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Toys 'R' Us Stores in Yet Another Region Closing Down

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After Toys 'R' Us stores have been closed in the USA and UK, it looks like yet another company that operated stores bearing that name will be shut down. According to the Finnish news outlet Yle, Top-Toy has declared bankruptcy and will close most of its stores before the new year. The company owned the rights to the Toys 'R' Us brand in several Nordic countries and Germany as well as the BR toy store chain. The abruptness has shocked many, and is another nail in the coffin for toy retail chains.


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What a shame, I kept holding out hope that TRU would pull through in Europe. In terms of Lego, it's easy to buy just about everything here in Hungary but as I also collect Transformers, I find myself relying on ordering from abroad - which included my Brother living in Germany who had access to TRU stores there with decent stock. I'd support retail chains if there were any in Hungary worth supporting, but it looks like I'll be subsisting off of eBay exclusively for my TF purchases. For Lego there is always Bricklink and local stores.



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