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Toy Fair 2018: Snap Circuits

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ELENCO Snap Circuits had invited us to the unveiling of their new Bric: Structures line which combines the popular Snap Circuits electronics kits with LEGO campatibility. Their booth featured their version of a ball contraption, and during an extensive tour of their current offerings, we were able to see their custom bricks firsthand and verify their quality and clutch power. While we were the first to get hands-on with this great toy, we've had trouble getting our videos of the display ready to share and the Bric: Structures line has already gotten attention elsewhere and has now won several awards, in additional to now being a finalist for a Toy of the Year award. We have a few videos and nearly a hundred photos from their booth compiled into a YouTube video shared below and at


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Okay, this is epic.


I’ve always liked snap circuits. Now I have to check to see if my old ones are compatible with LEGO. I never thought to try it.

Your old Snap Circuits parts are compatible with new Snap Circuits parts. The Snap Circuit thingies connect to the adapters shown in the photo above, which in turn can connect to bricks (which are LEGO System-sized, although they appear to be broadly compatible and the Snap Circuits: Bric Structures set comes with their own bricks). Their bricks and adapters should be compatible with LEGO across the board, although when I asked about them having plate-style connections instead of tile-style connections (with a groove around the side), I was told that the ones I saw are technically prototypes and they may change the exact parts before the sets hit stores. Some of the photos show their specialty separator piece which allows the adapters to be removed from whatever bricks or plates they're on top of.

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