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BBC Contest #76 Results!

Tufi Piyufi

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BBC Contest #76: No Eight-Legged Freaks! Results!

1.c76_003.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Paleo with Bota Magnan Glow Spider (8 votes, 11 in preliminary voting)

2. c76_016.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Primus with AROHK - Spider Drone (8 votes, 9 in preliminary voting)

3. c76_007.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Pohaturon with Zoli - Le-Wahi Jungle Spider (4 votes)

4. (tie) c76_015.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> ...The Chosen One... with Arachnid cyberslamus (2 votes)

4. (tie) c76_010.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Xccj with Fikou-Nui, City of Spiders (2 votes)

6. c76_001.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> DanielBrickSon2 with Sentinal of Skull Spiders (1 vote)

The first-place tie was decided by the number of votes each entry received in the preliminary round of voting.

For winning first place, Paleo will receive a 71316 Umarak the Destroyer and a 1441 Fikou (Tree-Spider). For winning second place, Primus will receive a 70794 Skull Scorpio. For winning third place, Pohaturon will receive a 70793 Skull Basher. Thanks to LEGO for the prizes!

First of all, you're all winners for managing to not put eight legs on your entries (good job!). You showed up with all sorts of great takes on the Very Concept of Spiders, all without relying on some silly arbitrary number. Congratulations to our winners, thanks to all who entered, and we'll see you next time!

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Be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes!
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This is the first time a moc of mine did well enough in a contest to place top three/reach any kind of prize-winning position! There was some really strong competition, and congrats to Primus and Paleo! 



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