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Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Appear in The LEGO Movie 2

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An unlikely character will be making a cameo when The LEGO Movie 2 premiers next month: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. In the movie, she will appear as part of the younger sister's universe, complete with a gavel and Supreme Court robes. It's even hinted that she might appear as an actual minifigure in a future set based on the movie. You can read more about her appearance in the movie here. It makes me wonder how many other cool surprises they have in store for The LEGO Movie 2.


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Why would you reference political figures, and especially modern politics, in a childrens' movie? Am I the only one here who thinks this is inappropriate?

No, I think so too.

Plus, doesn't this site have a restriction on political discussion of any kind, including political figures like RBG? This should go somewhere else, I think. And by that, I mean "anywhere but here."

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Dissenting against the Great Dissenter herself seems rather meta, tbh.  :gavel:


I, for one, look forward to seeing her minifig, and wonder which collar they'll have her wear.

The linked article features a picture of the minifigure, who wears the same collar used for William Shakespeare in the first movie.

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