too. It’s cool that you can use Pohatu’s propellers to snap like a crab and turn them like propellers. Pohatu’s arms are a bit weird because of how they are bent. Pohatu is orange in the storyline instead of brown. It’s weird that half of the Toa Nuva only use blasters as their primary weapons rather than secondary ones. The Midak Skyblasters are awesome because they are cannons that contain four Zamor Spheres.

Now, the Makuta. They look awesome as well, and they look scary as they look evil. I like that the Phantoka Makuta look like bats while the Mistika ones look like swamp insects. I love the feature on the Phantoka Makuta where you push their rib cages to release the Tridax Pods to unleash the Shadow Leeches inside of them. I always love the wing pieces. Vamprah looks kind of weird because he is four-legged. I mean, he has no feet. I like that Chirox has double-jointed arms that fold and extend. I get that the Mistika Makuta wear masks that can be worn differently from the Phantoka ones’ because the Mistika Makuta are mutated, but they look a little weird. Plus, I see that Mistika Makuta has short non-bendable limbs, which is silly and weird. Krika has the same problem as Vamprah’s because of being four-legged. I like that Gorast has four arms, and I like Krika’s spikes and chest piece, Gorast’s claws and wings, and Bitil’s swords and wings.

The Nynrah Ghost Blasters from the Mistika sets in general are alright, but they are hard to shoot.

Now, for the small sets. They are the Phantoka Toa’s Av-Matoran partners, Solek, Tanma, and Photok, and the Phantoka Makuta’s partners, Radiak, Gavla, and Kirop. These guys have new pieces, which are the one-piece limbs, one-piece torsos, new transparent heads, new masks, Av-Matoran’s one-piece jet packs, Shadow Matoran’s one-piece pairs of bat-like wings, bat-like wings, and new clawed feet for Gavla and Kirop that look like the Piraka’s from 2006, but are two-toed. I like the use of the blades. I see that Radiak is four-legged, which is weird. I like the jet packs, wings, masks, and limbs the most. Plus, they can combine with their Phantoka counterparts by connecting their bodies to the Phantoka counterparts’ backs like a piggy back ride. Perfect for storage. Plus, you can combine the Matoran with the Mistika sets, but I would love that the Mistika sets have their own Matoran for matching colors. I mean, I would like to Tahu having a red Av-Matoran, Gali a blue one, Onua a black one, Krika a white Shadow Matoran, Gorast a green one, and Bitil a yellow one. Just to make things even with the Phantoka sets.


Now for the large sets. They look awesome, too! The Toa Ignika set has the Mask of Life, which is by itself rather than being fused with Vezon’s head from 2006. It looks like itself the Ghost Animations videos in 2007, but silver rather than gold. I love Toa Ignika’s sword, spikes, and the Skyboard. He looks kind of like the Silver Surfer from Marvel. The Mutran and Vican set is neat because it contains a canister-set-sized Makuta and a Shadow Matoran, who you can combine. Mutran looks cool, and I love his claws and weapons. I like Vican’s claws, too. The Makuta Icarax set looks awesome, and I love that he has the Mask of Shadows. I also love his claws, sword, shield, and wings, though I find his right arm weird. That Hulk-sized dude looks like that can take on two Toa. Takanuva is a very tall dude! I love his new lance and version of the Mask of Light, and I like the light and dark contrast on him. He looks a little scary with the version of the mask, but alright. He looks like that he can take on two Makuta. I love that each Toa has a certain Makuta to fight against because they have similarities. Tahu vs. either Krika or Antroz because Krika is the leader of the Mistika Makuta while Antroz is the red leader of both thr Phantoka and Mistika Makuta, Gali vs. either Gorast or Vamprah, Onua vs. either Bitil or Chirox, Kopaka and Solek vs. either Antroz and Radiak or Krika, Lewa and Tanma vs. either Vamprah and Gavla or Gorast, Pohatu and Photok vs. either Chirox and Kirop or Bitil, Toa Ignika vs. Mutran and Vican, and Takanuva vs. Makuta Icarax.

Anyway, we have the vehicle sets for the first time, and they include canister-sized figures and Matoran to drive them. They replaced the playsets in 2005-2007. The Rockoh T3 looks neat, as I like the folding-down feature in the front wings, other wings and that Zamor Launcher, even though it is a version of the Midak Skyblaster in the story. The Jetrax looks cool, as I also love the folding-wing function, blades and the fact that it has three Midak Skyblasters. The pilot version of Antroz in there looks pretty neat. There is a special edition version of the Jetrax that represents the vehicle being supercharged and where its Mistika shield pieces and blue pieces are replaced with yellow ones. That’s very neat. The Axalara T9 looks awesome, as I love the function where you reveal the Midak Skyblasters from the front and the arms that fold up. That thing is massive!:D I love the new visors with wings on Pohatu and Lewa, and it’s neat to see Pohatu’s arms with hands when he isn’t holding his propellers.

We have two vehicle sets that are based on characters that aren’t too involved with the story, and they are Vultraz and Mazeka. Each of the pilots are Matoran. Vultraz is a Shadow Matoran who was once a Ta-Matoran and uses a winged vehicle with a Midak Skyblaster the fire Shadow bolts. Mazeka is a Ko-Matoran who uses a walking turret that has a Zamor Launcher. Vultraz looks menacing, and I like his vehicle. Mazeka’s vehicle is awesome, and I like the gun part and the legs. I wish those Matoran come with weapons, though.

Finally, we have the Klakk. It looks adorable!:D I like its claws and wings, and those rocket things on its head to represent its power to create sonic blasts.

The Phantoka Makuta’s, Mutran’s and Icarax’s torso pieces look neat, but they make their heads wobbly.

I love the blended masks on the Makuta and the Shadow Matoran. They’re neat.

Next, the combo models. Spiriah is a mix of Lewa, Phantoka Antroz, Tanma, and Radiak. He looks cool. He looks like Antroz with Lewa’s legs. I like his tail, Midak Skyblaster, and claws. That little Matoran-like guy on his back looks weird (that’s not canon), and Spiriah’s hands look a little weird. The Niazesk is a mix of Pohatu, Vamprah, and Toa Ignika. They look very cool. I like how they look like insects. Love the four arms and the stinger. Funny that its wings look like a jet’s wings, but alright. Its feet look kind of weird, though.

Each of the Mistika groups have a combiner of the whole group. The Mistika Toa’s combiner is Trinuma (Tahu+Gali+Onua). He looks like a Toa, but with horns and is a little taller. He looks cool. The Mistika Makuta’s combined is the Swamp Stalker (Krika+Gorast+Bitil). It looks like a crocodile or an alligator. It looks very cool, and I like the spikes.

There is an alternate model for the Jetrax, and that is the Destral Cycle, which looks like a motorcycle. That looks very cool, and I like that it has three wheels.

I wish there are more combiners, and ones for other small and canister sets, Mutran and Vican, Makuta Icarax, and Takanuva. Plus, I wish the Rockoh and Axalara could have their own alternative models.


For the sets overall, well, I think the lime green is used a lot. There are much more Midak Skyblasters than Nynrah Ghost Blasters. Mazeka looks too much like a big Av-Matoran. I wish Teridax could have his own 2008 set. Plus, I wish there are set packs where there are extra pieces that make Mistika versions of Kopaka, Lewa, and Pohatu, Phantoka versions of Tahu, Gali, and Onua, packs with pilot versions of Tahu, Gali, Onua, and Kopaka, so they can ride the Codrex vehicles, and a pack with gold pieces that can replace Takanuva’s dark gray pieces.


As for the story and media, I think it was very great. It was told through three Bionicle Legends chapter books, a young reader’s book called Takanuva’s Journey, four comic books, a Phantoka video, a Mistika one, which is segmented, six online serials, an online story called The Kingdom that you had to unlock with a code, and a blog called Takanuva’s in the Bionicle website. I love the Makuta because they are awesome villains who good character development. It’s reasonable for the Toa to fight these guys because they are weaker than Teridax. Antroz is a clever guy. Mutran is a smart fellow, though he could do more fighting. I feel for Vican for working with Mutran when Mutran is crazy because Mutran usually threatens him. Good thing that Vican got cured back into a Le-Matoran, even though that I feel bad that he feels bad about his bad actions. Funny that Mutran unintentionally cured the Shadow Matoran by creating the Klakk. Lol. The irony. Icarax is awesome, as he is a tough fighter who wants to cause destruction. It’s interesting that we get to see the Av-Matoran, the Matoran of Light, and the Shadow Matoran, the Matoran of Shadow, as well as a Toa of Shadow sort of. I love that the Toa Nuva and Takanuva are back because we haven’t seen them for five years, and they are the first main protagonists of Bionicle 2001-2010. It’s cool that the Toa got the Adaptive Armor (well, they didn’t turn into stronger forms this time, but alright. At least, the Toa Nuva have bendable limbs in their sets). It’s interesting that Takanuva became a Toa of Light and Shadow, and he had anger issues from his Shadow side. Plus, he felt bad that he witness some of his Light kind being corrupted into Shadow Matoran. Poor guy, and it’s sad to see the Matoran turning evil, and the remain Av-Matoran losing their friends because of this.:( But, the Shadow Matoran got cured. That’s good. Takanuva did learn about where he truly belonged to before he ended up in Metru Nui for the first time as Takua. It’s like Superman from DC Comics discovering his heritage from Krypton when he became a man. It’s cool that the Av-Matoran and Shadow Matoran can blast elemental powers, even through their weapons. I feel bad for Gavla for not having friends. Why not make friends with her fellow Av-Matoran and Matoran in Metru Nui (that’s where Karda Nui’s Av-Matoran are)? I mean, there are a lot of good people who would welcome her. It’s scary that after the Toa have accomplished their mission, the Energy Storms happened. I feel bad for the beings who were in Karda Nui and got killed by the Storms. Plus, Teridax won by taking over the Matoran Universe when the Toa saved the day. That’s harsh, unfair, and very sad.:( It’s interesting that the Swamp has the Pit Mutagen. It’s awesome that the Mask of Life gave itself a body, but it’s too bad that it had to give it up, but it’s for the greater good, like how Matoro sacrificed his life to revive Mata Nui. The Makuta are like the Piraka and Barraki by being mean independent-minded villains with unique personalities, and how Icarax and Krika went against their brethren is like that, too. Krika isn’t completely a bad guy, as he is a soft guy who wants to make sure everything doesn’t go bad, even if it means going against Teridax’s immoral orders. I mean, he’s trying to help a little, but Gorast killed him. Poor guy. He’s not as bad as the other Makuta.:( I find the Makuta’s death by the Energy Storms a weird way to end the Final Battle. I like the Toa Nuva because they are awesome, Tahu got matured in the storyline, and the Toa talking about some things here and there. It’s very cool that we got to learn about their forgotten origins. I also love Takanuva and Toa Ignika because they are awesome and have very good character development. It’s awesome the Toa and Makuta can combine with the Av-Matoran and Shadow Matoran and use the Codrex’s vehicles (well, the Jetrax needs more information about itself, though, like does it has a T6 engine?). The Jetrax being supercharged by the magic Crystal is amazing. Plus, I love that Takanuva became Hulk-sized and got some new weapons. It’s too bad that the Toa Nuva didn’t combine into their Toa Kaita this time (I know that the Makuta can dissolve the fusions, though, but it would have been awesome to see the Kaita again.). I also wish there are instructions on how to make them as set combiners. I’m happy that the Toa finally reawakened Mata Nui, but it’s sad that Teridax won and exiled Mata Nui and the Mask of Life to outer space. Poor Mata Nui. This is one of the saddest and darkest moments in Bionicle history (crying in tears of sadness). I mean, the Toa worked so hard to help Mata Nui and their people, but Teridax ruined everything. Plus, Teridax is so mean to his kind by killing them. What a conniving and selfish jerk.:( It’s quite unbelievably amazing that Mata Nui is actually a 40-million-foot-tall god-like robot who contained the Matoran Universe. Can you believe that?! He’s the size of a planet! This is like one of the most epic moments in the history of Bionicle. It’s sad to see the island of Mata Nui getting destroyed in order for the Great Spirit Mata Nui to rise again. I miss it. Anyway, Teridax taking over Mata Nui’s body is phenomenally crazy and bad, and that’s one of the worst and craziest things that Teridax has done. Now the people in the Matoran Universe are in great trouble. Uh oh!:o

The online serials are good. They are:

1. The Mutran Chronicles - Mutran talking about the history of the Brotherhood of Makuta.

2. The Federation of Fear, where Brutaka starts working for the Order of Mata Nui again and works with six bad guys, Vezon, Takadox, Carapar, Roodaka, Spiriah, and later on Lariska to go find the Brotherhood’s former leader named Makuta Miserix.

3. Dark Mirror - a podcast. Takanuva ending up in an alternate dimension where there is an empire of evil Toa led by Toa Tuyet.

4. Destiny War - the Order of Mata Nui having a War with the Brotherhood of Makuta.

5. Dwellers in Darkness - the Toa Hagah go to find Makuta Teridax. Meanwhile, the Toa Mahri are getting involved with the war.

6. Brothers in Arms - Mazeka’s adventures to go find and fight against Vultraz to stop him from doing evil things and do justice on him. Mazeka and Vultraz are like Batman and Joker from DC Comics in terms of being archenemies, and Vultraz is like Carnage from Marvel for how crazy and murderous he is as much as the Joker.


I like the character development on the main characters, as we get to learn more about them, both characters from past storylines and this one. These include the Brotherhood, the Order, the Dark Hunters, Voporak, Tren Krom, the Toa Hagah, Krakua, Mazeka, and Vultraz. We encountered some weird moments here and there, like Vezon being fused with a mask called the Kanohi Olmak, Takanuva travelling hopping from one alternate dimension to another, and Vultraz being trapped in an alternate dimension and Mazeka coming with an alternate version of Teridax back to his dimension. We witnessed a lot of deaths, such as Carapar, Spiriah, Makuta Tridax, the very guy who created the Tridax Pods with Mutran, Botar, and Ancient. I wish that Mazeka and Vultraz could’ve gotten more involved with the Toa Nuva’s adventures in Karda Nui. Mazeka would have helped the Toa Nuva and their allies while Mazeka with the Makuta and their allies in Karda Nui. I mean, they are sets, so why not do that?

The book, Takanuva’s Journey is good. It’s about Takanuva helping out a big creature in an alternative dimension.

The online story, The Kingdom, is very good. It is about Takanuva helping out Matoro in an alternate dimension where Matoro failed to save the Matoran Universe.

The blog, Takanuva’s blog, is good, too. It’s about Takanuva’s first-person perspective after he arrived in Karda Nui to help the Toa Nuva and until the 2008 storyline ended. It’s neat to hear from Takanuva’s thoughts.

The Phantoka and Mistika videos are neat. Love the graphics by Ghost Animations, who made much more in the past, including the Barraki and Toa Mahri ones in 2007. The Mistika one is a fun one because it is segmented in the Bionicle website, where you wait for one of its segmented chronologically every three to four weeks, with those countdowns. Then, there is this picture of a desert, and after the countdown to that ended, it is revealed to be a teaser for the 2009 storyline (Bara Magna).

There are a video that summarizes Bionicle’s 2001-2007 storylines. Very cool and nostalgic.

There are two music videos. One for the Phantoka sets called “Gravity Hurts” by Cryoshell, the very band who made a couple of songs for the 2007 storyline. The other music video for the Mistika sets is called “Closer to the Truth” by Cryoshell. These are awesome!:D


There are two primary online games to promote the storyline, and they are Phantoka one where you have to wait for mini-games every month and the Mistika one where you can make your own levels. They are fun, though they could do more stuff, like adding Mutran, Vican, Icarax, and make some of the characters playable in more parts. Each of the game has this competing thing where which side, the Toa (blue) or the Makuta (red), is winning. It was quite endless. Plus, the Phantoka game gives you codes that give you more power and pictures of concept art for the Phantoka sets. There are other smaller online games, but these don’t do much here and there. Weird things.

I once made an instruction booklet on how to play the Phantoka game in summer 2008 and had my summer camp class read it because I love the game.:)

There is a website where you can make videos based on Bionicle 2001-2008 and then send them to your friends. That’s very cool. I did that for my friends, and they loved it.:)


I like the light-vs.-dark theme, war theme, and flying theme of the storyline. They are extremely cool. It’s like the Mask of Light storyline in late 2003 all over again is some ways. I think of it as a great way to celebrate the late 2003 storyline’s 5th anniversary.:)


The year 2008 is also the year when the graphic novels are created and had been running until 2010.

The Midak Skyblasters and the Mistika shields are used in Bionicle 2009 and Hero Factory 2010-2011.


Lots of stuff in the 2008 storyline, I tell you. Lots of stuff. I’m sorry that I said a lot, but I am celebrating the 2008 storyline’s 10th anniversary that way. Anyway, the 2008 storyline is one of my favorite storylines.:D


So, guys, what are your fond memories of the storyline, what do you like about it, what’s your favorite 2008 set, favorite character(s) in 2008, favorite moment in the storyline, what things remind you of the 2008 storyline, and/or how would you celebrate it? For me, well, my favorite sets are Tahu, Lewa, Kopaka, Pohatu, Antroz, Chirox, Gorast, Bitil, Mutran and Vican, Takanuva, Toa Ignika, Icarax, and the Axalara T9, and my favorite characters are Tahu, Onua, Kopaka, Lewa (always a funny guy), Pohatu, Antroz, Mutran, Icarax, Toa Ignika, and Takanuva. The things that remind me are:

1. Avengers: Infinity War in this year - Thanos and the Black Order kind of remind me of Teridax and the Brotherhood of Makuta. Plus, there is a big war between the good organization and the evil organization. Also, how Thanos won is kind of like how Teridax won.

2. The Brotherhood of Evil from DC Comics - the Brotherhood of Makuta remind me of the Brotherhood of Evil.

3. The Dark Knight in 2008 - when I think of Batman fighting the bad guys, I think of the Phantoka Makuta

4. Ninjago in 2018 - how Lord Garmadon won while he made good guys disappear to another world reminds me of how Teridax won and banished Mata Nui and the Mask of Life to outer space. Plus, both of the storylines involve good-hearted people forming rebellions against the tyrants alone for now. Plus, the Oni are like the Makuta.

5. Nexo Knights in 2017 - how the Stone Colossus of Ultimate Destruction Rios’s from a mountain is like how the Great Spirit Mata Nui rose from the island of Mata Nui.

6. Iron Man from Marvel - the Toa Nuva’s new armor is sort of like Iron Man’s for how they can adapt to situations.

7. Superman from DC Comics - how Takanuva and the Toa Nuva are learning about their origins reminds me of Superman for how he learned that he was from Krypton when he became a man.

8. Doctor Octopus from Ultimate Spider-Man TV show in 2012 - how Doctor Octopus like to mutate beings to do his evil purposes is like Mutran.

9. Suicide Squad in 2016 - that team bad guys remind me of Federation of Fear.

10. Batman and the Joker from DC Comics - how Mazeka and Vultraz are archenemies remind me of Batman and the Joker because Mazeka wants to do justice on Vultraz, who is insane and murderous.

11. Carnage from Marvel - Vultraz reminds me of Carnage because he is a red villain who has a weird condition and wants to kill people.

12. Bionicle 2016 - the Toa Uniters combining with the Elemental Creatures is like how the Toa Nuva and Makuta combine with their Matoran partners.

13. Hero Factory - the Heroes always wear armor that adapt to certain situations, the Legion of Darkness is sort of like the Brotherhood of Makuta, Jetbug is like Bitil, Waspix and Thornraxx are like Gorast, and Splitter Beast does this small-guy-combining-with-big-guy thing.

14. The Incredible Hulk in 2008 - Takanuva was sort of like the Hulk whenever he gets angry. Abomination is sort of like Gorast because he is kind of green and has double-jointed legs.

15. Star Wars - the Pod Racing vehicles in Episode 1, the X-Wings, and that little red vehicle in Episode 7 are like the Codrex vehicles. Plus, there are huge wars between the good organizations and bad organizations for how they have adventures. Also, General Grevious is like Gorast because he has four arms and double-jointed legs.

16. Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014 - Knowhere looking like a giant head that belonged to a dead Celestial reminds me of the Great Spirit Mata Nui. In fact, the Celestials are like Mata Nui because they are giant god-like robot-like beings.

17. S.H.I.E.L.D. from Marvel - the Order of Mata Nui is like that.

18. Hydra from Marvel - the Brotherhood of Makuta is like that.

19. Super Sonic and Sonic the Werehog from Sonic the Hedgehog - how the Jetrax gets supercharged with a crystal reminds me of Sonic the Hedgehog when he uses the Chaos Emeralds to become an enhanced version of himself called Super Sonic. Takanuva is like Sonic the Werehog because he may look scary and has dark powers, but he is a good guy at heart and goes to help people before he gets cured of his condition.

20. Galactus from Marvel - Mata Nui is like him because he’s a very big and mighty guy.

21. Unicron and Primus from Transformers - Mata Nui is like them because he is a planet-sized robot.

22. Kung Fu Panda 2 in 2011 and 3 in 2016 - how Po learns about his origins is like how the Toa Nuva and Takanuva learn about theirs.

23. Kingdom Hearts - the Organization XIII reminds me of the Brotherhood of Makuta in many ways.

24. Darkseid and his Elite from DC Comics - the Brotherhood of Makuta remind me of the Brotherhood of Makuta.

25. Black Panther in 2018 - how Eric Killmonger took over the kingdom by removing T’Challa reminds me of Teridax overthrowing Mata Nui.

26. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - in Turtles Forever and the 2012 TV show, the Shredder and other bad guys use Mutagen to create mutants to have them as their evil servants.

27. Regular Show - how Rigby get angry and attacks people while having a bad and abnormal condition before he gets cured reminds me of Takanuva.

28. Starscream from Transformers - Icarax reminds me of Starscream because they both like to betray their leaders and steal their places as leaders.

29. The Lion King in 1994 - how Scar overthrew Mufasa and took over the kingdom is kind of like how Teridax overthrew Mata Nui, but Teridax never killed Mata Nui. They are just called “brothers”.

30. That girl from Transformers: Bumblebee in 2018 - the movie didn’t came out yet, but that girl reminds me of the lead singer in the “Closer to the Truth” music video.

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I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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>2008 was ten years ago


I refuse to accept this how dare you do this to me


Seriously speaking, 2008 was the year I got into Bionicle, so I obviously have some fond feelings towards it (even if the sets were kinda mediocre).

"Whether that is right or not...I also...as a Rider...have a wish that I want to fulfill."

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>2008 was ten years ago


I refuse to accept this how dare you do this to me


Seriously speaking, 2008 was the year I got into Bionicle, so I obviously have some fond feelings towards it (even if the sets were kinda mediocre).


To be honest, the 2008 sets are kind of weird because the lime green is overused (they are quite breakable), of a lot of silver and gray are overused, and the Mistika Makuta having Shadow Matoran pieces. I mean, these Makuta look kind of stubby with those pieces. Kopaka, Gali, and Onua has a blaster to hold two hands with, which is weird. The Toa Nuva don’t have their secondary colors from the past. Plus, the Nynrah Ghost Blasters are hard to use. I mean, what’s up with those things?

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I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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2008 was a fantastic year for story. It really got across this feeling of it being the ultimate, climactic battle for the Matoran Universe. It was amazing to see the Toa Nuva return to the forefront of the story to finish the quest they began so many years ago, even if they didn't quite look the same. Another reason I loved this story is that there were so many different sides to it other than what was happening in the comics, largely due to the insane amount of story serials they gave us that year. I especially liked how there was a siege taking place in Metru Nui while the Toa Nuva were off saving the universe; there was a time when I hadn't read any of the story serials, and I was pretty surprised when I found out there was a whole other battle that was happening around the same time as the one in Karda Nui.


But my favorite part of 2008 is easily the twist ending. While I was making my way through the final comic of the 2008 arc, I was thinking "Wow, this is really the end. They're going to awaken Mata Nui and then it's all going to be over." But then came that chill wind through the coliseum and the stars forming the outline of the Kraahkan, and I was like "Wait, what?" In hindsight, I probably should have expected that this wouldn't be the very end since Teridax himself didn't participate in any of the battles. But it was still pretty jarring to realize that Makuta had taken control of the Great Spirit's body in his slumber. Of course, it wasn't until I read a few articles on BioSector01 that I realized everything from 2004-2008 (excluding a few scenes) had all taken place inside a massive robot the size of a planet which resided on another planet. MIND=BLOWN.


The sets, on the other hand, I wasn't as big a fan of. While some of them were pretty rad, I honestly think 2008, in general, was the worst year for sets. I didn't mind the Phantoka that much and I thought Lewa and Kopaka both looked kinda cool (and I liked the concept of literally pairing up the Matoran with their respective canister set counterparts) and I do have fond memories of my Phantoka sets, but the Mistika were just awful in my opinion. All three of the Mistika Nuva looked really weird and generic, and didn't do much for me besides making me feel nostalgic for their original forms. However, I will say I really liked most of the villain sets, especially the ones from early in the year. The Phantoka Makuta, Icarax, and Mutran all looked pretty cool and interesting, and Krika was the lone bright spot of the Mistika in my opinion. Additionally, this year had some of my favorite projectile launchers in the forms of the Skyblasters and Ghostblasters, and those Tridax pods with the leeches if you count those. So yeah, the sets of '08 definitely weren't all bad, but they weren't consistently awesome like those of most of the other years. That's how I felt about them in any case.


2008 was a great year just like all the other ones were, but it's a bit of a mixed bag for me in terms of set releases. Amazing story, but I feel the sets could have been a lot better and done the story more justice. That's just me though.  :)


As a mildly funny side note, early in 2008 I mistakenly thought Karda Nui was located in the actual sky, above all the other stuff, and had no idea that the whole place was one big cave located underneath the Pit. There was quite a bit of stuff from 2008 that my simple mind wasn't able to pick up on at the time.  :D

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